1. I am the One who creates and who destroys


Lord Jesus:  I would like for mankind to understand that the worship that I receive does not have any value for Me if My Will is not fulfilled. The Church as a temple does not fulfill its role if it is a place of external worship. For Me, the interior counts and the sacrifice that I accept is the humbling of the spirit of man. I collect it from Earth as blood and tears, and not as words and acts. I will present to you a picture that will clarify this for you.



2. Sacrifices without love


God the Father:  I will speak to you, daughter. Sacrifices without love are for nothing. They lead to exaltation over neighbors, to their hatred and jealousy. Love fills everything and waters everything. By taking away the world, it replaces everything by itself and fills everything. However, sacrifices without love leave a void, which creates frustration and devastates the purity of the soul. The soul filled with grief begins to feel a growing aversion for her brothers, and over time for God Himself, who seems to her to be the cause of all her misfortunes and sadness. Sadness, however, is the result of persistence in mortifications for no reason and with no result. The reason for mortifications should be love and their result should be the multiplication of love. No one, who mortifies himself and renounces the world because of his own pride and the need to be exalted above others, can experience the relief flowing from the mortification of the body.

I am telling you this, because many of you are surpassing each other in different mortifications without being aware of their meaning. Every sacrifice must flow out of love; then I receive glory. If this love is a love for souls, if you bring Me your sacrifices out of pity for them, I accept them and I also receive My glory, because then you imitate My Son, whom I have given to you as a role model for all behavior.

Translated from : Kompendium VI z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 65-77