1. Impurity breaks the bond with God and destroys the ability to love


God the Father:  The sixth commandment sounds: “You shall not commit adultery” and forbids man everything that is unclean, that destroys the innocence of the soul and the body of man. I created a man in My image and likeness, that is, I created him pure. Impurity is a diabolic trait and conforms man to an animal. Not so much dull-witted and instinctive as full of covetousness and lust, which leads to the loss of reason and will, as it is the case with people possessed by evil spirits. They become similar to animals, namely to demons.

Lust breaks the bond of man with God and leads to its complete destruction. A man overpowered by lust loses his ability to love anyone. Impurity destroys in man the ability to love and impairs his self-love, so that man becomes capable of loving only himself, and yet overpowered by the demon he cannot love, so he begins to hate. In this way, he gets into a circle of hatred, which like a funnel drags him only down, impairing his psyche and injuring the soul more and more unto destruction.

Man is capable of angelic purity only with the help of the grace of God, but thanks to it he can truly abide in purity. When man’s relationship with God weakens, his first battlefield becomes the sphere of sensual purity, because it is the most delicate sphere and the most in need of God’s power. Purity in no way opposes the ability and the vocation of man to reproduce himself. Man received all abilities to fulfill the plans of God. Any use of these abilities for purposes contrary to the plan of God leads to misfortunes and pain, before which I have wished to protect you by establishing the sixth commandment.

Every man has been called to a specific mission on Earth and endowed with the abilities to perform the Will of God. However, independent of whether in the plan of God they are to start a family or devote their lives to God, all are called and gifted to live in purity. For marriage is never a break from purity. On the contrary, the break from purity leads to a break of marriage bonds.

Purity is a natural state for man, in which he maintains a bond with his Creator, and this bond is for him a source of fulfillment and peace. The use of God’s gifts, though they are innate to man, for things incompatible with the Will of God, is the breaking of this natural bond between man and God and entering into a bond with the evil spirits, who distort the image of human vocation and make man truly an instinctive slave of his own senses, but this happens only after sin has occurred. Hence the enslavement and difficulties in maintaining purity, persevering in fidelity or celibacy. It is always the result of sin and the breaking of the first relationship with God. This relationship is possible to rebuild, but then in great difficulty and by using many means, which are: fasting, prayer, active participation in the sacraments of the Church and observance of all My recommendations regarding the protection of purity, that is, avoiding all opportunities for sin. I bless you, My child, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


2. Enslavement and spiritual disability as consequences of impurity


God the Father:  Impurity brings with it spiritual havoc and introduces chaos proper to Hell into the life of man, because the consequences of this sin are very extensive, especially spiritually. Impurity is not love. It is its destruction at the very beginning. Relationships based on impurity lead to internal destruction, burnout and emptiness, from which later it is impossible to extract the strength to overcome any sort of difficulties. So people who are tied with each other in a sinful way turn out to be inhumanly indifferent to each other and hostile in view of the difficulties that they face. Sharing every moment with each other, they can become strangers from day to day and never mention each other again. They start new relationships, transferring their wounds and entanglements related to sin to subsequent persons.

Children born in sin without God’s blessing are forever unhappy. They are unable to find peace. Burdened with the yoke of the fall of their own parents, they fall down in a similar way, because one inherits from his parents not only the appearance and the character traits, but also the spirituality and the connection belonging to souls with the world of Heaven or Hell.

From the first moment of the coming into being of the soul, she is loved by Me, but the rejection of My love by man through the rejection of My commandments cuts off My blessing and introduces unclean spirits, which are always spirits of destruction. These are not cupids with sweet faces. Impurity arising in the mind and relocated to the heart develops into deeds due to the spirits of destruction and death, who after seducing their victims leave them in a lamentable condition. And if they have the consent, that is, they are not expelled through the Sacrament of Confession, they remain closely connected with the soul whom they have deceived, and they entangle her so strongly so that she would no longer be able to extract herself from her pitiful position. Now, their effort will be to lead her to the very bottom, where there is only despair, and from there to precipitate her straight to Hell.

