Responsibilities of children towards parents


God the Father:  The Mother and the Father are not only worthy of obedience, but also of honor from their children. Children, whenever they are able to, should help them in their duties and work. The parent’s faith should be the faith of their children and children have the obligation to imitate and continue the parents’ faith. I direct My Messages to Catholics, and I only think about them, defining My Law. The whole world must become Catholic to hear My voice. Parents do not enslave children by mandating their faith and raising them with discipline and love. Any abuse of parents toward children will be considered as a sin. Abuses are deeds and actions directed at children, and not aimed at their upbringing, resulting from bad tendencies or sinful entanglements of the parents. These acts have the nature of mistreatment or exploitation.

So I require obedience from children towards parents and a full submission to their will, as if they were submitting to My Will. Parents have the right to protect their children from any bad influence, because they are fully responsible for the formation of their children. That is why parents receive the right to decide about everything in regard to their children; from education, nourishment, and treatment to all the ways they spend their free time.

It is the duty of children to pray for parents. Only God stands above parents, so in the case of difficulties in the family, one should only turn to Him for help. The introduction of people and ungodly institutions into family matters will always result in an augmentation of the problem and greater injuries. The church should deal with all problems related to family relations because these are such intimate and delicate spheres, that only God can enter them due to the holiness of the family.

Therefore, the sin of children is not only disobedience to parents, but also all bad words addressed to parents, as well as against them in slander. Slandering parents is a serious offense, and going against them in the court is the most serious one. A quarrel with a parent is a serious offense, and hitting one of the parents is the most serious one. Regardless of the circumstances, children should always defend their parents, unless they oppose the holy Catholic faith in their behavior, and then the child may refuse to obey. Parents should be treated by children as faithful messengers of God, as angels themselves, because they took upon themselves the duty of begetting and raising man for God.

In their proceedings towards parents, children can only seek advice from a confessor in the confessional. If they turn directly or indirectly to their peers or non-family members in the matter of their parents, taking advice from third parties, either directly or through the media, they introduce the action of the evil spirit into their families. They open the door for him and give him a voice, which is why all psychological reports pertaining to the family will not bring you benefit and peace. On the contrary, they will bring anxiety to your families and an egoistic attitude. You will start looking at each other as objects making up an ensemble of positive or negative behaviors, and from here it is easy to move to judgment and resentment, which turns into wounds begetting subsequent wounds. Only love brings peace, and only love is able to transform and heal the family.

God is always on the side of the father and on the side of the mother. I bless the children who love and honor their parents. Love is shown to parents through obedience to their will, help in their work and needs, as well as prayer in their intention. In later years, this honor and love are shown to parents by listening carefully to their advice and warnings, caring for their life and health, and offering, aside from prayer and help, care for their existence and dignified living conditions. The love of the child experiences a real trial during the parents’ old age or frailty. It is a time in which a child can repay his parents for nurturing his frailty in the first period of his life, for the sleepless nights of his parents and all financial means incurred in raising him. He can also offer this time for any errors and neglect of his own parents in parental responsibilities.

The time of parent’s old age should be treated as a time of pregnancy, that is, the time preceding the birth of parents for Heaven. Pregnancy is a time when a conscious mother or father does everything to bring a healthy and a strong as possible child into the world. The same goes for the birth for Heaven. The time preceding the death and the departure of parents, and thereby their birth in the future world, should be devoted to make sure that they will be born into eternity as healthy and as strong as possible, which means being as clean as possible, aware, and having atoned for their sins, to enter Heaven or be forced to spend the shortest possible time span in Purgatory. If the soul of the parent is sick, every possible effort should be made to ensure that she would not die after birth, and thus that she would not be damned. Thus, the preparation of parents not only should encompass the care for their dignified existence and external cleanliness, but also for the cleanliness of their souls, the holy sacraments, prayer and the awareness of the necessity to forgive absolutely to all trespassers. And so, aside from providing parents with necessary things from the physiological side, children are also responsible to give them appropriate education for the hour of death, provide them with good readings, or read pious and inspiring contemplations. Stories of saints, which add valor and incite reflection on one’s own life, are also of great help.

After the parent’s death, it is a duty on the part of the children to give them a dignified funeral and take care of their souls; it means the obligation to pray and order Holy Masses for the souls of the parents. This obligation lies upon the children until their own death, because until their own death they are the children of their parents. In the same way, the parental responsibility for children applies until the deaths of parents, because parents remain parents until the end of their lives, even if their children are already adults. The admonitions of parents are the admonitions of God, and the one who does not listen to them will experience a lot of pain and suffering, learn from his own mistakes and acting against the will of parents. These angelic beings, for they are beings receiving their mission from God Himself, receive the love to raise their children, thanks to which they know what is good for them and what will bring them pain, suffering, and death. So whoever wants to live a good and happy life, let him ask his parents for advice, let him always ask them for their blessing, and God will give Himself to him through his parents and bless him through their blessing. I bless you, daughter, in the name of your Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 76-82