Saint Stanislaus Kostka


Saint Stanislaus Kostka:  (…) I am the patron of Poland and I want her salvation. I cannot watch how this generation has gone astray. I love Poland. We will save her. I will especially pray for the youth. For Polish youth. There is no one to lead them. I had an easier path to holiness. You are so lost and lied to. I will pray for you a lot. You can always ask me for help, and I will gladly help. I am especially helpful in the matters of young people.


Saint Joseph


Saint Joseph:  Satan is very afraid of me. He knows of my privileges for these End Times and he has prepared for this in advance by removing me from the altars. But believe me child that this will not help at all, because I will intercede for you even from the cloisters. 


Saint Anthony of Padua


Saint Anthony:  We saints are regular people like you, but we already went through this path, on which you journey, and we made use of the grace of God in life. You must and you should call on us as often as possible, if only with the smallest issues, such as your endlessly lost things. Believe me that when you do not call upon me, I even feel disappointed. Such a devotion is dearer to me than prayers said carelessly and without faith. Such a simple call, Saint Anthony help me please, spoken with faith, is more welcome and has greater merit. Because I was a big proponent of faith on the earth, I am so very pleased when someone turns to me with faith, and issues, oh well … human life is made up of things that are important and less important. By being pious in trifles, we learn to entrust to God the most important things, such as our faith, of which we are not the givers and also we cannot multiply it ourselves. However, we can always persist in supplications, and the Holy Spirit will gladly grant us this faith. (…)

I entrusted my faith to the Holy Spirit. He is the source of faith and possesses an infinity of this gift, so He can give an infinite amount. You just have to ask with faith.

(…) When calling up on a saint, you always attract holiness, grace and the kindness of God. Every call on a holy person, and I do not mean only God, the Blessed Mother and angels, but every holy member of the Church, fetches for you the power and the protection of Heaven. In the same way, every evil word spoken angrily opens up hell and attracts demons.

Thus, we have to call often upon the aid of saints, as frequently as possible. And you too should say it every morning. It is sufficient as you sometimes do; calling on the name of each saint and asking him for his protection over you every day. (…) Then, I can intercede for you, intercede for your needs, watch over the safety of your soul and body, and prompt you to some solutions.


Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p 129-138