Saint Agnes:  Today I wish to speak about the faith in the sacraments of the Church. Another sacrament that we receive is the Holy Communion. Faith in the true presence of Jesus in the transubstantiated Bread makes this sacrament for a Christian an authentic encounter with God, with the resurrected Christ, on the plane of the soul and the body. Because of the great importance of this sacrament, it is given to persons who are aware and prepared. But no one can verify faith. We believed in this sacrament without a shadow of doubt. This was the basis of our faith, that we truly consume the Body of Jesus Christ. It is precisely because of this reason, that not all disciples believed in this miracle, many of them departed from Him. We took their place, because we believed and desired this miracle for ourselves.

This is the greatest miracle of our faith and accessible to everyone, even to those who have weaker faith. For them likewise the transubstantiation happens and for them likewise Jesus is present in His holy Forms, so that He may be received and glorified. This miracle happens always when the priest speaks the words of consecration, and not only when we truly believe. This is a great grace, because looking at today’s world, one can see that if this miracle was to depend on the faith of the people, it would be very rare. Meanwhile, it is permanent. It still happens even where there are people who doubt, and not only the faithful but also the priests, who plead for this miracle by pronouncing the words of consecration.

Every man on Earth can meet with God in this way, touch Him in a real way, receiving His Body into his body. In a certain way, we repeat the miracle of Incarnation, which lasts in a spiritual way as long as the soul of man is in the state sanctifying grace. We receive Jesus as Mary, and the Holy Spirit enables the realization of this desire precisely through the miracle of consecration. Then, the priest, who acts in the name of God, places Lord Jesus into our bodies in a visible way, because if it were to be done in a way not visible to the senses, as in the case of Mary, who could believe? After receiving the Holy Communion, all who have communicated are united by one and the same Body of Lord Jesus. From there comes the awareness of brotherhood and community.

Contemporary faith is shallow because it lacks the basis of knowledge and facts to believe. There is also a lack of faithful who would desire to convince others of these truths up to shedding their own blood. Little is said about these most important truths during sermons. Little time is given to rejoice from the encounter with God in the Holy Communion, and these are the most important moments in this earthly life. Believe with all your heart, because these meetings are real and only yours. Everyone can have Jesus only for himself, like Mary. It is very important to accept Him with true love, imitating precisely the Mother of God.

Translated from: Życie sakramentalne pierwotnego Kościoła według św. Agnieszki, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2017, p. 22-25