Novena for the time of fear (7)


God the Father:  My child, write.

On the third day, entrust to Me all your spiritual afflictions. Close your eyes and imagine the Holy Spirit as a personal Love in your heart. This Love, filling your heart to the brim, touches all your wounds. Since they are cleansed in the sacrament of confession and emptied of the sorrow of unforgiveness, they are ready to be filled with healing love, which spills over the wounds as a soothing balm, assuaging their pain and causing spiritual healing. Now think about how the Holy Spirit touches all wounds with love.

On the fourth day, imagine the power of the Holy Spirit. Think about the universe, about all the galaxies, and now reach with your thought into infinity; the Holy Spirit reaches there with its size. You are unable to embrace Him even with a thought, because infinity does not end anywhere and never, and yet the Holy Spirit allowed Himself to be embraced by your heart, in which He dwells. You host in the most secretive part of your soul the infinite, almighty God Himself. Humble yourself before Him and remember His blessed presence in your heart.

On the fifth day of the novena, concentrate on your own misery. Think about how small the planet Earth is beside the whole universe. Think about what great forces operate in the universe, keeping the motion of the planets. Think about gravity, which works as long as I desire it. Look from the height of the cosmos on your homeland, your home, on yourself. You are a smaller creature than you can comprehend. However, in His inconceivable goodness and humility, the Holy Spirit managed to see with His eye something so tiny and took up residence in your miniature heart, and His love makes possible things inconceivable to mankind.

On the sixth day of the novena, continue your contemplation of the greatness of humility and lowliness of God the Holy Spirit. Every sin opposes the nature of God, disfigures the human heart and destroys it. The Holy Spirit, being the personification of beauty and purity, lives in an imperfect space, which is the wounded heart of man. I want to do this not out of conformity, but out of love. Being love and beauty, by His blessed and inconceivable presence, He heals and sanctifies the human heart by the mere fact of dwelling in it. Just like fire transforms the wood thrown into it, so the Holy Spirit burns through internally the soul of man, burning the sins with love. This process occurs in the human soul in the moment of reception of absolution by the soul during the Holy Confession. The same fire, which burned sin in the human heart, remains in it as long as she is in a state of grace sanctifying, healing wounds suffered through sin.

On the seventh day of the novena, worship the Holy Spirit for His presence in your soul. Try to remain humble in your thoughts before Him, for it is a grace above graces and a miracle of miracles. When He created light and separated it from darkness, when He filled the firmament with stars as numerous as the sea sand, and he provided the Earth with water and land rich with all living creatures, He hid Himself in a room as small and as pitiful as your heart. He sat there unnoticed, because who will find Him hidden so to bow down to Him? Who will worship Him in such a low and cramped place? Does anyone next to you know where God is in you? So will anyone else find this place to adore the Holy Spirit in it?

On the eighth day of the novena, close your eyes over the entire world, fall in spirit on your knees before God present here in the Holy Spirit and adore Him. Apologize to Him for not worshiping His blessed presence in you. God Himself in the third person, who is infinite, almighty and omnipotent, He lives in you. Who are you that you dare to forget about His presence? Does the servant with whom the king took up residence, so that they share a common, pitiful room, could forget about his royal guest or would he rather serve on his knees, unceasingly apologizing for the poverty and dirt of the place in which he is hosted? So remember who sits in your heart, and thus make satisfaction for your ignorance.

On the ninth day of the novena, also thank the Holy Spirit for having filled your heart with His wealth. For it is a treasure above treasures and it is God Himself, in whom are all the joys and all the heights rising up to infinity. You little sinful soul, thank the incomparable strength and grace of the holy sacraments of the Catholic Church. You have, possess and hide this treasure that all human souls dream of; however, deceived by Satan, they do not find it. Give thanks that, beginning with the Holy Baptism and ending with the Sacrament of Penance, you participate in this wealth and you have a right to it. Now that you know who indwells in you in this spiritual form, worship this holy presence remembering about it day and night, and above all strive to preserve yourself from mortal sin, because with it you will lose everything at once, and the king and his wealth.

Write, My child. The novena that I dictated to you will be healing internally because by contemplating the presence of the Holy Spirit in your own heart, you will give Me great joy. Therefore, I will do to you what you desire: to love with a pure love. Give Me your heart and I will free it from all worldly dependence. Introduce this novena in your daily life and you will feel the fruits of its action. For a heart free from fear can love, and a heart that can love can do anything. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, maszynopis, Grzechynia 2020