1. Fear before the utterance of the Name of God


God the Father:  My second commandment orders you to respect My Name. This commandment has been completely forgotten. My name is called out by all, believers and non-believers. People who pray, and those who cannot find any mention of God. Unfortunately, both are calling out My Name thoughtlessly and without respect.

My Name is so holy that saying it should awaken in you the fear of the Lord, as it was in the time of Moses, when no one dared to speak My Name for fear of one’s own unworthiness and the possibility of offending Me. I Myself spoke to Moses, but he did not dare to say a word in My presence. I told him My Name, so that he could repeat it with trembling to his people. My Name is the highest, because there is no greater name. The Israelites were afraid of mentioning My Name, and you can call Me by My Name. Human lips will never speak a more lofty word than My Name. The Name of the One God is mysterious and powerful.

When I allowed you to feel My power and omni-essence for a moment, you fell silent and you did not even have the idea to open your lips and speak to Me. You were too little to speak to God. You were astounded at the memory that I am speaking to something as small and as insignificant as you. It was only a moment, and yet you remembered it forever. The respect and lowliness you felt at that time filled you with great love. It was a tiny edge, My daughter. Like watching infinity through a keyhole. However, you know that the only worthy attitude towards Me, that you could muster at that time, was silence. Then I told you the words: “I am your God”, and you have remained silent.

I want man to fear My Name out of love and honor, of which I am worth. I allow man to come near Me and open his lips to Me, but then I do not become less powerful and holy. I am an infinite and inconceivable omnipresence, which your mind is not able to embrace. I am the Omnipotence living beyond the dimensions and beyond the worlds that you can imagine. I am not limited neither by space, by time, by senses nor by imagination. I Am who I Am since always and forever. It means that I am God. This Name is Mine, because there is no other. I am only Myself in the universe and what I have created.

God – that is My Name. Never call that anyone by adding some nouns. Only I am God. The sound of My Name should bring you to your knees every time you hear it. However, I do not want to be worshiped all by Myself. I want to be worshiped by rational creatures with a free will, who by using their mind, will come to worship Me out of pure love. Bow your head when calling My Name, so you would never say it without thinking. This Name belongs only to Me. You can call false deities with the title of idols, but never give them My Name. I jealously forbid you to call Me with the name of demons. God is holy and almighty. Only I am holy and only I am almighty. Let My Name make you to tremble out of love and reverence, to which disposes you the meditation about My attributes. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


2. All believers and nonbelievers call upon the Name of God without restraint


God the Father:  Calling My Most Holy Name in vain has become so common among Catholics as if they could not live one moment without saying it. Unfortunately, this happened because of the evil spirit, who placed My Name between filthy words and stuffed with it all the movies that he gave you to watch. Although they are completely devoid of Divine content, My Name is commonly called upon in them, in order to disgrace it. My Name is downtrodden as a dot in a sentence. Every sinner, though he neither wants to know Me nor believes in Me, repeats My Name with stubbornness.

Satan deliberately teaches you how to offend Me and you mindlessly accept these models, learn them by repetition, and bring them into your life and your way of speaking. You do not realize the consequences of these actions. You do not think about them, because you speak unwittingly, like mindless beings. In fact, you were taught to insult Me mechanically and with great ease repeatedly during the day, mocking My Name, calling Me for trifles without the intention to give Me glory and without actually thinking about Me.

When you say, “Oh God,” you call upon the Majesty of the Supreme God, in whose hand is not only your breath, but the breath of all existence. While in heaven an innumerable host of angels and saints utters My Most Holy Name on their knees and with trembling, on Earth it is also called upon equally often and countlessly, but without love, without worship and without trembling. Everyone offends Me, from children to the elderly; everyone who has a tongue desecrates My Name, calling it in vain.

The same applies to the Name of My Son, at the sound of which every knee will bend. His Most Holy Name, His Most Precious Wounds, and His Passion are held in contempt. Satan has attained plenitude here. It is no longer possible to reverse this practice under normal circumstances.

