1. The majesty of God


God the Father:  You see, in the old times, people felt an immense fear of Me, because the one who approached Me unworthily was punished with death on the spot. This seems cruel to you, but I had to act this way towards this people, which was savage and worshiped only what was visible. I had to be a God visible to them through My signs, otherwise I would not have raised Israel to worship Me and to believe in My Name.

Today, My child, it is much worse, because I show visible signs of My anger to the world, but no one notices them. There is too much relativism, too many surreptitious factors that can cause and explain everything at the same time. Back in the day, people did not possess knowledge of the world, they did not possess books, they did not possess scientists, so their sight was clear, at least in that they saw the signs that were taking place and they were aware that they are insignificant in view of the power that rules over them.

My child, remember that faith is needed to understand these mysteries. Only faith activates the reason of man and brings him to higher states of comprehension. A pure heart and mind and the remoteness of sin enable higher knowledge. Whoever is immersed in his sin and thinks about it, desires it, will never be able to rise to these mysteries, because all things created are barely the end of My hair. No one who desires them can set his sights higher to see My Face.


2. The civilization of pleasure


God the Father:  When My Beloved Son will come to you, it will be a time of terrible oppression. My children, these sufferings must come upon you because the world is so dirty that the Divine foot cannot descend upon it in its present condition. What I have said must accomplish itself, but know that I will protect the children who love Me. However, do not cling to Me for fear of war or cataclysms, but arouse in yourselves the fear of looking into My Face. Wars, hunger and the worst misery are nothing compared to the misery and the wretchedness that man feels, standing naked before My throne. If the Blessed Mother Mary does not protect you and does not plead for your salvation, My children, miserable is your fate.

I am a merciful God, but also a just God. When you will see how cruelly you were wounding Me, what sufferings you have prepared for each other, you will want to jump into the fire by yourselves. At that moment, when one will see all his misery in the truth, if one does not know My mercy, he will not believe that I can forgive him all this. And do you know how you will suffer seeing the sufferings you inflicted on others? How they, your brothers and sisters, suffered because of you during life and after death? All your unclean deeds will come before your eyes. How you defiled your bodies, children, My dwellings…



3. The worshipers of evil will not enter the Kingdom of God


God the Father:   Offer Me this hour of adoration for those who never in their whole life did tell Me that they love Me, that they thank Me, and that they need Me. I am nobody for them. I gave them everything, and I am nobody for them. They made Me, God, a footstool for their feet. How can I have pity for them ? How to find a justification for these souls, which themselves do not try to look for salvation ? Nothing, but absolutely nothing connects them with Me. How do I have to rescue those souls, child ?

(…) do not know Me, because they did not want to know Me. I come to everyone, child. I give inspiration to the soul, as long as the soul is able to feel it. Then it closes so tight…, that I can not reach it. You are pagans ! Disgust fills Me when I see your actions ! Disgust ! I do not want you in My paradise. I do not want you !

[I speak] To those whose deeds I abhor, and who do not seek salvation in Me from their own ugliness. O children, do I not know how weak are your souls ? I know that, but I have given you enough grace, so you may be able to recognize what I have created you for. And you fraternize with demons and you stand on a par with them, repulsive in My Eyes. How cruel are your hearts, how very close you came to satan and his brethren. You are no longer worthy to call yourselves My children. I do not want you ! I will cast you away from My Face, because I abhor everyone who dishonor Me in such a disgusting way!

This insult is the conscious choice of evil and of satan. If you have the awareness of committing evil and you do it, do not come to Me anymore because I do not want to know you ! I will exterminate these abominations from the surface of the earth and I will not watch you anymore neither on earth nor in heaven, because your place is in the heart of satan. There is your dwelling and there you will suffer forever. Rejoice in your unjust days, because their end is coming and only eternal suffering is awaiting for you. You will endure all these atrocities with which you tormented My people and My innocents. I will punish you, and protect My children and deliver them from the hands of their oppressors. Do not think that there will be someone who will not be subjected to My chastisement.

I will judge you all, and you unclean creatures, devoted to satan, you would have sentenced yourselves to annihilation and eternal torment; because who during life resembles more satan than a child of God, becomes a satan on earth and prayer for him can not reach My Ears. No. For such deeds and crimes, which kill My children, kill their souls, I will not be merciful. Who serves satan and lives like satan becomes a grave during his lifetime, and his eternal torment is decided upon. Do not come to Me to ask for them, because their souls are repulsive to Me and full of vermin ! They are on a par with satan, because they lost the grace and knowingly went to the side of abomination and disgrace.

[Pray] For fools child, for those who are empty and blind. Pray for those. Those who serve satan without awareness. But those who knowingly commit evil for their master, who is satan, for those I do not have mercy.



6. Love fulfills itself in justice


God the Father:  I am, My daughter. Listen to what I want to tell you. Open your heart to My words and do not be afraid. Write sincerely, trusting each of My words. The matters that I reveal to you are mysteries that I unveil to those, who have prepared their hearts to receive them. I want you to know the truth about My nature.

I am love. Since the beginning of the creation of man, I bestowed on him My love, and this love led Me to the cross, because I decided not to give up on man, but to show him all the power of My love, the purest love, free and genuine. I wished to make man My child, and as a father be beloved by My offspring. I revealed to man My Will, but not right away. Through all the centuries of the Old Covenant and through all the centuries of Christianity, I called upon the human souls with love, not sparing mankind signs and prophets, who explained these signs to people. I always choose souls, so that they may get to know Me and to glorify Me, bearing witness to My love. Man, however, deceived and sullied by the original sin, had to undergo a very long journey through all the generations, so that I could prepare his soul to receive the truth about My truest nature of God, which is excellence, combining everything in itself in a perfect dimension. Thus, I am love, which fulfills itself in justice.


Translated from : Kontemplacja Boga Ojca. Tato, jestem. Grzechynia 2015, p. 245-265