3. Martyrdom of the spirit


Mother of God:  Man can not fight with God. His fight is lost in advance. His fall is the greater the more he will insist on his truth, instead of seeking the only truth. I know that the humiliations that you bear for Me will bring peace and love. Silence always sanctifies the soul and makes it strong. Make your souls such, so that you may truly become the apostles of My Heart. I would like all My children to be so humble and zealous.



4. The prayer “Hail Mary” and the building of the Kingdom of God


Mother of God:  When I have My children besides Me, I can accomplish so much in the world. What I am asking you for is to say the prayers that you bring to Me with greater awareness and with greater faith, so that every word in which you praise God will join with My praise. Your prayer is very important and if you say it with the heart, it performs miracles. I want to intercede in those miracles. Pray fervently. I will listen, I desire to hear you out. You are necessary to Me, your prayers bring peace. Unite yourselves with Me, saying “Hail Mary”.

This prayer summons Me and praises the greatest miracle of My life – the birth of Jesus. This is why every time when you say “Hail Mary”, I am happy. You evoke the moment when God made Me happy by revealing to Me His Will; He chose Me in order to gift you.

The miracle of the conception of Jesus under My Heart is renewed in your words of the prayer “Hail Mary”. This miracle is the miraculous attraction of the power of the Holy Spirit on Earth. By the working of the Holy Spirit, Jesus enters into new hearts, hearts in which He took a liking; and by the working of your pious acts of praise, His action in Me multiplies this grace ad infinitum. Thus, pray “Hail Mary” with joy and faith that the Holy Spirit then gives raise to new vocations, vocations to holiness, to service, to love, to faith, to sacrifice. These vocations are the voice of the Holy Spirit, who enters the soul with the entire power of His graces and gifts the soul with them in such a way that she might be His glory on Earth, and as a result the next precious brick in the edifice, which is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

In order for the building, the temple, which no one will be able to tear down to arise, your souls must be confirmed in grace, and therefore tried in the fire of suffering and patience. Do you know how bricks are burned? You have to become the perfect material that serves this building, so that great burdens may be placed on you, so that others may come along after you, burned in the oven of patience and trials. God is the fire. He comes and, by scorching, He perfects. He is good itself, the acceptance of which means, however, that you must fall in love with the pain that He brings. This concerns only this world and is a grace. The pain is a payment for the gifts that we receive from Him and is necessary because of human imperfection, but it only lasts for a moment, and in Heaven it turns into joy. Be aware of these words through which you give glory to God. I am only a Creature, a Creature that God molded with His love. I give glory to the One who has created Me, all the glory, unreservedly. So every word of the prayer “Hail Mary” gives glory to God.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Ducha Swiętego. Grzechynia 2017, p. 157-173