Christ the King - Natanek

This website has been created for the glory of Christ the King.



I have created this website as a gift for family and friends who are not fluent in my mother tongue.  It contains translated excerpts from the “Messages for the End Times that have just arrived”.

The messages are received by Agnieszka (Agnes) and are under the spiritual guidance of Father Piotr Maria Natanek.  He became the custodian of those extraordinary revelations in an unusual way in January 2010, when Jesus invited him to the Golgotha, and he accepted the invitation. After almost two years of prior preparation on his road of the priesthood, he met “the child of God” Agnes, the person receiving the messages, designed to prepare humanity for God’s great purification of the End Times. Lord Jesus, giving these messages, clearly stated: “Let My children know what is happening.”  Agnes was born about 33 years ago and her intimacy with Jesus began in August 2000. Her first conversation was with St. John the Evangelist on November 26th 2009, and next with Lord Jesus on November 27th 2009. She is receiving messages from Heaven ever since, and 28 volumes of these messages have been published so far.

Please note that this is not an official translation.  I encourage everyone to read the official translation should one become published in the future.  All rights are reserved with the original authors, who gave their permission for the creation of this website.