Ascension of Lord Jesus


Fancy letter Write My words for all who are craving heavenly delights. Children, the mystery of the Ascension is a joyful mystery. You have to think in this way about your dead. Not about their dead bodies, but about their revived and freed souls. Man on Earth receives his due penance, and after death heads towards Heaven. When the day of glory will come, you will all be clothed in new bodies, bodies that are no longer subjected to death, corruption and suffering, bodies unreservedly freed from penance. Desire your destiny. After the earthly torments and sufferings, resurrection awaits you and you will be clothed in perfect, non-corruptible bodies, in which you will be taken to Heaven.

My Son, leaving the Earth, left us His Word and His infinite presence in the mystery of the Holy Mass, but His visible presence has been taken away from us. We can no longer rejoice in Him in a purely human way, we must do it through faith. Strong faith brings such a great comfort, because the world of the spirit becomes more real than the world of the body. I would like to bring to your attention that the departure of the Body of My Son was painful for Me, because I, as a human, rejoiced in His presence in the body, His gaze, words and touch. His Body was for Me the temple of happiness and joy, but I also had to offer it to God in sacrifice, first on the cross, and now – in eternal glory. We are all destined to live in glory, so even though our senses oppose the departure of the body, our faith should protect us from despair and breakdown. Even though My Heart was squeezed by unspoken longing, I was also filled with great joy because of the joy of My Son, who by ascending to Heaven, opens the path to all of us and says: “Follow Me”. It is also the path for all those who will believe in Him. So the pain of the separation is outshined by the strength of hope of a future meeting, completely free of preoccupations and tears.

The glorified body can no longer suffer; the glorified spirit rejoices in everlasting joy. As Christians, we should continually look at Heaven and remember the moment of departure of Our Savior from Earth. My Son left when He perfectly fulfilled the Will of the Father. The Father’s Will was to take away from Earth His only Son. Could I resent that? I Myself have been given the grace of enjoying Him all these years. Now came the time of the repeat sacrifice and the acknowledgment that My Son does not belong to Me, but to His Father who is in Heaven. I accepted His Will with humility, for when the soul humbly accepts the Will of God, the Holy Spirit fills her with joy and peace. And so do you remember that no man is your property and when the hour of his death will come, it will be a blessed hour, in which his true Father will summon him to the place of his eternal destiny. All people belong to God and we do not have the right to hold anyone for ourselves.

The earthly life is a magnitude of suffering, and only the eternal life fully reveals our destiny. The only concern that the loved ones of the deceased should have is the concern for his soul. The body, which was the source of pain and penance, should depart so that it can resurrect to eternal glory. God will make you into something more than dust and ashes; allow the earth to return to the earth. The bodies are only given to you for this one life, for the suffering that the Divine Providence will want to send to you. Do not desire to keep them forever, because then you will not receive new ones, which will be without comparison to the old ones because they will no longer serve to suffer. Your concern about the body is as nonsensical as the concern of a beggar for his old, rotten rags. Believe Me that your bodies are so impure and so imperfect in comparison with those that God wants to give to you. The beggar does not desire to don a new outfit, because he does not feel worthy. He has an uncleansed body, so how could he put on a beautiful and clean outfit? He desires to wear his old one, because he got used to it and he does not need to cleanse his body in order to wear it. The new outfit requires perfect purity, so the new bodies require the purification of your souls. Only then, when they will be perfectly purified, God will clothe them in new, perfect bodies shining with His glory.

Thus, do not cry over the bodies of your loved ones, offer them to God with reverence, because in them was living the hidden God, but now that they have fulfilled their role, the role of penance, shed them like shackles, let them go away together with the pain of the entire life. Concern yourselves only for your souls. Your souls must become perfectly pure, so they can be incorporated into the perfect structure of the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore choose with joy the earthly suffering so as not to waste time and not postpone your penance for eternity, and God forbid, do not postpone it for the eternity of hell. Amen.

Translated from: Tajemnica różańca świętego z rozważaniami różańcowymi dyktowanymi przez Matke Bożą, na podstawie na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 101-105