Fancy letter Write down My words for all who want to follow this path. I desire so much that you would be like Me. Therefore, I want to outline to you the model for Christian life, everyday life, without great deeds, but in secret, away from praises and spectators who give glory to people and take it away from God. In the privacy of your homes, you will become living sacrifices of love, so that God may receive worship and praise in your hearts, so that your sacrifices were visible to His eyes and only to His eyes; so that your sacrifices were hidden from the world. This pleases My Son. I desire to relocate with you to Nazareth and to nurture each one of you in My home as My child. I want to teach each one of you and to educate each one of you, so you would be the consolation of My Son and the antidote to the world. If you listen carefully to My words and follow what I ask of you, I will lead you straight to Heaven.

I want to care about you. Your Salvation and sanctification are the most important for Me, because they mean that you will come to Me, to Heaven, and we will always be together. What else could I desire as a Mother? Those who listen to My voice and wish to act according to My will, bring great relief to My heart and console Me. Help your Mother, and I will help you in all your affairs. Do not forget about Me. I am your Mother every day, and every day I wish to be with you and teach you with love, so that you may become so very similar to Me and to My Son. You are brothers and sisters of Jesus if you fulfill His Will. I want to teach you to recognize and to fulfill this Will.

My sacrifice was known to God and borne in the secret of My Heart only for Him alone. From today, I want you to strive to imitate this model in silence and in hiding, only for Him alone. If you do what is good in front of people and desire praise from them, what is left for Me for My Son? Hide your sufferings and sacrifices, so that you would be certain that you offer them to God and not to your own pride. The Nazareth about which I wish to tell you, will henceforth symbolized a place in your heart where you meet with Me and where you worship God. In this place, I want to teach you while staying with you. The spiritual Nazareth will henceforth be your escape and will always be with you, because it will be in the depth of your hearts. I will be always waiting there for you, to instruct you on this path. I want you to build in your hearts a home for God, a home for Jesus, as I was building it together with Joseph in Nazareth. You also should build your hidden homes with the help of your saint friends and your Guardian Angels, who never abandon you. In a quiet corner of your hearts, I will dwell from morning till nightfall, creating your sacred tabernacles for God.

The house, which I was furnishing in Nazareth, had one goal. It was to be a dwelling for Jesus. Everything was arising for Him and with thought of Him. My every work was filled with thoughts of Him and the anticipation of Him. Even before the Angel announced to Me the joyful news, everything in Nazareth was an offering of a sacrifice to the future Messiah, who has always been first in My Heart, even before He was conceived in Me from the Holy Spirit. My home was a place of waiting for the Messiah.  Each item in My home was permeated with thoughts about the Savior, a dream that permeated everything and filled everything with its lovely fragrance. The meaning of My life was the unceasing waiting for the Messiah. For Him I knelt in prayer, for Him I looked out the window staring at Heaven, for Him I ate and for Him I went to bed, for Him I kept watch during the night, for Him I cleaned, for Him I sewed, finally for Him I spoke and kept silent. For Him I cried and for Him I smiled, and every, every smallest task and every twitch of My Heart was directed towards Heaven, so it may send down on Earth its Messiah, our Savior, who will be God on Earth, God at home, God with us.  

So do not think that Nazareth became a place prepared for Jesus only after the annunciation of the happy tidings to Me, of course not. Nazareth was the place being prepared for the coming of Jesus all along. First was the expectation and the desire, and only later Nazareth, which became the real home for the Messiah as a reflection of the inner home of My Heart, that was already ready and waiting for Him since many, many years for I was building it from the moment when I heard the joyful news that God has promised us a Messiah. Since then, nothing else ever engaged My thoughts and My Heart on par with the thought and the expectation of God coming to mankind in a human body. How much I have been living by this one desire. I could have defined Myself on earth as the one who expected the Messiah, because it has been My nature and My vocation from the beginning of My life. When I was waking up, I was woken up by the hope that maybe today the Messiah will descend upon the Earth. And when I was falling asleep, I was hoping that this night some holy chosen woman shall conceive God on Earth. Those were My dreams that filled My thoughts and My Heart, My entire days and nights. He was in everything; the longing for Him, and the desire to see Him and to consecrate Myself to Him.

Thus, do not think that Nazareth is a place created for God because of His birth and His presence in the flesh. Nazareth is the place of God in the world of the spirit, which only God sees, and only later the image of this spiritual world is relocated into the earthly reality. So build your homes for Jesus, your temples in your hearts, consciously expecting that He will descend into them from the high Heaven and He will dwell in them with Me, so that together we could live on Earth as a family. I want to instruct you about how to prepare your hearts for a dwelling for My Son; so you would be homes agreeable to Him, in which He can lay His head. I will teach you how to act so you would be agreeable tabernacles for Him on Earth, from which He will never leave anymore. Jesus desires to be conceived in every human heart and He desires to live in every human heart. Together with the grace of the holy baptism, this spiritual conception happens in the human heart through the action of the Holy Spirit. Later, however, Jesus needs from you such a great care, so He may live and grow in your hearts. About this I want to teach you, so you may notice Him and care about Him, imitating My motherly care. I will be teaching you this in the coming days. I bless you all in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from : Reguła Mariańska Rycerzy Chrystusa Króla, Żertw Ofiarnych I wszystkich dzieci Maryi. Grzechynia 2014, p. 38-44

Image credit: ”O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.