Catechesis 1


Before the beginning of the Holy Mass, My Tabernacle and Altar are surrounded by numerous angels. The heavenly spirits descend on Earth to worship Me in this Most Holy Sacrifice. The entire Heaven is silent, preparing itself to participate in the Passion of My Son. The souls of Saints persist in a prayer vigil from the Garden of Gethsemane. In a moment, the greatest Mystery shared by Heaven and Earth will begin. The suffering souls honored with this grace are bowing in humility before the Altar. Everyone is waiting for the priest, through whom the proper Sacrifice of the Passion of My Son will begin. If you will be entering the temple into this spiritual reality, it will not come to the mind of any of you to greet other people or smile at anyone but the agonizing Jesus, who drenched in a bloody sweat, is awaiting his traitor.

By entering the temple, you enter the Garden of Gethsemane in order to live through the Passion of Jesus together with Him. Prepare yourself through fervent prayer so you will not succumb to temptation. May the agonizing Savior find support in your conscious vigil and sincere compassion. Join His Most Holy Mother and learn from Her the worthy participation in this unrepeatable and unique event in the history of mankind, the work of Redemption and Salvation of the world. I bless you, daughter, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Catechesis 2


The Church is not only the people. The Church is the sacraments, the Church is the grace and law, but the Church is above all else Me. I am its Head and thus I am its Center; I am the Vine and you are My branches. I possess full authority in the Church, because I have established it for the glory of My Father in Heaven.

(…) people’s greed, their deviousness and stupidity, and above all their pride, led to the result that the Church appears to forget about its Founder and Sanctifier. I am overlooked and pushed aside in the same way as you are. Man seems to be infallible and yet you all, from the baptized child joining My Church to the bishops and cardinals, are the descendants of Adam and Eve, defiled by the original sin. You are subjected to constant temptations and attacks of the evil spirit.

Thus, the decisions of the Church, which removes its Head from the center, begin to lose their sense and assume the form of hostility towards those who are fertile ground for the Church, those in whom grace can take root and yield fruit.


Catechesis 3


The priestly dignity is the highest dignity that I can bestow on man. I call whomever I want. I do not change My mind. My communion with the priest is a bond that is unique and proper. Together with the priestly ordination, the priest receives the right to approach Me, to touch Me in order to show My glory to the people, and to give Me in the Holy Communion. If one undertakes these activities without My calling, he commits the sin of blasphemy. Only I have the authority to appoint priests and grant them authority. (…)

The lawless pursuit of honors, which can only be granted by God, brings a curse on the whole community. (…)

So remember well that only I have the right to appoint priests. No one else has the right to do so and I will never grant it to anyone else. The priestly authority and activities remain unchangeable and inviolable. Everything done in addition to that is self-will directed against Me, possible only in a community where Moses and Aaron are missing. If I wanted to put you to death, I would have to put to death all of you, for who among you is without sin? Yet, I have pity on you, because you are like sheep without a shepherd who followed the wolf’s voice. Your fault is smaller. The others will perish for sure.


Catechesis 4


The priest should wear royal garments, because he is like a king to the faithful, with whom he deals according to My Will. I impart His dignity. His authority comes from Me. He represents mankind in front of My eyes, so he should be decently dressed in order to show Me respect when he approaches Me. He not only comes to the prayer in which he apologizes to Me for your sins, but he takes part in the Sacrifice of My Son and touches God Himself; he does not just dwell in God’s spiritual presence, as it was in the times of Moses. In addition, the priest represents Me alone and speaks in My Name. He is the visible face of God, of His truth and grace, towards the faithful. The royal garments were to highlight the authority of the king over his subjects, over their life and death, and over their future fate; the authority which he received from God. Yet, the priest is a ruler appointed by Me forever, not only for a certain time. He also has the authority to rule over the eternal life and death of souls, and not only over their temporal life. (…)

The priest is My property and if he renounces his dignity, pretending that he does not belong to Me, but to the world, he has already been defeated in his heart and is a coward. By offering the priest daily garments distinguishing him from all people on Earth, I singled him out in grace and showed to the world that he is no longer from the world, but belongs to the kingdom of My Spirit. And to touch him in any way is equivalent to touching the Holiness, which I am in him.

(…) the lack of priestly garments and their negligence by priests is already a lack of faith, which I have announced to you while still stepping on the Earth in My Son.


Catechesis 5


The Church has changed together with the world surrounding it, and because of this it ceased to be seen as eternal, timeless, supernatural and mystical in the human perception. The adaptation of the Church to the needs of man for many years resulted in the reduction of worship given to Me, and the undeification not only of the Church itself, but even of Me. 

