The teaching of the commandments and love for the Law of God


God the Father:  Listen, now I will speak and you only write. If I do not ask, do not interrupt Me. We write. I want societies to profess this faith that was instilled in them before World War II. This war introduced chaos in teaching. Now the truth is no longer being taught about the commandments, and hence mankind, and especially Catholics, do not obey the Law of God. I told you, “especially Catholics,” because precisely this group of people is the subject of the furious attack of Satan. It is precisely Catholics who are surrounded by a cloud of evil spirits that obscures the light of God to them and leaves them walking in the dark. By destroying priests, they destroy souls who senselessly worship god, whom I am not. It is easy to wound the One, whose Heart one does not know. It is easy to deceive people who are stupid, uneducated and devoid of God’s grace. That’s what the world is striving for, so that Catholics would become the spittle of Satan thrown on My Face.

Child, the teaching of the Church about sin and God’s commandments was withdrawn following the spread of liberalism in the Church. It aims to standardize the teaching of all religions so that a religion can arise, with which it will be possible to master and control the whole world. And I said that no iota in My Law can be changed and removed. I am not like other gods. I am the only One, so never be afraid because no one more powerful will stand against you. Boldly fulfill My commandments with courage and strength, not allowing yourself to exceptions or deviations from the Law. Please Me by treating all My recommendations seriously. I want your good. Trust only Me.

The renewed teaching of the commandments should begin by learning the Decalogue by heart and including it in the daily morning and evening prayers. This is My Law, whose observance I have demanded from you and whose observance guarantees your obtainment of Salvation. A proper understanding of the commandments should be the main preaching lesson for the dumbed-down society of the 21st century. There is nothing more important, because a man who does not know the law cannot follow it, and failure to follow My Law is the simplest way to Hell.

So write down now. The second degree of love for My Law, after repeating its commandments every day and getting to know their proper understanding, is its observation and love. Its exaltation in your homes and hearts as the most holy item. To this end, I want to give you tablets with My Law, so you may put them in your homes and commit with entire families to observe them. This Law is the basis for Salvation, but Catholics have received even more. They also received the law of the Church, which complements the law of the Ten Commandments. However, I will talk about that later.

Beloved child, tell the world about My desires. I want to start teaching you from the basics, so that you would know what is white and what is black. God is not rainbow-colored, My child. There are good and bad things. To talk about colors, one must get to know black and white. You have mush in your head and you do not understand more, that evil is and remains evil, and pity can also lead to evil if it is caused by feelings and weakness, and not reason and will. Now, I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 86-89