3. You are fighting for love


God the Father:  My daughter, you know well that the fight for Me, for My Kingdom, is a fight for love. If after the fight you are aflame with love, if you gain love, if you have not lost love in your heart but multiplied it, it means that you have won the battle and you are bringing My Kingdom closer. However, if you have defeated enemies only in the human sense, if you have humiliated them, inflicted pain and crushed them while losing love, you have lost and your defeat saddens Me very much. Thus, remember that in every fight you fight for Me, you fight for love. Those who forget about it and lose Me are mistaken, and they fight only for themselves and about themselves, for their ideas, plans and arguments, not for Mine.

Remember, whoever the enemy is, defeat him by gaining love. Every oppression, torment or persecution serves to multiply this treasure, which is love. It is completely irrelevant whether you fight against man or against time, a weakness, your own body, a temptation or the whole world. Whatever the obstacle would be on your path, your goal remains unchangeable. Multiply love, show magnanimity, have pity towards the lack of mercy and ruthlessness, be patient in torments and trials, and remain pure and unblemished in the heart, which should be continually expanded by the love growing in it.

If you do penance and lose love, if you fast and get angry, stop. Your efforts are for nothing. Give Me half of your sacrifice, but do not let love escape you, because we are not fighting for sacrifices, but for love. Remember, in every sacrifice that you offer to Me, I demand love. Love is like wine that imparts nobility to the whole dish. I desire simplicity, but do not forget that I am God and I am not interested in the oxen and the calves, but the sacrifice of the heart, which you offer to Me at the same time.


4. The fight of the soul with the world


Lord Jesus:  … The entire strength of the soul should be used to oppose the proclivities of the body and the voices of the world that are enticing her. The soul in the world, once having gotten a taste of the world, loses sight and becomes blind, loses the innocence that directs her towards light and truth. Thus, afterwards, she errs even if she desires truth. To find the truth means to find Life, but the soul devoid of the eyes of the spirit does not know this and heads towards death and perdition.  (…)

Translated from : Kompendium VI z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 43-51