Church wake up!


I desire to announce to you that it is unwise to fear faith. The one who believes can not err. Faith is an attribute of God, it is exclusively Mine and only I can grant it. Thus, you are wrong to be fearful, because I always grant it to the soul to the extent to which she tries to preserve it. (…) Only I alone possess this gift, which is for you the matter connecting man with God. Faith is My life in you. I put it in your hearts when you ask Me for it by dedicating your children to Me in the first Sacrament, in which I give Myself to you. Faith is Me, visible through a veil. It is not the veil, but Me alone, whom you can possess to the extent to which you multiply this gift in yourselves. I am not saying that I am faith, no, but remember that on earth you possess Me precisely as faith. You do not possess Me in a different form, but only through faith and in faith. The veil for you is the world, and I am present in your hearts through faith.

Be mindful of what I desire to tell you. By giving birth to faith in the heart of a baptized child, it is as if I were born in it Myself, because faith is the life of the soul and I alone am the only life. Thus, faith is not God, but it is the “whole God” that you can possess during your lifetime.

Excerpt from the message of God the Father from 18.09.2012


  1. Foreword
  2. Let’s stand in the truth
  3. Believe in Jesus Christ
  4. God alive in the Holy Sacraments
  5. Rebirth of the Church
  6. Ending


Translated from : Kościele obudź się! Rok wiary. Grzechynia 2012/2013.