Because if I am God, the Creator of all people, why is My home uglier than your homes? If I am full of power and glory, why do I inhabit the poor corner of the cathedrals erected in My honor? If I am the Holiest of Holies, why do I allow unworthy hands to touch Me? This is My Passion, which I suffer in My Son on all the Altars of the world. This is the price of love, which I have shown to man by gifting him with free will. A mediocre cult results in a mediocre faith, and although human pride is crying to Heaven for vengeance, I show mercy by choosing you and telling you what I require.

Despite the fact that pagans are treading upon My holy chambers, worshiping the building that is My home, despite the innumerable sacrileges and the lack of reverence that surrounds Me, despite the dirt and negligence that I have to suffer, I remain present in My temples in order to suffer to the end in My Son and to the end to save souls from eternal damnation. I am an infinitely merciful God. I will do everything that I can to save each soul.


Catechesis 6


The entire temple is a place surrounding the Tabernacle. The raison d’être of its existence is precisely to surround and secure the Most Holy Place, in which I dwell Myself.

The other functions of the building, such as a place of gathering for the faithful and their protection from changing weather conditions. Each temple should be designed starting with the Tabernacle and the Altar, as the hearts of the temple. All the rest is an addition. The Tabernacle should be separated from the faithful in such a way so that no one without a vocation could enter the presbytery or pass through it to the sacristy, as if it were an ordinary place. The sacristy is a place of preparation for the celebration of the most holy mysteries, not for dealing with the faithful. Persons without vocations should not spend time in the sacristy.

There should be a separate place for meetings with the faithful. The removal of balustrades protecting the Most Holy Place is like the removal of guards from before the door of the royal chamber. It would mean that the king has departed and the castle is abandoned, or that no one respects him anymore and does not consider him to be king, and the guard has betrayed him. Think about how much I am being betrayed. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Catechesis 7


Today, I want to show to you a division that should never be ignored. It is very important. It is the division into secular objects and sacred objects. All objects that are intended for God, made for the service of the Church, and especially those intended for the glory of God as elements used in the celebration of liturgical activities, are sacred. Using them for secular purposes causes their desecration and is a sin of pride. Not only you are not allowed under any circumstances to drink from the chalice intended for the liturgy, because it is exclusively dedicated to the celebration of the highest Sacrifice and only the priest is entitled to use it, but also you are not allowed to burn for yourselves candles intended to and sanctified on My Altar, or burn incense intended for Me for your own pleasure, or use liturgical garments for any secular purpose. (…)

Sacred objects that have been damaged, and are no longer suitable for use for My glory, must be burnt or worthily kept as relics. They can also be buried in the ground. However, they must not be sold under any circumstances with the goal of melting them down and using for lay purposes. Even items serving to maintain order in the holy place should be used exclusively in that place. You must not take home flowers from the Altar to rejoice in their fragrance. They are already holy and belong exclusively to God, in order to bring Him glory with their scent.


Catechesis 8


Holy robes and incense smoke were not only supposed to protect Me against human unworthiness, but also to protect priests against their own sinfulness and the evil spirit, to whom the incense conceals holy things, including priestly souls, and whom its fragrance suffocates more than the sulfur fumes in Hell. Priestly garments: the cassock, the chasuble, the cape and the veil, like the tunic, the linen trousers, the belt and the tiara in the Old Order, protect the priest from his own weakness and inclination to evil. Holy garments are like an armor, which does not allow the evil spirit to gain access to the priestly soul.


I have ordered Moses to make two silver trumpets, which will be convoking the Israelites to set off on their way, to the place of destination. The sound of trumpets was to remind Me that I have chosen this people Myself, I called it and promised to protect it from the enemy. Daughter, realize that every ringing of the bell reminds Me today of this once made promise. Every time when fear overtakes you, the sound of bells summons My care and protection against all enemies. (…)

Write that each procession is an image of this first path, the path towards the liberation of the body. Today it has grown to its proper measure; it is the path of liberation of the human spirit. I set out Myself on this path together with My beloved people, among the toll of bells and little bells, among the singing and the smell of incense. Let it be for you a lofty moment, because every procession is a convocation of today’s Israel to rise from its comfortable resting place and to set off on its way.


