Contemplation of Christ the King

2. Crown for the most holy head


Lord Jesus:  Go children into the world and prepare the path for Me, because before you know it, I will come in My glory, covered in the most holy glory to judge the nations, and no one will stand who would have renounced Me, who would not have put a crown on My holy head. Worship Me, children, because I am coming and you have little time left to serve Me on Earth, and I will count every earthly merit a hundred times to you, children. Remember about these words of Mine in the time of the terrible oppression that will come upon you, but I God will protect you, children, because I have loved you forever. Amen.


9. The knighthood of Christ the King


Lord Jesus:  I love those children dressed in cloaks. They are not ridiculous, they are bold. They are not stupid, they are faithful and they do not hurt My Church, but they sanctify it. See through because it will come to you to pay for the persecution of these smallest ones. Better look in those hearts and see with what love they protect Me.  I accept this love and their sacrifices are more pleasing to Me than the sacrifices of the rulers of My word. They have accepted Me poor and small, in love with man; they have accepted Me out of love, and not out of fear; they have accepted Me before I revealed My power; they have accepted Me as a beggar in order to make Me King. And so I, who am King, will not leave them as beggars. Trust Me despite the evil tongues. Remain faithful to the grace that I have given to you and stay strong in your faith besides your shepherd.


11. I announce to the world My just rule


Lord Jesus:  I am Everything, I can everything, and the time came in which I announce to the world My just rule. The time came in which I declare to the nations that I will be doing what I want with the world. [The world]  is a small footstool at My feet subjected to My almighty power. I will no longer be hiding, because the world must fall on the knees before his God. Thus, those who insulted My Name through their injustice will see Me and weep. Rejoice saints, because your God is coming to vanquish your enemies on Earth. So I say, your King and Lord of all creation. My Heart rejoices at the meeting of saints, My justice delights in the cessation of injustice. When this occurs, the souls of all men will be transformed and sanctified, but before that happens, this evil, perverse generation must suffer, must self-destroy and fall down, because too great is the sin of the nations so that they may be saved from death, too small the remnant of good so that they may be reborn.

You, Poland, fight for your soul. Let My eyes see your righteousness, let my ears hear your complaint about the godless rulers who oppress your people. I want to cry over your misery and I want to save you. Ask Me, plead for your children, plead for My sons, I am in love with your sons, Poland! One priest, sanctified by My grace and truly believing in My power and My presence during the Holy Mass and the holy sacraments, wins over the grace of mercy for all his faithful.


22. Claims to the throne of Poland


Lord Jesus:  Relay this to the priest, My daughter, that Poland, by proclaiming My Mother as Queen, already performed My proclamation as her King. However, she has done it unconsciously; this is why a national Enthronement is needed.  Precisely for this reason, I have the greatest claims specifically to the throne of Poland. You will relay this to the priest in this way.


23. “Thy Kingdom come”


God the Father:  The prayer “Our Father” is the plenitude of adoration and union of the soul with Me. In its individual requests, man unites his will with Mine and in this way gives Me glory. In its first request, it addresses Me with the name “Father”, which gives Me joy because it is a recognition of My nature and the nature of My love for man.  It is also a profession of faith and a recognition of its truths in oneself. Thanks to these truths, man realizes what God has done for him, filiating man in his Son – Jesus.

Today, we will pay attention to the second request, in which you ask Me with the words: “Thy Kingdom come”. Do you understand what you desire, by asking Me for this? What do you expect after the fulfillment of this request? Wishing for My Kingdom, you wish for Me as a King. My Kingdom is not a land deprived of suffering, as some imagine themselves My governance. My Kingdom is something much greater. My Kingdom is a reality in which I reign over everything. My Kingdom is contained in the human soul, but it also encompasses the infinite universe. It is not a land, but a spiritual reality. The size of My Kingdom does not depend on its area, but its spiritual depth. My Kingdom in certain souls reaches its plenitude and is greater than the one which encompasses entire tracts of Heaven. I do not reign equally in souls, but differently in every one. There are souls in whom I reign in such a perfect way, that the size of My Kingdom in them seems to encompass the entire country. In your soul, I create My reality, I establish My Kingdom, and I wait to see if you will let Me extend it to the boundaries of My Kingdom in Heaven. I wish to rule in the soul as I rule in Heaven, in a perfect and complete way.

