24) Heart of Jesus, loaded down with opprobrium





Lord Jesus:  My Heart unveils itself before you. My Heart desires to be discovered, as an unknown land full of harvests, as a land full of hidden treasures. Discover Me. I want to be revealed before the world. I want to talk about My treasures to mankind. I am an uninhabited island, which desires to nourish and give shelter to those who will discover it. I am the paradisaical life of those, who will manage to reach the shore.

My Daughter, My Heart is sweetness for you, but bitterness for Myself. In order to be the sweetness of mankind, I had to fill Myself with the bitterness of the world. My Heart in your lips is exquisitely sweet, although it is filled with enormous suffering, unspeakable pain and sorrow. It is filled with ingratitude and insults coming from the mouth of man. Do you understand why, however, it is sweet for you? Because I have never returned any blow inflicted to it. Thanks to love, it could absorb the entire hatred of the world. Do not let your heart rot. Do not let suffering take away from it the sweetness, which I desire. Let no events spoil its taste, the taste that tastes good to God.

Your heart in the manner of Mine must be filled with the disgrace of the world, but in the manner of Mine can not lose its sweetness. When you do not cease to bless and pray for those who fill you with bitterness, you absorb it and it ceases to exist. In you I am transforming the world. However, if you cursed and dwelt on the evil that was done to you, you would multiply the bitterness of the world and there would be no place for Me in your heart. I like sweet waters and in them I rest. Remember that the help for your heart is always My Heart. If you do not have enough love to defeat the bitterness encompassing you, call upon My Heart for help, and I will gift you with its sweetness and you will not lose your innocence. You will multiply My blessing for the world. You will mitigate My justice and relieve My pain.

The more you will be able to accept for Me, the more I will offer to you. Take everything as if I wanted to repair in your heart the world, clean its streets, wash its seas, remove its landfills, and all this will be accomplished in you. Allow Me to fill you with the disgrace and the ingratitude of people. Do not repay them according to this measure. You, repay with good for evil. With blessing for a curse. Be an unshakable fortress in which love abides unshaken, and in which it is multiplied endlessly. I will equip you for great battles. I will give you a warm heart, courageous and sincere, so it may contain for Me the power of the impurity of the Earth. For Me, however, and for all who will come to refresh themselves in it, it will be sweet and exquisite, even though it alone will be full of the pain of the world.

Remember, you have one heart. It belongs to God. Make it similar to Mine. Thanks to prayer and forgiveness, you will transform what I offer to you. Thanks to My Heart, you will gift the world. I know that pain removes desire and sweetness, but only for you. For Me, your heart then becomes very beautiful and I can not resist its charm. And everyone who will see it will desire it, even though for you it will be hard to endure its pain. Transform the world for Me. I count that you will transform it for Me. Allow Me to perform in you My purification, in order for the world to become free. Transform evil into good and fill the soul with it. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 89-91