1. Holy Communion


Lord Jesus:  When you receive Me, think about Me, and not about the prayer or about the priest in front of whom you are kneeling. Think only about Me, because you receive Me. I enter into your heart and your soul. You carry Me as My Mother was carrying Me within Herself, so be aware of this great grace. It is I Myself, the Most Holy God, who descend from Heaven into you and live in you, so behave worthily and remember about it all the time. You do not realize how great a grace this is.  (…)


2. Act of love of God and man


Lord Jesus:  (…) Listen, this is the act of your complete surrender to Me, when I come to you in Holy Communion. The extent to which I will rule over you depends on the level of your devotion to Me. Because I also give Myself over to you into your possession. Do not I come to your soul in order to dwell in her? Do I not diminish Myself to the form of a small bread, so you may receive Me? Child, God gives Himself to you as a Holy Host, which you can honor and love, but also desecrate. I give Myself completely defenseless to you and I expect that you will also remain completely defenseless and dependent on Me.

Have full confidence in Me. Do not leave anything for yourself when I come. This is the moment in which I show you My greatest love for you, and the moment in which I expect the greatest love from you. Fall on your knees and love Me with your entire soul, for behold, I am taking possession of you, child. Open yourself completely to My grace, for there is no limit to My mercy at that moment when you open yourself to Me, soul. (…)


4. The Blood of God is salvation

– a soul upon which this blood is visible can not be damned

Lord Jesus:  In Heaven, Blood exists as a heavenly and eternal relic, as a grace, as an infinite merit, as a ransom for souls, as love, as a proof of love for souls and as their rescue. In Heaven, every drop of My Blood is constantly adored by souls that were saved thanks to this Blood. My angels worship it by singing. This Blood that I have shed directly on the earth dirty from sin, I still pour upon souls dirty from sin. My Blood is eternal; it never ceases to save you, never dries up in grace and never ceases to spill for you.

Adore My Blood on earth, because on earth its powerful merit, on earth its great holiness has been nefariously defiled. Make amends to Me for this through the devotion to My Most Holy Blood, because in this blood is your salvation and rescue for the world and all mankind. There is no greater treasure on earth than My Blood. Call upon this Blood, invoke this Blood in front of your Father, reminisce about this Blood in your sorrow, desire this Blood for your souls. One drop of this Most Holy Blood is worth more for a soul than all the self-denial, mortifications, fasting and prayers.

My Blood is Salvation. Take and eat, take and drink, and you will reach eternal happiness. A soul upon which this blood is visible can not be damned. This soul belongs to Me because she possesses a part of Me, she already possesses infinity. In such a soul I delight. My Blood has the power to prevail over every power. Have recourse to this Blood in prayers, reminisce about it every day. Let My Blood sprinkle over you, so that you may be saved.


5. Power and Sacrifice of the Blood of Christ


Lord Jesus:   The cure for very many physical and spiritual afflictions lays in becoming aware of My presence in the soul and the body and in the adoration of this presence. After the Holy Communion, My Flesh and My Blood are located in your body. My Blood combines with your blood and circulates throughout the entire body. You have within you the highest good, the source of eternal life, the sanctifying force a drop of which saves and heals millions of souls. The power of My Blood is unimaginable for you. Everything that you are able to obtain from My Almighty Father, you obtain it thanks to this Blood, through the power of which have been opened the gates of Heaven and the graces of Heaven. Each request is a request for My Blood, because it is this Blood that obtained everything for you.

My children, your faults have been washed away, your debts repaid, but also all the benefactions for which you ask My Father had to be bought for you. Who else could have paid for them, if not I? My Sacrifice is infinite and inexhaustible. Its merit lasts forever and forever you can draw from this source, which has been opened for you. So be aware, when receiving Me in the Holy Communion, Who dwells in you and what is the power of His presence.

