The holiness of human life and the exclusivity of God for the creation of man


God the Father:  I formed you in your mother’s womb and called you into existence. Your life is precious in My eyes, because without you the world will not receive My smile. Now write down that all human beings were called to life for a specific purpose. Every man has been given a task to accomplish on this Earth. He was planned and created by God in His image and likeness, as a child. On that account, his life is holy because it comes directly and completely from God. God, as the Creator, equipped the human soul with grace, so she would be able to achieve Salvation and unite with Him in eternity.

In the fifth commandment, I forbade you to kill human beings, so that it would be clear that human life is the most holy matter and it cannot be taken from man against My Will. The loss of human life is an irrecoverable loss, a loss for which man cannot make satisfaction, because as a creature he will never be a creator to give Me back the body or the soul of a killed man. Only I alone am the owner of human life, and only I, as the Creator, have the right to determine the hour of life and death of man, and I always do it with the greatest love. The attempt of an experimental creation of man using genetic material is a manipulation in an area encompassed by a holy prohibition and a crime on mankind. For man consists of a body and a soul. Even if man creates a human body, he is not able to create a human soul. The production of people as beings deprived of souls is raising the hand on God as a Creator.

Human action reached the peak of pride, interfering with My creative plan through assassinations, suicides, murders, and genocide. Add to that the experiments on human genetic material, which far exceed what is referred to as medicine. For they do not serve for healing but for producing, and they exclude the Holy Spirit, creating ungodly things on the basis of God’s power that are crying for vengeance to Heaven.

Listen to Me. The commandment: “You shall not kill” refers to every man as a human being created by God. Man’s interference in the creation process inflicts violence upon Him and destroys the sanctity of the human being and the mysterious Will of God towards him. To destroy man is not enough. To destroy humanity in the real and moral dimension: this is the supreme goal of the most inhuman and cruel being in its nature degenerated from hatred – Satan. I bless you, child.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 97-99