1. The holiness of human life and the exclusivity of God for the creation of man


God the Father:  I formed you in your mother’s womb and called you into existence. Your life is precious in My eyes, because without you the world will not receive My smile. Now write down that all human beings were called to life for a specific purpose. Every man has been given a task to accomplish on this Earth. He was planned and created by God in His image and likeness, as a child. On that account, his life is holy because it comes directly and completely from God. God, as the Creator, equipped the human soul with grace, so she would be able to achieve Salvation and unite with Him in eternity.

In the fifth commandment, I forbade you to kill human beings, so that it would be clear that human life is the most holy matter and it cannot be taken from man against My Will. The loss of human life is an irrecoverable loss, a loss for which man cannot make satisfaction, because as a creature he will never be a creator to give Me back the body or the soul of a killed man. Only I alone am the owner of human life, and only I, as the Creator, have the right to determine the hour of life and death of man, and I always do it with the greatest love. The attempt of an experimental creation of man using genetic material is a manipulation in an area encompassed by a holy prohibition and a crime on mankind. For a man consists of a body and a soul. Even if man creates a human body, he is not able to create a human soul. The production of people as beings deprived of souls is raising the hand on God as a Creator.

Human action reached the peak of pride, interfering with My creative plan through assassinations, suicides, murders, and genocide. Add to that the experiments on human genetic material, which far exceed what is referred to as medicine. For they do not serve for healing but for producing, and they exclude the Holy Spirit, creating ungodly things on the basis of God’s power that are crying for vengeance to Heaven.

Listen to Me. The commandment: “You shall not kill” refers to every man as a human being created by God. Man’s interference in the creation process inflicts violence upon Him and destroys the sanctity of the human being and the mysterious Will of God towards him. To destroy man is not enough. To destroy humanity in the real and moral dimension: this is the supreme goal of the most inhuman and cruel being in its nature degenerated from hatred – Satan. I bless you, child.


2. Physical and psychic killing


God the Father:  Sin is a deliberate offense of man against God’s commandment. The fifth commandment orders the protection of human life and health from conception until natural death. Therefore, it prohibits all human interference in the process of the life of man. Both harming a conceived child in order to deprive him of life, as well as deliberately not treating the elderly to speed up their death, is a grave sin that fully deserves to be called a murder. He who possesses knowledge is obliged to protect life and health. If he were to act against his calling, he would be better to never acquire this knowledge, because his punishment as a murderer of innocents will be terrifying.

Doctors together with science assume a great responsibility, because just like priests are responsible for the lives of human souls and this is a calling given by God Himself, so doctors possess the ability to save and protect the lives of human bodies, which are intended as God’s temples of the Holy Spirit. So let them do their work diligently, aware of their responsibility weighing upon them. Pharmaceutical products intended to save lives and improve the condition of health should be prescribed carefully, based on their knowledge and experience, so that recklessness would not lead to a deterioration of the condition of man. The human organism is a whole. If by treating one organ you destroy another, you are not a doctor, but a mechanic in the field of the particular organ. Your repairs are more dangerous to life than many years of illness.

The absolute prohibition on killing man also applies to his psyche, which is why not only the act of murder is a sin, but also anger, jealousy, instigation, injustice, swearing, and abuse by making another’s life miserable. Such a sin is committed by all who, through their passions, alcohol, drugs, betrayals, quarrels, wastefulness and violence, are tormenting their families and are the source of their constant suffering. This applies to spouses who inflict suffering on themselves, parents who scandalize their children, as well as children who gravely sadden their parents, falling into bad company, deceiving their parents and not listening to their advice. Harassing, saddening and angering others shortens their lives and takes away their health, and it also has very broad spiritual effects, about which I will talk later.