Every impurity kills love. Every impurity leads to the formation of wounds and sick interpersonal relationships, from which love cannot flow. I am Love. By breaking My commandments, you always submerge yourselves in the world of evil, in which love does not exist. Lust and the desire to possess another person are not love, which you find out at the first difficulties. Psycho-physical addiction is not love, nor is any kind of infatuation. They are all kinds of snares, which the evil spirits use to lure, deceive and destroy human souls.

Impurity that is not being fought develops into heavy addictions, perversions, and savagery, because Satan’s will is to deprive mankind of its dignity and likeness of God. Sin always leads to the next sin, and every subsequent sin is uglier than the previous one and more strongly shackles the soul. That is why sins against the sixth commandment very quickly lead to enslavements, from which later it is difficult to break free for years. Every fall is accompanied by evil spirits, which later remain with man to torment him, because thanks to one fall they receive in some ways the right to circulate around this soul.

My children, how much suffering you endure for a moment of your delusive forgetfulness… How broad are the consequences and complications suffered through sin in your families… how many cries, complaints and suicides as a result of breaking this basic commandment, which is only a guarantor of your happiness on Earth. The human intimate sphere is so delicate and sensitive that it should be shared with only one person, whom one chooses for the entire life. Only the marriage that I will bless creates a family ready for the reception of children. Only in such conditions, spiritual wounds are not arising in your hearts, and the children that you will conceive will be free. You must be aware that trying yourselves in relationships with others impairs you very much internally. The more impurity in the life of man, the less he is capable of starting a family and accomplishing any life tasks.

Striving for purity should be as important to you as wearing clothing for protection against a swarm of insects. For evil spirits, through impurity, eat away everything that is good from the interior of man. They are like parasites, which once admitted to their victim, disfigure her and lead to her death. The same is done to you by those, whom you let seduce you and lead to impurity; those with whom you remain in unclean relationships, calling them love. Hell is full of lovers, My children. I bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


3. Purity is a proof of love


God the Father:  I created mankind to give Me glory. I created it out of love. The lie of today’s world consists of convincing mankind that there is love besides God that is true, beautiful and eternal, and it is worth sacrificing one’s life for it. So looking for the right partner to live this illusive love takes people the entire life, still not satisfying their desires which, devoted to sin, will never find satisfaction and peace. The soul ruled by evil spirits is filled with fear and the love that she expects to experience is a daze, which makes you see things differently than they are in reality. The daze blinds with sin. Man sees man as Satan wants, and as long as the temptation lasts, he sees him better, more beautiful and more perfect than he really is. This blindness covers obvious flaws, infirmities and sicknesses, and even ugliness. The love of the world is based on mutual egoistic exploitation, in which man is a divinity demanding reverence and adoration.

My children, the desire for love that I have implanted in the human soul cannot be quenched outside of Me. Only with Me and through Me you can attain real love and receive it in marriage. As true, beautiful and eternal, I am the source of true, beautiful and eternal love. Satan, the king of the kingdom of sin, possesses neither truth, nor beauty, nor stability. He is a cruel executioner who plays with your dreams for one purpose. He wants to make you unhappy forever in his prison, from which you will never come out again.

A world devoted to the authority of evil has developed all means of temptation and deception of mankind, so that purity would disappear from the face of the Earth, and yet My grace is above the world. Once you understand that impurity breaks the bond of the soul with God and by the same token leaves her in the hands of spirits of destruction, desire to keep purify with all your heart and My grace will be your strength.

