1. The replacement of the holy catholic religion by various forms of paganism


God the Father:  My first commandment is: “You shall not have other gods besides Me.” While in the time of Moses this referred to the acceptance of the cult and the beliefs of neighboring nations, today this applies not only to the beliefs of neighboring nations, but also of distant nations, because thanks to the media man can get to know distant cultures. In essence, this means the replacement of the holy Catholic religion by various forms of paganism, for the religions of the nations neighboring your country are the cult of Satan taking diverse forms and masks. The gods of your countrymen are money, reason, health and nature. You worship godless men as a symbol of happiness. The cult that is born around people who have devoted themselves directly or indirectly to Satan’s service is today the most widespread form of idolatry. Man does not strive to know and to imitate the One God and Creator, but he has accepted the worship of many gods in human form and strives to imitate them, to know them, and he also worships objects that belong to them. I am not only talking about objects actually used by contemporary human gods, but about the cult of brands that produce objects gaining nearly supernatural value in human eyes. After owning these things, man expects to achieve success, gain love and the admiration of the world, and through these things; happiness. Your god is always what you devote your time and your efforts to, and where you direct your heart.

Now I bless you daughter. Tomorrow I will continue My reflection.


2. God is only one and only He is worthy of the name “God”


God the Father:  The mystery of the godlessness of today’s world lies in the acceptance of disbelief in the place of faith and the life of godless men as a model. You have come so far in your disbelief that you are able to place images of deities of distant pagan cultures in your homes, not paying attention to the Blood of the Savior, which has washed you in the Sacrament of Baptism. I deplore your mindlessness. You are regressing in development as societies and you do not see your own misery.

The first commandment orders to give due worship to God as a Creator. Your God is One, immortal and uncreated, and all other beings and things belong to the created world. I have shown you the fullness of truth through My Son, who was born in the created world in order to die nailed to the cross and to restore My grace in you. Christ is one. He is the only way to Heaven. This is why Divine worship is due only to God One in the Trinity. All the rest is creation, so all other gods are creatures hidden under many forms pretending to be gods. They are evil spirits or people who have devoted themselves to them.

My first commandment orders you to put Me in the first place in your life. To be the first to whom you open your lips when you wake up. The first one you look at. The morning prayer should be a homage paid to God and a thanksgiving preceding all other activities. If prayer is the fifth thing that you undertake during the day, it means that I am in the fifth place in your life.

Giving Me due glory does not only pertain to prayer, but also to the place where My images and Christian symbols are placed in the home and in the workplace, the observance of My Law as the paramount law, and life in faithfulness with My Will. Religious service is one thing, and testimony is another. If the religious service is true, then a testimony in the form of visible signs of faith and devotion will flow from it. A man’s home, his speech and the actions, to which he devotes himself during the day, say everything about his heart and his passions. What surrounds your bed? What do you keep in the cabinet besides it? Only the most important and the most necessary items.

I want to make you aware that breaking the first commandment is not only about faithlessness and inquiry about the future. It is not only about figurines from the Far East, but about giving the heart and the mind to created things and not to God alone. Only God is worthy of worship, and creatures should be loved for Him and because of Him. What man loves so much, that he is willing to transgress one of God’s commandments, becomes a god for him. The human mind should relate everything to God. God should be the measure of a Christian. Man takes his steps towards Him. To Him he measures off his words and intentions. For Him he does everything that he does. The Holy Scripture should be the content that fills the human mind, so that all information is filtered through this holy envelope before it reaches the heart. Meanwhile, it is not the Holy Scripture that is the content of your minds.

Tomorrow more, My child. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


3. A way to multiply human sins


God the Father:  The mind of man should stand on guard for his heart. Through the mind, you accept information that you consider useful. Thanks to this, you are able to judge what leads to Salvation and what harms your soul. The XIX century is a time of war declared against God by making the human mind dependent on all kinds of media, which slowly but effectively weed out God from the Christian soul. Initially, this action is noticeable to man, but with time he gets used to it and does not notice it anymore.