Mutual love is the basis of healthy child development and health in general. In his care for health, man should consciously avoid things he knows to be harmful, and preserve moderation in eating. However, healthy nutrition should not be put above prayer, and cleanliness of the environment above faith. These are always secondary matters. For that reason, I have given you a prayer before eating, so that by consciously choosing what is good for you, you would also have My blessing and protection against evil that is invisible to the eyes. In all your actions, however, there must be cooperation between will and grace. So, if you will consciously choose unhealthy things every day, and say the prayer boldly, you will not obtain anything.

Keep moderation and common sense, for every exaggeration is a disturbance of the natural order that I have established. So sleep when it is time to sleep, and work when it is time to work. Do not put your health and lives at risk, so that your life may not be interrupted and shortened by accidents or illnesses that were not in God’s plan, but are only the result of the non-observance of God’s commandments and laws, which I have given to you for your protection. Respect your life and health because it was given to you by God. Man receives life only once. It is a one-time, unique gift that every man receives from the hands of his Creator once and can never repeat it. So neither you nor your loved ones will repeat any day and will not extend your life by one day, no matter how much you would want it. So let the days you receive and give to others be good, because time passes quickly; like water draining from an inclined pitcher, so human life trickles every day down to the bottom. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


3. Killing of the soul


God the Father:  The commandment: “You shall not kill” applies not only to the body but also to the soul. It applies to all physical and psychological violence that leaves effects on the body and the soul. Any abuse and infliction of pain is pure evil and cannot be justified in any way. However, there is painless killing, and even one that the victim does not feel and perceives as pleasant and desirable. It is the killing of the soul through the sin of scandal. The sin of one can be the cause of someone else’s sin, and that is killing others in the soul. Killing a human body is a crime against life, and it leaves the human victim without the prior possibility of preparing himself for the moment of death, because such unnatural death is always a surprise and no one expects to die murdered. So if one does not prepare his soul for death every day, he will not be ready for it and may die unprepared in a state of grave sin and go to Hell after death.

The killing of the soul is sending a human soul to Hell during her lifetime. First, beware of ungodly people who set a bad example with their lives. Especially those who seduce the young through their talents, which they have received from God; they will be severely judged by Me because they have seduced My children to give them to Satan. The lack of awareness of sin does not reduce its effects in souls who die in the world deceived by evil idols, who seduce children for their own glory. All who imitate them and fill themselves with the sin that flows from their lives, increase their faults with every sin of their own, which grows out of the trunk of corruption by scandal.

Therefore, by doing evil on a small scale, man scandalizes his loved ones and has their bad choices on his conscience. This applies to bad husbands whose wives abandon them and fall into the sin of adultery, bad wives whose husbands seek refuge and consolation in addictions, bad parents who, through their bad lives, destroy the lives and the future of their children, and bad children who cause the downfall of their younger siblings, and their parents to lose faith. The responsibility also lies on bad employers who force employees to cheat, and bad rulers who destroy customs by unfair laws or force citizens to dishonesty. All those who do evil on a large scale are accountable for the destruction of souls on a large scale, and thus politicians, artists, scientists and others who desire to be known throughout the whole world. They will be accountable for the whole world.

There is also an authority that governs souls on Earth, and that is the spiritual authority. Priests, cardinals and bishops, as well as all consecrated persons, are the face of God on Earth, and their behavior in a particular way draws people to faith or conversely, leads them to the loss of faith. Therefore, let everyone who walks take heed lest he fall. The falls of the clergymen are especially painful for the whole Earth and bring with them the greatest corruption. Sinners take delight in justifying their wrongdoing with the example of bad clergymen and they feel justified. They are not justified, but woe to those through whom they have fallen and departed from the Church and the faith.

Man should repent for other people’s sins as for his own sins. For it is easy to lead the soul to sin, and much harder to extract her form it. I sacrificed My own Son for this purpose, and yet I could not save all souls. What can you sacrifice for Me to save those you have scandalized and led to their downfall? So remember about penance for your sins during your lifetime, because after death it is much longer and much heavier. Amen.

Bless you, daughter, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 97-107