The sin of impurity is in its nature so contrary to the perfect and pure nature of God, that it tears the soul away from God regardless of whether it is committed in thoughts, words or deeds. In its every form, it kills the sanctifying grace in the soul, and thus it is a mortal sin. That is why Satan so eagerly develops his snares in this sphere, because in no other he does take away souls from Me so easily. By developing the world of the senses, he develops physical weakness in man. For it takes strength and valor to combat these temptations; discipline and obedience, and not slackness and laziness. It is there that impurity enters, through idleness and an effeminate heart. Keeping faithfulness always requires valor. It is faithfulness towards the King, to whom it is worthwhile to show a fervent heart. Only an ardent and loving heart is capable of faithfulness. And you owe the King faithfulness until death, so give Him your bodies and will, so he can create an invincible army out of you.

What I desire from you is complete purity, which in the name of God rejects everything that leads to impurity. I cannot describe the delight with which I look at souls who, out of love for Me, remain pure and fight for it with all their strength to prove their faithfulness to Me. For purity is proof of love. I value it above all other virtues because it creates a strong bond between the soul and God, similar to human marriage ties. The sin of impurity breaks this bond completely, so I cannot rely on the one who easily breaks this bond so precious to Me.

The reward for purity is My faithfulness and My right hand, with which I fight on the side of the one who guards his heart for Me. I will jealously defend such a soul, because faithfulness captivates Me to such an extent, that I attach Myself to such a soul in a particular way and I have a lot of patience for her. I can say that I give My heart to such a soul and I cooperated with her in all her good works. For faithfulness, I pay with magnanimity, because for Me it is a proof of love. I can only base My action on and I can only trust those who are faithful to Me. I base My works and plans on them. The rest receive and lose My grace. I have mercy for them, but they are not suitable for any task.

Write, daughter. My true friends, leaders of My army, guard their gaze for Me. They do not give it to every creature, but look away from what might be a temptation and a snare. They do not give away their gaze to everyone, but they keep it in discipline and abstinence for higher purposes. My leaders are not looking around curiously and stupidly, losing sight of their goal, lest their enemy approaches them. My chosen ones possess the wisdom to choose what is good and despise evil. For the eyes are the gate to the fortress, in which lives the King of kings. The one that I place at the gate must be vigilant and cunning, so as not to let into the fortress the King’s enemies, who will mislead the guard with an agreeable appearance and speech, in order to murder the King. This is My fate in the hearts that are not vigilant and valiant.

Satan’s anger reverberates throughout the world through the media, which are permeated by a hostile tempting power. The one who feeds on them will not preserve purity, because the temptations in them sneak in as if through the back door. You will not notice them; you will be already defeated, filled with images that will tear away your hearts from Me. Beware of these hidden enemies. Beware also of those overt ones who mislead you, requiring reverence and admiration for themselves. Women who wear immodest outfits, and these are all those who, instead of hiding their body, emphasize it, enter on the warpath with Me. They will be punished for other people’s sins still during their lifetime, and then after death. If they obtain husbands, they will not be faithful to them; and if they do not obtain them, this will be My punishment for seducing the husbands of others. For other people’s sins are also adultery.

Marital chastity consists of subordinating married life to the laws of God, which command the spouses to conceive and raise the offspring that God will be willing to give them. The purity of the clergy assumes total abstinence in thoughts, words and deeds through faithfulness to the One to whom they gave their bodies. I guard the body of the priest as My own, and My jealous love towards priests desires above all their purity and it kindles a great wrath against those who do not guard it. The priests should avoid all occasions not only for sin, but even for the emergence of temptations. If they do so, they have a helper and a protector in Me. Then I Myself guard them and I fill them with My Divine strength. Celibacy is a great grace and freedom, so that a man of flesh and blood could become an angel. If the priest gives Me completely his masculinity, I give him wings to hover above what is human.

In the sixth commandment, I forbid you not only to commit adultery in deeds, but also in thoughts and words. It does not become to speak about unclean things to the lips receiving the Body and the Blood of God. It does not become to look in an unclean way with the eyes that God has formed to see Him. Guard your purity so that you will be able to see God after death, because every impurity impairs the soul and distances her from God. Later, only the living fire can cleanse you and enable you to see Me. Blessed are the pure in heart.

I bless you, child, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 111-125