1. Work as a necessary penance after the rebellion of the first humans in Paradise


God the Father:  I want to remind the world about My seventh commandment, which sounds: “You shall not steal.” Theft is doing harm to a fellow man by taking his property from him. Man received the grace of work, thanks to which he can acquire resources that are necessary for his life: food, clothing and a roof over his head. Work is a form of penance due to man because of the original sin. If it is done honestly with the intention of praising God through it, it is accompanied by My blessing. Thus, work is good in its assumption, because it is offered to man by the Creator, even though it can be hard and thankless. These are the consequences of sin. However, work is worthy of being solicited and respected. Every decent job deserves compensation. It is the duty of man, which I have included in the seventh commandment, to respect the work of others and his own.

He who respects someone else’s work will relate with respect to its fruits, as well as to the property that was acquired thanks to the work. This property is the due of the one who earned it honestly. Thus, taking away someone’s property is taking away his remuneration due for work. It does not matter how theft occurs, whether it is secretly taking someone’s property, cheating, or appropriating to oneself someone else’s good. All these actions deserve condemnation as those that deprive a man of his remuneration due for work.

It is a sin to despise work and to reject it as a way of life. Idleness with a sense of superiority and a desire to get rich at someone else’s expense is a grave sin, if exploitation and unfair remuneration of employees are allowed here, as well as any manipulations aimed at the extorsion of honestly earned money. Not taking up a job is also a sin, because it burdens those who must put their own money to support the idlers.

The thieves are those who prey on the work of others, and who themselves will not touch any work. The thieves are those who take away the property of others, borrow and do not pay the debts, as well as appropriate themselves other people’s found belongings. Let them be sure that God’s justice will reach their injustices. No thief will enter the Kingdom of Heaven until he will return everything that he has stolen and earned at the expense of others.

Let each of you take care of your own good and do not stretch out your hands greedily for more. God will take care of every man’s needs if only he will ask Him for it. Theft is a last recourse that is rarely caused by the right needs. Thefts are rather the result of greed and jealousy, as well as idleness. Remember to be honest even in the smallest things. Beware of all deceit because small harms are also harms, just like a small ache also hurts. Be flawless. Find repugnant someone else’s money. As much as you are receiving will be enough for everything. God sees and knows. Let your honesty be known, so that everyone who sees a Christian can be sure of his integrity. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


2. Deception as a norm and basis of the functioning of the civilization of the XXI century


God the Father:  Man received a conscience so it would prompt him to what is good and what is bad. If a man tries to live honestly, he will inevitably have a sensitive voice of conscience. The Holy Spirit prompts him on how to live so as not to lose respect for himself.

The sinner’s conscience, however, differs from the conscience of a saint. Every small sin makes man less sensitive in the conscience, and sin added to sin makes in sort that man slowly gets used to the thought that his conscience is too sensitive and some concession should be made. And so, the unclean conscience distorts, complicates, and obscures the clear and obvious commandments of God so that it is no longer known anymore what should be called a sin, because all the pangs of conscience find a justification right away.

Listen to Me, My children. Dishonesty is a great detriment to the conscience. If you prefer to keep your actions hidden and do not want to broadcast them on the roofs, they are not perfect. You should look carefully at everything in your life that is shrouded in mystery, and think about why you prefer to keep your secrets. One day, everything will be known to everyone anyways, but the shame and regret brought about by the revelation of the truth is so painful that you would rather sink into the ground than bear the truth.

Theft is a despicable thing. It takes away from man people’s respect and trust. Afterward, a good name cannot be returned, because theft is something that disparages human dignity. A thief will never be respected. He will always remain just a thief, even if he would achieve an awful lot; he will not gain respect and no one will hold him in esteem. On the contrary, people will avoid him like a leper, because trust is the basis of interpersonal relationships. The children of thieves suffer contempt and shame. They have a very difficult path with a tarnished name, because children are judged by their parents.

Finally, a thief is not only the one who secretly takes away someone else’s property, but also the one who cheats with the intention of taking ownership of someone else’s property. Anyone who is not honest commits fraud and is guilty in the light of the seventh commandment. There are currently recognized occupations, which assume cheating as a form of earning money and getting rich at the expense of others. Due to the social consent for this type of activity, people do not feel a pang of conscience because of their dishonesty and work detrimental to others. You are being told that everyone can cheat, and if someone is fooled it is through their own fault and stupidity, because he has eyes and can make a better choice or give up something that is exploitation.

My children, social acceptance of sin does not change the nature of sin. Sin is a curse. It brings the curse. It multiplies the curse. Social acceptance of sin is only a confirmation that society is corrupt and has lost the consciousness of evil. Even if the one being cheated is naive or stupid, it does not reduce the fault of the cheater but increases it. For what is the difficulty of cheating a child? His purity always implies the honesty of the one who speaks to him. Remember well, every cheating is a sin. Extortion of money is a sin. Counterfeiting the true value of items with the goal of extortion of an unfair sum is also a sin.

All of today’s trade is based on fraud. The information that is being placed on products and the packaging itself are designed to mislead and lure the consumer. Although the information on the packaging may be true, the consumer is cheated by his first impression and the cursory reading of the information. This matter basically applies to the entire modern economy and all branches of industry. The service industry has also developed many types of fraud, but not as much as trade. Dishonesty has become the norm and honesty is an oddity that does not pay off.

So listen to Me, My children. You became accustomed to being cheated, so you yourselves feel justified in petty frauds. No. The more you are surrounded by falsehood and dishonesty, the more you should be honest with yourselves. Do not take anything that does not belong to you. Do not use someone else’s property, saving your own. Do not touch other people’s belongings without the knowledge of the owner. Do not think that public things are nobody’s. Do not think that nobody’s things are yours. Respect your property and do not look greedily at what does not belong to you. Beware of using the goods of your employers regardless of who they are and how rich they are. Theft is always theft and always brings more harm to the one stealing than to the one being robbed. Treat other people’s belongings as your own. It is not about whether you inflict great or little harm, but about whether you treat others with love.

You should respect borrowed items more than your own, regardless of whether you borrow them from relatives or companies. Behind every item stands a man who planned the use of this item and put his work into its creation. By despising someone else’s work, you will not enrich yourselves on your own. I want you to understand that theft is not just burglaries and pickpockets. The compliance with this commandment requires from each person a detailed examination of conscience and great caution. This is a very clear commandment, but also very extensive. Today’s banking system, services, trade, and even other industries not directly related to finances are based on unfair principles and prey on societies instead of building them. In this way, mankind submerges itself, because one exploits another, for which the latter does not remain indebted to him, and in his field, he reclaims the debt owed to him.

In this system, there is no room for love. Everyone deserves to cheat for being cheated by others. This leads to a complete collapse of values and faith in man. By the same token, the civilization must collapse. That is why I am asking you, contrary to what you consider to be right and just as retaliation against the injustice inflicted upon you by companies, countries, and individuals, to keep your personal integrity and not allow the destruction of your consciences. Be guided in everything by truth and love. I bless you, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 129-137