“My Kingdom is not of this world” – My Son said when He suffered rejection and condemnation from people. And today I repeat to you the same thing. Even though in My Kingdom you are great, as the sons of God, in the world you will be looked down upon as madmen. For My Kingdom is won through suffering. So by asking Me – “Thy Kingdom come” – you ask Me to expand My authority in you, in souls, in nations, in everything. My Kingdom is the world of the spirit that defeated the world of the flesh. My Kingdom is invincible, and although its strength is invisible in the world, it reigns over nations. In the souls who desire to implement it on Earth, I reign with great momentum. The Kingdom of God is not for the dead. It is not won by dying, but by living and fighting every day. After death, the fight is over, and thus My Kingdom is attained or not. But the souls who love Me, live in My Kingdom already here on Earth.  

Thus, by asking Me for My Kingdom to come on Earth, you ask Me for the victory of My Will in every soul. When I will be victorious in every soul, I will establish My Kingdom everywhere. There is a Kingdom on Earth in which I reign through My spirit and in it I exercise My dominion, receiving glory. In the present state, however, it is much weakened. The heart of My authority beats slower and slower, and that is because it lacks those who have been taking care of its health. The holy Church is the image of My Kingdom on Earth, but I reign in it to the extent to which I reign in its members. The Church is not a lifeless creation, and so My Kingdom is not constant. It falls and rises in each of its members. Through the rising of every one of them, I desired to reign over the whole world, to pour My Spirit in the nations. Now, however, the nations have seen through My plan and fight with My Kingdom on Earth. They will not defeat it, but they will force it to flee. My Kingdom will rise however through sacrifice and I will reign over the whole world.

When I will be chosen as King, I will establish My Kingdom everywhere. Then My Will shall be fulfilled. The spirit will win over the world. I will reign from one end to the other in all things and in everyone, and My Kingdom will reach its plenitude. Pray for the world to recognize, that by fighting against Me, it passes judgement upon itself. And by desiring that I expand My reign over your land, you will save it. I am the King who comes in peace. My power transcends the power of all the kingdoms of the Earth. If you surrender to Me and step down from your thrones for My glory, open the gates of your cities and recognize Me as King, you will save your lives. If you will fight Me, you will perish. So pray that you may be able to discern My Kingdom which is coming, and when it will come, it will bring deliverance to the spirit by inflicting death to the body. Come out to meet Me, and I will receive you and you will enter through the gates of the cities in My entourage. Come out of the cities which fiercely defend their sin, because otherwise you will perish together with them. I bless those who bring on My Kingdom. I bless those who ask Me for it with faith. Ask with faith, look forward with longing, and what you seek in your hearts shall come to pass for you.


24. Heart of Jesus, abode of justice and love


Lord Jesus:  My Heart is a treasury of justice and love. This means that in it is found the fullness of love and at the same time the fullness of justice. I am your atonement for sins. Through My Sacrifice, I have shown you the fullness of My love, which has renounced itself and gave itself to the creation. As a Sacrifice made for mankind – I am the fullness of love, whose source is found in My merciful Heart. Yet, at the same time, I am the just Judge, and as the King of all creation, I have achieved the fullness of justice, I made a Sacrifice for justice and I inherited justice together with the right to administer it. I administered to Myself the highest punishment, to reward the injustice done by the creation to My Father. Thus, in Me appeared the fullness of the Divine Justice, which has no regard for the individual, but always strives for the atonement and the remediation of wrongs. Each wrong must be offset by a sacrifice for it.

