I am the most faithful. I will stay with you through your entire life. I will always be the closest. I will not let you down. I will not abandon. I will not get tired of you. My love is creative. By growing, it pulls you behind. It wants to gift you more and more generously. The more you will trust Me, the more graces you will receive. The trust is your measure, which I fill out. You will receive as much to fill out your measure. Through My friendship, which I have offered to you, you feel peace in the soul and you learn to trust more and more.

It is true that I never get angry. It is true that there is no man on Earth who is so magnanimous that, no matter what you will do, he gifts you with the same gaze and the same gift of consolation. This differentiates Me from people. I am perfectly faithful independently of your faithfulness. I am independent and not subjected to anyone or anything. The mystery of My freedom is love, of which I have for you countless reserves.

Excerpt from the message of the Holy Spirit


  1. Spirit of God
  2. Spirit of grace
  3. Spirit comforter
  4. Spirit who sanctifies
  5. Spirit Paraclete
  6. Spirit of the Word
  7. Spirit of love
  8. Spirit of the Church

Translated from : Kontemplacja Ducha Swiętego. Grzechynia 2017, p. 11-55