Novena for the time of fear (6)


God the Father:  My child, write. The Novena is a time of particular listening to My voice and learning how to implement this new kind of prayer into life. Initially, you can dedicate more time to this contemplation to learn how to concentrate on the mystery of the presence of the Holy Spirit in your heart. However, this must be a daily acclamation, so that man can feel its healing and transforming effect. The first nine days will bring big changes, but not always noticeable externally. To experience inner healing, one should not interrupt this daily practice, and it is My desire that the soul remains in it every day until the end of life. For it brings great, great benefits to the soul.

On the second day, during your pious practice, close your eyes again and imagine that inconceivable God Himself is in your heart. It is the Holy Spirit who, through the sanctifying grace, sanctifies your heart. Think about His holy presence and the humility with which He works: quietly, imperceptibly to the eye, and yet in real terms with great power. The mere presence of the Holy Spirit has infinite value for your heart. Contemplate His inconceivable power of holiness, the crushing greatness of its effect upon someone as tiny as you.

Translated from: Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, maszynopis, Grzechynia 2020