The paramount goal of the world of the media is to shape man, not only his views and his way of thinking, but also his desires and his will, to act in a specific way and to serve the specific goals of a certain group of people, who shape the external image of the world through the media. A man subjected to this programming begins to slowly withdraw from his inner world, in which he can hear the voice of God and sense his eternal destiny, and step in the outside world and take over from the outside the way of life and thinking. It is a programming of the human mind that it is so effective that anyone who is subjected to it must give in to it after some time. First, by the continuous repetition of false information. Secondly, by the presentation of certain forms of behavior in connection with good and desirable feelings, and thirdly by the subliminal transmission, which acts on the mind of man despite the lack of concentration and awareness of the information received. Thanks to this, My enemy has achieved a greater level of human sin than people are actually able to achieve.

Through the media, man is able to break all My commandments repeatedly in one day. He is already breaking the first commandment by placing a monitor in a central place of his home, through which he will be listening to the voice of My enemy, who insults Me incessantly. The second commandment is broken the most, in every broadcasted program. The third commandment is broken through the very fact of taking away human time from Me on Sunday and on holidays. These days should be dedicated to worshiping Me, and they are entirely handed over to My enemy. The fourth commandment is broken through disobedience and disregard for parents by children. The media replace parents for children. The subsequent commandment is “you shall not kill”. Meanwhile, through the media, one not only observes the process of killing, but also himself kills repeatedly in thoughts or in games. The image emitted by the media strengthens and multiplies ad infinitum the breaking of the sixth commandment. Lies and aspersions are shown as a way of life, and the destruction of people through defamation even as a certain good offered to mankind in the name of truth at all costs. The other commandments are broken by arousing all covetousness in man by the means of his senses, which leads to an uncontrolled desire to possess things, rights and people at all costs. Therefore, participation in this ungodly world must have an ominous influence on the soul and cause in her the loss of innocence and the ability to approach God. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


4. By belonging to the world, you are a toy in the hand of Satan


– Father ?

Yes, My child?

– People love television and series.

Yes, I know this. They love them so much that they turn a blind eye to the evil that is seeping from them, and they do not want to notice it. Entertainment has taken such an important place in the life of man, that he is unable to forgo it. It is increasingly engrossing, increasingly cheaper and increasingly pleasant. It takes every free moment of man, so he would not have time for reflection pertaining the purpose of his own existence. God stands in the way of playing and having a good time. He became only compunction of conscience, and yet I Myself am the personification of happiness, happiness without measure and without end. However, the history of Salvation has become too difficult and too exhausting among so many simpler and more pleasant alternatives. And so, My child, I have been pushed out of the center of the life of man and family life, from the center of holidays in My honor. My place was substituted by television and ways of well spending time proposed in it. My voice has become too subtle for the ears of this civilization. I am not there, although I am everything.

Yet, My first commandment given to man still sounds: “You shall not have other gods besides Me, your Only God”. No one will be more important for you than God Himself.  You will not worship anyone or anything, but only God Himself. You shall not make images of nature or animals above man, created in My image and likeness. You must not participate in games or entertainment that denigrates Me, where the name of God is called upon without respect. You must not take part in sin, also passively. You must not pay homage to godless people, who spread scandals around them. You must not worship their effigies, listen to their music and imitate their behavior, because they are tools of the evil spirit, who blasphemes Me through their creativity. You must not admire people who serve evil spirits. Turn away from evil, so that you do not turn you into evil. Do not look at evil, lest it will put you to sleep and you will perish like Lot’s wife. Renounce all evil so that sin will not overcome you. Love Me jealously and jealously give Me glory. Do not divide your heart in two, because I will never share it with evil spirits. I am a jealous God. I want to be loved fervently, not half-way. Do not join the crowd that mocks Me and ignores Me. Let your heart burn against My enemies, so you will be able to refuse them out of love for Me. Love Me because I am the only Good. I want to make you happy forever and I have given you proof of this in the passion and the death of My Son. The world is a toy in the hand of Satan. You, by belonging to the world, are a toy in the hand of Satan. My first commandment protects you from becoming his slave. I always give you freedom. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 19-29