Novena for the time of fear (5)


God the Father:  The essence of the healing process to which I invite you is the contemplation of the presence of the Holy Spirit in one’s own heart. Thus, the condition for healing is to remain in the sanctifying grace, to contemplate the presence of the Holy Spirit in one’s own heart. This grace gives Me the opportunity to heal the human soul, free her, and sanctify her. The more man will penetrate the essence of this mystery, the more he will free himself from fear, which is the result of a loss of love. I want the man, who decides to devote himself entirely to My guidance and grace, to attend Holy Mass daily and receive Holy Communion in his own intention for nine consecutive days. Furthermore, every day he should contemplate My word regarding this particular work on his own wounded heart, and for a minimum of five minutes a day exclude himself from external life, focus spiritually on contemplating the mystery of his own soul, in which resides the Holy Spirit. This contemplation requires complete silence and loneliness. The healing process should begin with Holy Confession and absolute forgiveness to all trespassers.

On the first day, when contemplating the presence of the Holy Spirit in your heart, focus on the unconditional forgiveness of God and forgive in a perfect way everything to everyone.  Also, forgive yourself and do not go back to mull over your own old sins. Ask the Holy Spirit to find all your wounds inflicted by other people and fill them with His forgiveness. Do not leave any sorrow in yourself. Even the smallest splinter causes pain. Entrust them all to the perfect physician, who will pull them out once and for all. From that day, strive not to mention evil, not talk about it, and not mention it to others. Let it leave your heart and mind, and in your heart, there will be space left for love.

Translated from: Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, maszynopis, Grzechynia 2020