The treasury is a term that contains in itself two truths. Firstly, it is a place where are gathered all the treasures of the kingdom. Secondly, it is a place from which the king draws in order to reward his subjects. However, the treasures that it provides are always good. So it is also with My Heart, from which I provide to My servants. They draw from it love and justice, and they enjoy both of these gifts equally. Love and justice are inseparable. There can not exist unjust love or justice devoid of love, dispossessed of love. One would contradict the other. Thus, love is always just, and justice always flows out of love. The crown of glory, form which I will be judging the nations, is the succession of the crown of contempt that was the image of love, out of which I allowed it to be put on Me and which I wore for your Salvation.

In My Heart are joining perfect love with perfect justice. This is why as a perfect Sacrifice of love, I have the right to reveal Myself to mankind as the fullness of justice. The cross carried Me to the throne of Heaven. Heaven sent Me on the cross. The perfect harmony of the spiritual world is reflected in My Heart, infinitely merciful and infinitely just. How great is My love, so great is My justice. How I filled the world with My love, so I will also fill it with My justice. How far I came as a Servant, so far I will advance as a King. I will not stop until I will fulfill everything and achieve the fullness of justice, just as I did not stop on the way to the Golgotha, to achieve on it the fullness of love. The judgement is the crown of love and the scepter of mercy. Justice will reign over the world so that everything may be fulfilled. I will relocate the fullness of My Heart into the reality of the fleeting world so it may fill everything, as it is written. To be recognized, I must reveal to mankind the whole truth about My Heart. The world got to know the truth about My love, so it must get to know the truth about My justice. Amen.


25. Heart of Jesus, desire of the everlasting hills


Lord Jesus:  I belong to you as an inheritance, which was given to you by the Father. You inherited the Kingdom together with its King. I am the wealth and the splendor of virtues, which I will shower upon you. By choosing Me, you will always run across the right path that leads to the Kingdom. I give Myself to you with My cross, but together with it you obtain everything that I have won through it. I will give you souls, lots of souls. I will give you things about which you did not dream, nor did your thought flounder that far. My imagination and yours, daughter, can not be matched. My making you happy and your making Me happy are two different dimension, as comparing vacuum and fullness. Yet, I lower Myself for your crumbs, because for Me they have an infinite value. I want to draw form your pitcher. You, draw from Mine. I have revealed to you the wealth of My Heart in order to lure you. I want to enamor you in My Heart and win you over for it. Everything that I am filled with internally, you can receive because of your dedication and you will receive.

My Kingdom is the place of eternal peace and love of peace. Only those who love peace will enter it. So that they do not threaten peace, their peace will be tried, so they may prove to Me that they deserve this reward. In My Kingdom, there is no fear. In My Kingdom, there is no violence. You want to have Heaven on Earth, but you despise My Kingdom. You want to build yours based on exploitation, because upon hearts which did not accept My Kingdom and do not live according to its principles. It is impossible.

Only the One who is Peace will bring you the Kingdom that you desire, and only He can guarantee you life. The King who loves and desires to love. No one outside of Love will be safe and can survive. You desire to obtain what I have, not imitating Me, following your own paths that do not consist of stepping behind Me. You want to create a world without Me, a kingdom without Me, peace without Me and love without Me. You want to attain eternal happiness and beauty without Me. You will not succeed in this. By searching for love without Me, you will find hatred; by creating peace without Me, you will create war; by searching for happiness on your own, you will find anguish; by striving towards eternal life without Me, you will find eternal death.

Everything that the world desires is in Me, through beauty, wealth and glory, up till the eternal life in happiness. You strive during the entire life towards goals that I have appointed to you, but without Me. This is why your search for happiness makes the world and all its inhabitants unhappy. And I have happiness and peace for all. I have wealth and beauty for all. In all your pursuits, you desire Me alone, who possesses everything and who is everything. Yet, you stubbornly claim that it is not Me that you desire. But I tell you this; it is precisely Me that you desire.

