2. Adoration of God on Earth in the Blessed Sacrament


want you to remember My Son. My Son is alive and He is among you. My Son is not gone from the Earth, but He lives on it together with you until the end of times. Remember Him. His real presence among you is a huge grace, which you can not properly perceive because of little faith. If you truly believed, Jesus would not be lonely, and among you there would be no people who are sick or possessed. The reverence that you pay to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and the love that you bestow upon Him by visiting the Blessed Sacrament, are a test of your faith.

You have to realize that Jesus did not want to leave the Earth. He had to die for your Redemption, but He never stopped desiring to dwell among you, to cure your sick bodies and souls. Coming into the world in a human form, as a born God, He gifted mankind with His blessed presence and everyone who worshiped Him and believed in Him, that He truly has the power to work miracles in the name of God, was healed. God in His justice does not deprive man of His presence even today. You just have to believe that He had to leave the Earth in this guise, in which He was crucified, for man to understand and accept Redemption as real event, located in the history of man, that has been accomplished.

Jesus as a man has been crucified, laid in the tomb, resurrected and ascended to Heaven. These are facts that are necessary for man to believe and worship God for His unfathomable mercy, whose summit He revealed to man in His Son, the Redeemer of the world. If Jesus had not ascended to Heaven, man would not be able to comprehend His presence in Heaven at the right hand of the Father, and His kingship over all that belongs to the Father. God, however, never wanted to leave the Earth and leave His creation behind. In His merciful plan of salvation, He foresaw a way to stay on the Earth despite His actual departure from it. This Divine love and desire to dwell with man manifested itself in the establishment of the Blessed Sacrament, in which God forever embodied His full presence of Earth.

Thus, the Blessed Sacrament is God hidden from the human senses, God in Flesh and Blood, Jesus – Man and Jesus – God. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament hid himself from the sensory part of man, but He is truly present in It in His entire bodily and spiritual form, and thus in the fullness of His humanity and the fullness of His Divinity. The only difference that divides the times when He treaded the Earth from our times, is that one can not perceive Him without faith. I know that given the few miracles that you experience today, it is more difficult for you to believe that it is truly Jesus who is with you and lives among you. However, the contemporaries of Jesus also needed to raise to the heights of faith to recognize God in Him. He was also hidden from them. He appeared to the human senses, but hid Himself as God.

To love Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is just that – to believe. Faith in the fact that He truly loves so much that He stayed on Earth with man. You all know where He lives. You can all go to Him. You can all speak with Him and be healed. You must just show faith. Just as in the past, Jesus is waiting only for your faith. You have received so much, because when My Son treaded on the Earth, He could not stay with everyone as much as He desired. His human nature restricted Him. Now He can stay with everyone as long as you wish. Now He has time for everyone, He will meet everyone individually, and His home is known to everyone. Why then it remains empty? Why crowds do not line up to see Him, to meet Him? Why no one comes to thank and to ask? It is because of little faith. Due to disappearing faith on Earth, the house of God remains empty.  If you will truly believe, you will see how great is the gift that you have all received. My Jesus is always with you and is always waiting to bestow His miracles upon those who will come to Him.

The Blessed Sacrament is My Son, newborn and deposited in the manger, teaching and healing as a Master and Teacher of mankind, abandoned and forgotten in Gethsemane, scourged and tormented in hiding, accused and humiliated on His way of the cross, crucified and laid in the tomb, and finally risen and seated on the throne in Heaven, the Lord and King of all creation. So much in such a small and modest form. Believe that the human mind is not able to size so much, not able to size God, because God gives everything to man, but in the mystery of His coverture. He gives you the graces that you receive in a great mystery, so that even yourselves do not know them and often enough are not able to recognize them. My Son is so humble, so quiet, that the does not demand worship for His power and glory, but love for His kindness and compassion for His Sacrifice. Get to know Him and strive to perceive Him in the Blessed Sacrament, and then you will receive the grace of perceiving Him in your own interior. I bless you, daughter, in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


3. The Army of Mary – the necessity of undertaking true prayer and penance


Fancy letter I would like the world to know how much I love it and how much I care about all those who remain in it. My children, if you want to join in My prayer for the world and also be the light that will stop countless souls from self-destruction, listen carefully to My voice and fulfill My requests with zeal, not picking and choosing among them. I ask you for things that are necessary for the conversion of mankind and for the alleviation of the anger of My Son. I ask you once again. Do not talk to Me about love, but show it to Me by fulfilling My requests. You will show Me your love if your hearts will follow the commandments of love.

