Respect due to teachers, educators, and employers


God the Father:  You know, the fourth commandment is not only the honor, which is due to parents. It is also the Will of God expressed through teachers, educators, employers, and authorities. One should recognize not only the rightful parental authority, but also the authority derived from the social system in which one lives: respect for the rights of other people who have received authority from God in the education and formation of young people, respect for the rights of employers towards employees, and authority over society, and this applies to both secular and spiritual authority. Authority comes from God, and if only it is not contrary to the Law of God, a Christian should comply with it. Above all, however, he is bound by the Law of God, and only later by human law.

It is a sin to oppose teachers and educators, to hinder and inconvenience their work that is compatible with their calling, if only it has as a goal the good of the student. The student should only oppose this authority for a valid reason, that is, for moral or spiritual motives, if the tasks and requirements of the teachers exceed what God demands in His commandments. It is a sin to persecute teachers for no reason, to slander them, and act to their detriment. It is a sin to weaken their health by showing them hostility and disobedience, ignoring their requests and recommendations.

Also, all action to the disadvantage of the employer is a sin. The hiring of an employee is always good, and if only it does not have an exploitative character and it is not a job that in itself opposes the Law of God, it is good and for that good, the employer is due gratitude and respect. Slandering an employer, disregarding his requirements, sluggishness at work and robbing him of property or a good name is a sin. It is also a sin to reveal the secrets of the employer for no important reason, which may lead to his fall not only in the financial sphere but also in the spiritual one. Respect for the employer and his property is the duty of the employee. An employee, who not only performs his duties badly but also murmurs against his employer, will never have God’s blessing at work. It is important to notice the good qualities of the employer and give thanks for the goodness shown to us. The ingratitude and the dishonesty of employees is the main reason for the collapse of many companies, for which the employees bear the blame and answer for this before God.

Every man should perform the work, for which he receives remuneration, to the best of his ability. The employee’s honesty and loyalty are many times more valuable than his abilities. The abilities can always be increased with the right preparation and experience. Loyalty is an extremely valuable trait and cannot be increased with compensation and promotions. There are loyal people and those who murmur permanently. These should be avoided. An employer, however, can win over good employees by appreciating and respecting their work, or even lose the favor of the good ones through bad treatment. Both owe respect and honesty to each other, and both answer for this to God. Tomorrow, My child, I will tell you about authority. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 83-85