Through Jesus and with Jesus


rayer united with the prayer of My Son brings greater merit to the soul of man. When you can not pray and suffer on this account, unite your prayer with His prayer and raise it to the Father on these wings. However, Jesus is not only a companion to difficult prayer, but to every prayer. Unite your words with His words, with which He glorified God on Earth. Lift your prayers through Him and with Him. The Gospel shows the truth about obtaining graces in prayer directed to God in the name of His Son, speaking about its effectiveness and infallibility. However, praise and remorse, and in particular the prayer of atonement, are also agreeable to God. And it pleases Him the most when it is united with the Person of His Son and His eternal prayer, with which he glorified His Father on Earth.

Your task on Earth is to conform yourself as much as possible to the Son of God, in order to become His faithful copy before the face of God. By uniting all your deeds and words, prayers and desires with the deeds, words, prayers and desires of Jesus, you sanctify them and give them supernatural value. By giving this supernatural value to individual aspects of your life, you sanctify your entire life. And through these continuous acts of will, in which you unite your life with the sacrifice of the life of Jesus Christ, you make your life similar to His life and become through this a second sacrifice in the image of His Sacrifice. In this way, you place your sacrifice upon the Sacrifice of My Son on the Altar of God, and your sacrifice is presented to God as such, which results from the Sacrifice of my Son and which is contained in His Sacrifice.

When your sacrifice is united with the Sacrifice of Jesus, your life is also united with His life. This connection, in its supernatural light, becomes eternal and lasts forever after the gate of death is crossed by man. The common earthly life turns into the common Divine life. This is why it is so important that you join each of your prayers to the work of prayer of My Son. Then, your prayers become like ribbons adorning fresh flowers deposited on the altar of God. Fresh flowers are a symbol of the unfading  Sacrifice of My Son, but for the sake of your prayers, this sacrifice effuses its fragrance anew and grants its power to the children of God. If you were to make sacrifices alone, without uniting them with the Sacrifice of My Son, they would be beautiful ribbons but devoid of the bouquet of flowers. Even if your ribbons were the most beautiful, from the most subtle fabrics and colors, without a bouquet they would remain a poor and incomplete sacrifice. But when you will unite them with fresh flowers, they will become beautiful with the beauty of the flowers, even if they themselves were rather modest and devoid of luster. Always present your prayers and merits to yourself in this way, in order to protect yourself from pride and to remember about the Sacrifice of my Son, which sanctifies your prayer and your life. Amen.

Translated from : Nauka modlitwy sercem – modlitwa kontemplacyjna, Grzechynia 2017, p. 77-79