The world will not convert if even those who call themselves My children will not fulfill My will. I ask you to pray wholeheartedly for the dying world and for sinners, whom disbelief brought on the road of perdition. If sin will not be stopped and atoned for, the world will destroy itself. You can not look back at others. If you have heard My words, it means that precisely you have been called upon to fulfill My will and save mankind. The prayer for which I ask you is sincere, humble and greathearted. It is a prayer that goes beyond the problems of your homes, a prayer reaching all corners of the world and reaching Heaven. Pray for the whole world, so it may turn towards God, undertake penance and conversion. Keep hope while praying for sinners. Believe in the power of your prayers, and leave the time to God. Do not lose hope and pray, entrusting your prayers to Me, and I will make use of them.

I ask you to pray the Rosary. The Rosary is My most powerful weapon against the forces of the enemy. Pray the Rosary every day, and not only from time to time when you feel such a need. Also, pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, because this prayer immerses the whole world and all the sinners in the immeasurable mercy of God. Only this remains to the world, to apologize and to ask for mercy.

Remember about visiting the Blessed Sacrament. Where the Blessed Sacrament is truly loved and revered, there Jesus will remain among you. Worship the places where resides My Son, because disbelief spreads on Earth like the plague, taking away My Son from mankind. Try to make a resolution, so that the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament would not be only upon feast days, but possibly frequent and sincere. I do not ask for hours of prayer, but for remembrance and worship that you show My Son and gratitude for His sacrifice, in which He remains locked in all the Tabernacles of the world.

I ask you to fast as atonement for the sin of gluttony, with which one insults the goodness of God and unjustly divides His benefits. If you could relocate to places where one eats as often as you fast, surely you would comprehend My words. It is not much, what I ask you for. However, give Me this “not much’’, and I will multiply this sacrifice and gain nourishment for My children. Why are you still lingering with the fulfillment of My will? I wish that you make resolutions and observe them. You have received the graces to follow Me, now do not linger on the way.

I also ask you to participate in the sacraments of the Church, the Holy Mass, the Holy Communion, and the Sacrament of Penance. Rejoice from the grace that you still have so many priests and seek their gifts by making use of their ministry. Pray for priests, entrusting them to my Immaculate Heart.

My children, preserve faithfulness in your conduct. Let what is in your hearts be the same as what is on your lips. Let your actions attest to the truth of your words. I need your sacrifices, but many among you read off My words as requests directed to saints or lonely people who have a lot of time to devote themselves to the service of God. Of course not. I direct My requests to all believers, from little children to the elderly, from singles to large families. I do not choose you among the worthy and the unworthy. Help Me, please, for those who do not hear My words and remain asleep. If they do not obtain help from you, I will not manage to rescue them.

I call you all to sincere prayer and penance. Join your prayers and all efforts with My requests. Do not surrender in the fight. I will lead you to victory, but My army can not consist of one fighting division and a hundred listening to the fight. I am calling all of you to fight. Do not linger with the fulfillment of My requests, because life is much shorter than it appears to you. Only later time stops. Today it rushes, always leaving you with little time for penance and conversion. If you want to transform the face of the world, if you want to accomplish something great in your nation, apply yourselves wholeheartedly to fulfill My requests.

Start today already to realize My will. You will be able to rest all eternity, but now get to work and introduce into your life these noble resolutions, because if you do not do this now, you will be planning improvement until death and I will never receive from you what has been promised to Me. I bless you all. My call should be an honor for you; meanwhile many of you hope that I speak to someone else. If only those who vowed Me love will fulfill My will, then I can already accomplish a lot, but this is just the beginning, the start of what I want to do for the salvation of mankind and the world. Amen.