At each Holy Mass, you are located under My cross. From this cross, rivers of My precious Blood are flowing upon you. Who will stand under that cross and will await this Blood with adoration, will obtain propitiation through the power of this Holy Blood…  My blood is actually present during each sacrifice of the Holy Mass, but My Sacrifice occurs in a non-material way. This means that I truly suffer, but in a suprahuman dimension… The Blood, which is consumed by the Priest, is physical, but it does not flow from My Wounds in a physical way, materializing only for you so you can truly consume it…

My true Blood is in My Body, which is received by every believer. The consumption of My Blood from the chalice should be the sole privilege of the priest; because it is not only a question of consumption of My Blood, but of the dimension of sacrifice of this pure, outpoured Blood, which is Redemption. I offer this Blood directly to the priest from My Wounds, in order to offer it to the Father through his soul. It is part of the sacrifice of the priest. He lends Me his soul, so that this Blood may be poured directly from the cross first into his soul, sanctifying it for his sacred ministry, and only through the soul of the priest it is offered to the Father. He accepts It for Me on behalf of all humanity. He takes It upon himself, to later distribute its merits among the faithful.  The purpose of this rite is different than sole consumption. Thus, it is a mistake to distribute this consecrated Blood among the faithful, because its merit is not used to the end. I want to give out My gifts through the priests. I want to perform this Sacrifice from them and through them. The layman receives this holy Blood without the awareness of its power, he does not offer it to the Father, and does not multiply its power by his sacrifice. This is the exclusive privilege of the priest.


6. Holy Forms


Lord Jesus:  I am in the consecrated Bread and I am present under the form of My Holy Blood.  It is and remains My Blood despite the fact that it is consumed by persons who are unworthy of it. I am present in the Most Precious Bread until the time when it is dissolved. Oh, if I went in and went out at will from the sacred forms, would I be a faithful God?  Think about it. Would I remain in the tabernacle despite My loneliness? Sometimes years of loneliness? Don’t you think that it would be more convenient for Me come out and come into the consecrated Host only when a pious soul comes to adore Me? Then, there would be no God on earth. Therein lays My sacrifice, that I gave Myself to you and I remain with you despite your ingratitude.

Acts of self-will during the distribution of My Most Holy Body wound Me and offend Me.  I experience attacks of desecration, but this is the price that I paid and still pay for My love. What kind of God would I be if I gave Myself only to those who love Me? No, I give Myself to everyone. I come to the good and to the bad, the weak and the sinful. I want to heal souls.


7. Mystery of the Holy Communion


Lord Jesus:  My daughter, I want to bring you closer to the understanding of this lofty act, which is our union during the time of the Holy Communion. Daughter, I want you to understand and to see that, what happens during the Holy Communion, is extraordinary and unheard-of. I enter into your soul and into your body as a God and as a Man, because you receive My Soul and Divinity, but also My Flesh and My Blood, which unites with your blood. I am united with you in a strict and real way. You feel bliss, having in yourself the highest Holiness and Power.

Use this moment and ask Me wholeheartedly for everything you want, because you know that then, I can not deny you anything. I am subjected to you through the love and the joy that I feel while dwelling in you… This joy and happiness, which I feel while dwelling in a soul who loves Me, is not equal to anything. I am then the closest to a loving heart, which desires Me. If the soul gives herself into My possession and does not reserve any rights for herself, then this joy is complete and turns into total bliss. For the soul who makes Me so happy, I am ready to accomplish great things, impossible things. Thus, ask Me then, because you captivate My heart and assuage My anger.


9. Lord Jesus heals through faith


Lord Jesus:  (…) My apostles and people living simultaneously with Me saw the image of God, but could not believe because I was a Man, and they were expecting God whom Moses saw. They were unable to accept God as the Holy Trinity and they were unable to believe in Me, though they saw My signs. Today, you believe in Me as God and as a Man, you acknowledge the existence of the Holy Trinity, but you cannot believe in Me, now hidden not in the human nature, but in the holy Forms. But I profess a truth regarding you: he who believed that I am and remain God in human nature, was touched by My divine intervention. And also today, he who will believe in Me under the forms of Bread and Wine, will experience My Divine grace.

In My House, I always dwell with My Mother. Come to Me if you want to meet Her. (…)

Remember that if you had faith in My true presence in the Blessed Sacrament and My true goodness, miracles would happen in every church. (…) I dwell with My power in every parish church. (…)

Come with faith before My face. Do not enter unwittingly. Before entering, become aware that in a moment you will stand before Me. Just as before entering someone else’s home you adjust your appearance, so before entering My Home, adjust it consciously, but not so much in the sphere of the body as in the sphere of the spirit. Prepare your souls for this meeting, hush up and focus on what will happen in a moment. Open the doors and I will be before you, as a Man and as God, shielded by the mystery of the senses, but truly present, alive, compassionate, longing, lonely and full of mercy. (…)

Translated from : Kontemplacja Jezusa Chrystusa. Grzechynia 2016, p. 105-119