29) Heart of Jesus, our life and resurrection





Lord Jesus:  I come to summon the world to life and to resurrection. I do not want to leave it dead. I am the hope of the world. My Heart embraces it with love and says: “Live”. If My Heart has not died in My human body, I could not have risen from the dead, but it has died. This is why the world, which is dead, can also rise from the dead by the power of My risen Heart. In My Heart, I made everything new. I gave strength for the fight to thousands of martyrs, who gave an example to millions. Get up, take your misery and serve Me in the salvation of souls. I want to give life and resurrection to souls that are dying. I am life that desires to revive.

In My Heart, I brought to life a new nation, a holy nation, which will give Me glory. Through this nation, I will save other numerous nations, but not all. I have the enormity of mercy, which I have given to those whom I have called. I want them to testify with strength about My Resurrection. The resurrection is hope that is eternal, immortal and undeniable. It shatters all human conceptions and turns human pride into dust. It overcomes fear and concerns, foresight and calculations; it tramples human plans and exalts the Divine. All people were called to life in the new dimension of the world, not such one that is subjected to destruction and death. My Heart is the gate to this reality. Through this gate, the soul gains life and resurrection. This gate is always open. You only need to enter it. There is no other exit from it. There is only one thing – to life and to resurrection.

Anyone who enters into this gate must be saved. However, this gate is open on two sides. If man does not make a step forward within, he can retreat, and then he will reject its love and mercy. Always proceed forward and never step backward. I am waiting to give graces to souls, which I Myself have in excess. Come and take these graces for souls. I can not retain them. My merciful Heart boils over with the enormity of the graces. Come and take these graces for souls, so that they would not be lost. When the time will elapse, the time to receive graces will also elapse. Imagine a world without grace. Life without the Spirit.

Come and take, while there is time. I want to give. I impose Myself to the world with My Mercy, in order to empty My merciful granaries. Take them. I can not find anyone, who would want to accept so much. Accept, please. Take and do not mutter, but trust that by accepting, you are doing more. I will be grateful to those who will take from My excess and will become My granaries on Earth. Take My excess of grace and do not say to Me: “It is too much, I do not deserve”. If I was waiting for those who deserve, I would have to wait indefinitely. Now take and do not be afraid. I only want thanks and I will do the rest. Thank Me and look at My miracles. Admire My mercy. Appreciate it.

Will you accept what I want to give you? Will you carry this excess? Share with Me your emptiness and I will share with you My excess. Love Me and I will accomplish everything. I do not need anything from you besides empty hands and a pure heart, so that I could place there My gifts. You only say thanks for what you get, whether you like My gifts or not. I bless you.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 108-110