If you worship Me and love Me, in an act of penance for the insult to My Name, try starting from today to at least bow your head every time you hear My Name, the Name of My Son and the Name of the Holy Spirit. I am not asking for genuflection, because this is no longer possible on Earth. Take part in My humiliation, making satisfaction to Me. It will be a consolation for Me and for you an antidote and a chance to free yourself from this sin. You will quickly find out how often I need satisfaction. The respect of My Name and the awareness of one soul, who will give Me glory at the sound of My Name, will bring Me at least a little comfort that there is a place where My Most Holy Name is honored.

I bless you. Give Me this joy and honor My Most Holy Name, and then I will listen to you with such attention, with which you will be saying My Name. Calling My Most Holy Name in vain, however, is not for nothing. It requires penance. I listen to the one who speaks to Me with respect, consciously and with fear.


3. The commandments are not a compilation of the dreams of God, but Law


God the Father:  I have introduced the commandments to protect you against temptations, with which a jealous Satan will try to deprive you of the happiness destined for you in Heaven.

My children, I want you in Heaven. I warn you that there are temptations that lead to sins, and these sins deprive you of the heritage due to sons. Listen to My commandments. Contemplate them in your hearts. They are a blessing only, because I have included warnings in them, so badly needed for your Salvation. If you will observe them, we will inevitably live together in eternal joy.

My commandments are not hard, but their teaching has been abandoned, and even if it continues in some form, it is not a form suitable for the times in which Satan has developed many new forms of offending Me and submerging mankind in sin. These are much more cunning and effective forms of spreading evil and deceiving man, but no one warns you against them, which is why evil has spread unpunished in the world as if there were no God and his servants fell into a deep, continuous sleep. My fatherly heart cannot bear the sight of your perdition, which is why I choose a soul living in the world and through her I reveal to you through the sense of My commandments, so you may be able to guard yourselves against the great destruction of souls, which was planned by Satan.

Wake up, My children, and see the world with holy eyes. The world, which I have created to give Me glory, is now an organized form of cursing Me. Its corruption does not reflect My Face, but the face of My enemy and the greatest enemy of mankind, My chosen progeny. My lazy servants do not sound the alarm when your souls are destroyed one by one. Why did you all get separated from Me? You consider My commandments as something that is My advice, and not My Law. The commandments are the Law of Life. Whoever follows them will live. Whoever disregards them will die. Take this deeply to your heart, because My “Yes” means “Yes”, and My “No” means “No”. Dispensations, exceptions, low harm of actions and other endless justifications move you away from the truth and teach you not to live in discipline. “Not allowed” means “not allowed”. And if you want to allow yourself what you must not do, you are knowingly committing a sin.

You must not break My commandments, because they are not a collection of My dreams and advice, but the law. For the breaking of that law, you will be thrown into a prison full of fire, and some of you will never come out of it and you will share the fate of the executioners, whose abomination and monstrosity you cannot even imagine. You are terrified by the mockery resulting from fulfilling My Will. You are terrified by the death, which suffered the martyrs. However, their torments lasted a couple of hours or days, and you strive toward a place, in which torments and tortures last not a few hours, but days, weeks, months, years, centuries, and centuries, and centuries, and never ever end or stop. Doesn’t this intimidate you? Should you not be afraid above all of breaking My commandments?

My mercy does not exceed My justice. Sins must always be counterbalanced by penance. You do not want to repent, and you have learned to sin so habitually that the amount of your sins does not find satisfaction in your loose change, which you drop for Me as penance. Sin has overcome you so much that you no longer see its abomination; it neither surprises you nor offends you. This is precisely the result of the action of the media, which slowly and effectively accustomed you to sin, so that you have already gone so far as to recognize it as innate and natural, not contradictory to human nature, and downright serving it. It is already claimed that this abstinence from sin and penance destroys man and causes disturbances in him.