Catechesis 9


The event of the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament should be accompanied by particular reverence and praise, which would emphasize the importance of this act. Special prayers and sounds have been introduced for this purpose. These are not additional and arbitrary regulations, but regulations commanded from above by the Holy Spirit leading the Church. The sound of bells also scares off evil spirits and sanctifies the external part of this event. The same applies to the sound of bells or gong during the benediction with the Blessed Sacrament. As for the songs, My real presence is neglected and overlooked through them. I prefer silence to thoughtless singing of songs unsuitable for this event. The songs sang at that time should give praise to the mystery of My Divinity hidden under the holy forms. Singing songs with a different content is an affront to Me, even if the songs themselves were good and desirable in other circumstances. The singing of other songs also introduces unrest among the believers who, instead of kneeling, get up, walk or sit down, forgetting about My presence.


Catechesis 10


I come out to meet you in the plenitude of My power and glory, and that is how I dwell in the Tabernacle. Look at your attires. Are they festive and worthy? A festive attire is not only the obligation of the priest. Dress up as if you were going to an audience with the king. I am a King, but such a King of whom you have not even dreamed of. However, when you will see Me in the full glory of My Majesty, it will be too late to correct your irreverent habits. Your attire is the answer to your faith in My real presence in the Tabernacle.

By coming to the Holy Mass, you come to the Passion of My Son. Take your own cross with you and bring it to the proper Golgotha, to suffer and save souls here together with My Son. A late arrival to the Holy Mass is a misunderstanding. If there is no important reason for this, it is a lack of understanding of the Mystery of the Passion of the Lord.  You cannot jump into it at any moment at will. It is a lack of respect for the suffering God. When you yourselves will be irreproachable before Me, make satisfaction to Me for what is independent of you and what you cannot change. I can, if I want to. Thus, apologize to Me from a sincere heart and ask for mercy, in accordance with the prayer that I have taught you (Father, through the wounds of Jesus, I apologize to you. Have mercy upon us sinners). Pray sincerely and leave the rest to Me. Demoralization and corruption began at the very bottom of the Church, in its lowest members. There, healing will also begin. My Word is a balm that I pour onto the wound of sin of this generation. So do not concern yourselves with the sick head, but with the ulcerous legs that I have entrusted to you. I will take care of the head Myself, when the legs will be healthy and will be willing to go where I will order them. I bless you. I bless the generation that will be willing to listen. Amen.


Catechesis 11


This generation will not pass away as the Church will begin to search for the truth and ask what I desire. Then you will tell them all the words that I have confessed to you. (…)

Gather in My name and serve Me as best as you can. (…)

One day, the voice of the hatchling turns into the crow of a rooster, which is so resounding that it wakes up everyone around. I am always with those who want to perform My Will. Although I have explained to you just a little, that is enough to change your actions and start a liturgical renewal. Let everyone carry out what I have told you, beginning with yourselves. (1) Change your attitude to prayer. (2) Kneel more often, (3) dress in a worthy attire to speak with Me, (4) do not save on candles (5) and altars. (6) Do not forget about flowers. (7) From your human side, make every effort to make My place in your homes worthy. (8) The same applies to the book of Holy Scriptures. Let it be treated with due respect.

In the external cult, observe the rules that your fathers and grandparents kept; the rules about which I have instructed you. (9) Upon entering My temple, fall on the knees (10) and become aware of My real presence in the Tabernacle. Only after that moment of pensiveness and after paying homage to Me, you can open your eyes to the visible reality that surrounds you and look for a place to rest.


Catechesis 12


My Son has paid for sin. You, however, must make satisfaction for the rejection of My Sacrifice. I have made it in the human body of My Son for all human souls. I have shown magnanimity to the world and I have accomplished everything; I have accomplished the plenitude of Redemption and justification. However, who will make satisfaction for refusal to accept My Sacrifice, a Sacrifice so great, filled with all the possible pain and suffering?

Daughter, My Sacrifice would have been enough for the whole world and would have saved the whole world, if the world would have accepted it and immersed itself in it. But the world did not accept it. Worse still, My perfect Sacrifice is belittled by the imperfection of man, who in his pride wants to perform it for his own glory. My Sacrifice requires sacrifice. I desire reparation for the incomprehension of My design and the rejection of My Sacrifice by the world. My Sacrifice is accepted by many souls, but I have made it for all souls. I desire that the world makes amends to Me for this rejection.

In every Holy Mass in which you call upon My name, think about My glory and about My Sacrifice. In every Holy Mass, make amends to Me for the lack of love for My Sacrifice. Ask Me for mercy for the world through the lips of My Son and offer Me an act of voluntary reparation for the insufficient appreciation of My Sacrifice. Pray with the words (Oratio satisfaciens ante Missam). You will say this prayer before every Holy Mass, in order to offer Me your heart as reparation for the lack of appreciation and the rejection of the Sacrifice, that I Myself made for the world.

Translated from : Orędza na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, t. 16, 23 i 29, Grzechynia 2017