Secular and spiritual authority


God the Father:  I bless you. I bless the nations that abide in faith. Think about it, daughter, how many of these nations are there? What percentage of society must believe so I might call the nation a believer? Or is it a matter of authority? Yes. It is a matter of authority. Secular and ecclesiastical authority. I want it to be clear that the direction of development or regression of a nation is directed by authority. Authority is always a vocation to service and is bound by great responsibility, about which those who lust for it do not know. Those who do not lust for it manage with it much better, and I want to talk about them today.

Authority as an election comes from God, who entrusts the development of mankind in the hands of individuals. Authority is a necessity and is good as long as it comes from God and is directed towards the common good of mankind. There is also an authority that does not come from God, but can only be called an allowance of God. It is the one that is attained by deceit, iniquity, and violence, and it is driven by greed. I am not calling anyone to kill and to gain authority through murder, which is its abuse already from the very beginning.

Authority in the concept of God is called to govern entire nations, so that they would serve God in the best way and fulfill their national vocations. When authority tries to do this in accordance with the inspiration of God, it has My blessing. If it misappropriates this grace, it loses My blessing.

In the first case, the nation should show full obedience and love to the rulers, striving zealously to fulfill the law of the state and to support the authorities with their prayer and other means, because those who rule with God’s blessing are supported by God Himself. He also guides their actions and is the author of their inspirations. Criticizing the legally ruling authority, which honestly tries to fulfill its obligations to God and to mankind, is a sin weakening its strength, and by the same token weakening the entire nation. Incitement to rebellion through open criticism is an attack on God Himself, who, through His blessing, wants to fulfill His plan for a given nation.

In the case of bad authority, which leads mankind to destruction and the nation to extinction, the national law should be the Law of God, and it should be used in making all decisions. If the national law exceeds God’s commandments or encourages their violation, not only man should not follow it, but he should decisively oppose it in order to save his soul. The salvation of the human soul is always a paramount goal. In this case, acting in accordance with national law is not an excuse for sin, and cannot be a criterion for mitigating or changing the Law of God. One should also pray for this authority, because only in this way can it be transformed or changed. God is the only source of grace and salvation for a nation that suffers due to bad authority. Then, a great and major responsibility lies with ecclesiastical authority, because a nation not guided by any authority cannot go in the right direction. I bless you, daughter. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 90-93