My creatures, as your Creator, I assure you that you have been created for a life without sin, and your nature is created after My Divine nature. Sin is the nature of Satan, a beast that bears no resemblance to man in anything. By succumbing to him, man sinned in Paradise and became weak and susceptible to temptation from then on. But he received Baptism, and in it the merits of the Passion and the death of My Son, so he could lead again the life of a child of God and see My nature in himself. The sacraments heal the condition left to you after the wounding of the human nature in Paradise. The Gates of Heaven are wide open to you by the Blood of My Son. Deign to step across them, by living as I command you. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


4. The language of Satan and the souls of the damned


God the Father:   Curses are the language of Satan. Whoever utters them is in his power. This is the language that betrays his followers, or rather slaves. They open their mouths, and My enemy’s venom spills out of them. The human tongue, which has to glorify God, so rarely serves its purpose. The Earth curses from morning to night, and this shows you how many souls no longer belong to Me. Your language and expressions are more and more brutal because the speech of society changes together with its progressing corruption. If you have God in your heart, curses must estrange you, because as I mentioned, they are the language of Satan.

Another form of cursing is malediction. He who vituperates also utters words coming straight from the evil spirit. Every curse is a spoiled fruit given to you by Satan. If you utter them, you eat this rot; so that poisoned with his venom, you may speak with the language of the damned already on Earth. By wishing evil to anyone, you call upon the power of evil to help you in doing evil. All the misfortunes that will fall on the head of the victim will be counted to you as a fault. Be afraid of evil. Distance evil thoughts away from you, because the devil wants to damn you through his own anger. You, on Earth, have no reason to despair because I am everlasting hope. Despair and malediction are the world of the damned. Do not enter it in your lifetime, because you will inevitably find your way there after death. Shut your ears to this evil. Avoid listening to curses by renouncing movies in which they are popularized.

Evil spirits are hurling curses because they are already damned. This is the language of Hell. All the damned curse. So let this be a warning to you, that when you curse, Satan himself uses your lips to revile Me in the human heart. Curses indicate that the one who utters them is in the power of the demon or the demon is gaining power over him through anger or despair. At times of such great temptation, you must ask for help from the loved ones who can pray for you, the saints and the angels. Every act of humility distances the evil spirit. You fight against evil spirits because submission to them manifests itself in the curse, which, allowed into the human heart and not fought with the whole strength, will remain on the lips of man until the moment of his death. Amen.


5. The art of curses and vituperations


God the Father:  I want to speak to the world, which does not know its God. I want to explain to you Myself what My commandments are, because My servants have stopped teaching you this, and this is a teaching that needs to be repeated and related to current circumstances. The correct understanding of the commandments of God is the basis for fulfilling them. Giving the commandments along with their outdated interpretation will not protect people from sin. Sin has undergone further degeneration and is no longer recognizable as a sin. It has been dressed in new clothes and is deceiving you.

The reason for breaking the second commandment is a complete lack of discipline in the use of speech. Everyone speaks indiscriminately, not paying heed to the consequences of their statements. Especially in anger and impatience, man is inclined to repeat after the evil spirits curses and vituperations, of which real action he is not aware. After a few days, the anger passes, but evil spirits are already invited into the life of man and the matters, which he handed over to demons. There are many expressions that directly or indirectly are offering something or someone to evil spirits. As a being with a free will, man can offer something to God, but he can also immolate it to Satan. And so, there are many expressions that have jocose forms, but are formulas of offering something to Satan. So pay attention to your words and thoughts, and in impatience be silent, because it is a moment when one often falls into traps. Evil spirits accept all invitations. Unfortunately, later it is not enough to change your mind to get rid of them.

The curse comes into effect at the request of man and entails evil with it. Be pure in your hearts, not wishing evil upon anyone. Never make sacrifices to Satan through any curse. Be careful of what you say, so that you do not provoke Me to anger. There are also utterances that are not curses, but a kind of adjuration. It is a bridge to a curse. Do not say expressions unknowingly, because you do not know the origin of these words, and you often repeat expressions, which are like curses for children. Let your speech be clear and conscious. Always have Jesus Christ and His life as a model; His way of expressing Himself – precise and thoughtful. Man lives only once. Do not use words that My Son would not use. He is your role model. You are the children of God. Express yourselves with dignity and wisely, because foolish speech is not fitting for the children of Heaven.

Enough for today. I bless you, daughter. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 33-49