I am the fulfillment of all human desires and aspirations, all the dreams about eternal happiness. However, the enemy distorted your youthful desires, marred them by sin and destroyed their innocence, so that you can no longer find their connection with Me. You will receive from him the fulfillment of lusts, in which he has transformed your innocent and holy desires. However, by satisfying lusts, you move away from the fulfillment of desires, which only I can satisfy forever. Return to the purity of your hearts and to the truth, in which you have been standing in front of yourselves. Enter into the very center of your desires, and you will know what their cause is.

I promise to fulfill every desire of anyone, who will come to Me and will entrust it to Me along with himself. I will not forget. I will not deceive. You will receive. But seek, casting away your little lusts and the excesses of the world, and desiring true values. Anything that is not contrary to My law and is not an insult to My love, you can entrust to Me.  I will remember. Live, looking towards the fulfillment of all your desires in Me. Eternally. Everything that you do not possess on Earth, you can receive in Heaven. Everything that you did not receive on Earth, awaits for you in Heaven. Even that, what is your greatest desire. It is precisely this that you will receive as a reward. Seek happiness that does not pass, and that is in Me and through Me. Amen.


27. The true meaning of the title: ‘’Queen of Poland’’


Mother of God:  My child, you come to Me with the hope that I will save the world. If people believed that through prayer they can actually improve the fate of the world and their own fate, the world would be saved, but so few believe, My Daughter. I appear precisely for that reason, so you may get to know that I am real and that My title: “Queen of Poland” is not an inscription created by an artist, it is not a pious wish of your ancestors, but the actual role that was granted to Me under the law in force in your country many years ago. Until I become deprived of My title also under the force of law, I am your Queen. Therefore, the fate of My nation is not indifferent to Me. I want to remind you about this title, because you say it with your lips, but not your heart.  Saying it with the heart means the recognition of My authority and wisdom and the rights to guide your nation.

When I appear, I come as a Mother worried about the fate of her children. In Poland, however, I appear as your Queen, because while being a Mother, I do not cease being a Queen. The title, which was given to Me, authorizes Me to interfere in the fate of Poland and to express My will towards the entire nation. I do not want to take away the power of the rulers through My apparitions, but I desire to indicate errors and the direction in which you should go. I desire for My will to be respected. The reverence, which you give Me, is too small. It is not enough to seemingly honor Me by preserving My devotions. I would like to restore faith to Poland in the fact that she has a Queen. My authority in this country, however, is only as strong as the support that I find among My subjects. Thus, My prominent place in your homes is so important.

I come to your homes as a Mother, but I dwell in them as the Queen. I bring you my Son, the King of the whole world, to be the King of your homes. Do not reject Him, but worship Him and ask Him to remain with you forever. Usurpers strive to take away His authority, but His authority is eternal and can never be taken away from Him. Jesus is asking you for the Crown not because He does not possess it, but for you, so that you may find salvation in His loving arms. I came to Wykrot as the Queen of Poland and I brought you the King. My Son will reign, because if He only wants, I will always yield Him My place and will sit at His feet, to worship Him. My throne belongs to Him. My subjects are His subjects, and each of My Crowns adorns His forehead. Each of My victories is His victory. I lead you to the Truth. Do not be afraid of the Truth, because it is only love. I bless you all in the name of My Son. Amen.


43. Prayer of the nation above divisions


Lord Jesus:  I have dictated to you these considerations in order to bring your soul to reflect upon the time in which you happen to live, and the weight of that time. I want to be proclaimed King of all nations. I want Poland to be the first one to choose Me, to recognize My law upon her and to recognize herself as My property. I want the nation to pray for this grace, to unite above its insignificant divisions for the greater good of all people, for the grace of Enthronement, through which I want to transform the face of the world. Write that the world is moving away from Me, but it does not matter. If it will accept My Will, I will not reject it. I am ready to forgive and to forget your sins, but you must find the courage to accept My Will and recognize My rule through the national Enthronement. Then, you will give Me your freedom, and you will tear it away from human hands hostile to My grace. God Himself will then become your defender and will deploy His army around your borders. Do not be afraid. I bring you liberation. Do not be afraid of Me. Do not be afraid of My love.


Translated from: Kontemplacja Jezusa Chrystusa Króla, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016.