1. I will not allow for the destruction of this nation


Mother of God:  I, Mary, Queen of the Polish Nation, whom John Casimir appointed as Your Queen, whom Cardinal Wyszynski appointed as Your Mother, I got you children under My motherly protection and I will not allow for the destruction of this nation and I will intercede in front of God for you, so help Me God. (…)

I desire to save your nation from destruction and I will do so, if you children help Me in this.  So pray to your Mother Help of Christians, to your Mother of Divine Mercy, and to your Queen for the Salvation and help for your nation and for the imminent enthronement of My Son in your Homeland. (…) Time is running out and I also can not wait any longer, and I do not have gifts to give satisfaction to My Son who is aching from your sins. (…) Do not lose hope and faith in this mission, and you will see how great sings I will make for the Salvation of Poles.


2. Poland, you err: the Mother of God announces Her Will towards Poland


Mother of God:  I want to announce to the world My Will towards Poland, which I have chosen and which loves Me more than other nations. My entire kingdom is covered with fog. My sons do not see the storm that is approaching towards it. You are as if asleep. Your hearts are Polish, are Mine, but your eyes do not belong to Me anymore, your lips speak against Me.

Poles, My beloved children, wake up! You have to see through and turn to Me in prayer. I do not want to be the Mother and the Queen of a nation, which does not give due worship to My Son. Be faithful to the faith of your fathers. Do not follow the worldly fashion, because it never brought you yet anything good. Poland has always been a refuge for the lost ones, where they could find truth and faith in the living God. Now you yourselves are lost and are going in a faulty direction. I, your Mother, come to you on these lands in order to admonish and to warn you. I am not a Mother only to intercede for you, but also to reprimand you when you do not obey My voice. Although Poland is My beloved daughter, I have to say to her words of reprimand and warning:

Dearest daughter, I am a Mother to you for already so many generations, and now you are denying Me? You forsake your own Mother for trinkets? Daughter, return to Me and choose gifts from My motherly treasury. Do not take from your enemies, because they seek your destruction. The enemies of My Son are looking to loot you, and you in your naivety and blindness do not think at all about the consequences of your carelessness. My only daughter, I always advocated for you and I will not forsake you even when you will be insulting Me, because having loved you once with My maternal love, for the sake of the fidelity of your ancestors, I preserved you in My Heart, but you have to see through. My efforts alone will not be enough. Without you, My children, I can not do anything. Poland is chosen and privileged in grace. This grace can not be squandered. I speak to the entire Polish nation. The heart of Poland is in My Heart. By denying your own Mother you become worse than pagans, who did not get to know My maternal care. For you, I care for centuries and I intercede with God for your children.

Search for your children, Poland. Save them because they bring you disgrace in foreign countries, renouncing their own faith and embracing pagan customs. Satan conquers easily these lost souls. Get back your children, Poland, because too easily you allowed them to depart to foreign gods, contradicting the faith in Christ. Too little you value your own blood; too little you love your children. Offer Me your children, because I want to assemble them all besides Me. I want them to return home and no longer give themselves over to pernicious practices in foreign lands. Do not let out your children to destruction. Protect the new generation. Return home. Your hearts are not like their hearts. You will never know happiness in exile. The heart of a Pole always belongs to Me, and among all My children I always recognize your hearts, so lost and deceived. Return to your roots. My children, even if you were pretending that you are the same as others, whom you desire to imitate in everything, you are not such and you will never be. Build your own country instead of selling out your inheritance for a handful of pieces of silver. Poland, be faithful to Me.

I wish to assemble all your hearts beside Me. I want to unite you and to arouse you to action. In My name, you will go to the nations of the world and you will proclaim the glory of My Son and His rightful royal honor. In My name, you will proclaim and cross all bridges. I want you to remember that when you act in My name, you always have Me as your Mother and advocate with God.

(…) Tell the priest to set a day of prayer for the Homeland. On this day, you should all offer to Me fasting, prayer, and Holy Communion in the intention of your Homeland. I desire to help you all. I am ready to fight for My kingdom, until the moment of its complete liberation. Carry out My recommendations and I will lead you to victory over all your enemies and the enemies of the Triune God. (…) I bless your nation and all its children, these gathered in the country and those lost in foreign lands. May God almighty unite your hearts and strengthen them in grace, so you will not squander it and fully united intercede with Me for other nations of the whole world. Amen.


5. Everything that is Polish is Marian


St. Stanislaus Kostka:  I would like to tell you about an important matter, about which you do not know, and which could help you. I am in Heaven among those saints who have this honor of obtaining graces from the Blessed Virgin Mary. Whoever honored the Mother of God during life, this one also becomes also very attached to Her after death and has the right to present to Her his wishes. I would like to ask for help for you, for the entire Polish Nation. I am concerned about the fate of my Homeland. Her fate turned out very sadly and she is to blame for her misery. But God always favors those who wholeheartedly ask Him through the Blessed Virgin Mary.

There is no nation that would love Mary more than Poland. If Poland will renounce the Mother of God, she will lose everything and will cease being Poland. Everything that is Polish is Marian, everything that is Marian is God’s. You have to make every effort for the Mother of God to be venerated with great zeal throughout the nation. If the Poles knew what would have happened with Poland, if not for Her, already many times. Poland must keep the cult of the Mother of God at all costs. This is for the Poles a matter of life and death. If you succeed in this, Poland will be saved. All will play out in this fight. Do not allow to take away from you her holidays, devotions, and likenesses. There is never enough of Her images and figures. Do not be afraid to multiply Her reverence, because everywhere where She will put her foot, Satan will be crushed. Everything that will be accomplished, will be accomplished through Her. Everything depends on Her.

You possess favors with the Mother of God, which is like possessing favors with God Himself, and even more so, because God could for some reason deny Himself something, but He is unable to deny Her. Therefore, it is so very important for Poland not to lose her Marian intercession. You have to constantly call upon the mediation of Mary on Earth, because we in Heaven unceasingly plead with Her for you. Remember, for nothing in the world, even though you would be offered no matter what, you can not take away anything from your veneration of the Mother of God, because if she will take away even a little from Her intercession towards Poland, the effects of this will be very painful. Remember to continually increase Her glory on this earth, which She chose Herself. Such honors can not be deserved, but thanks to the perseverance and fidelity towards Mary of many generations of Poles, we are surrounded by Her particular care and preference.

Do not be afraid to emphasize this special devotion and to proclaim far and wide that Mary is the Queen of Poland. It is an honor and power, which lies within the nation, thanks to which you can obtain very much. This is the most important, about what I wanted to tell you. I pray a lot in this particular intention, so that the Poles would remember what great honors they obtained, that the Mother of God Herself called here for Her reverence. Everything is now in Her hands. Pray to Mary, She will help you.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Maryi na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2014, p. 151-165