Holy Spirit – Teacher of prayer


am besides you to support you in prayer. I am besides you to lead you home, where I am expecting you. I pray together with you and every day I kneel next to you, to pray with My children. I kneel to give glory to God, before whom no pose is worthy enough. I bow with My face towards the ground to please Heaven. I am humility before God. I answer with love for love. With gratitude for the magnanimity of His works.

My daughter, learning to pray lasts an entire life. I gave you directions that will make it easier for you to perfect your prayer and see its weak points. However, the teacher of prayer is the Holy Spirit, and it is on Him that you should lean with all your weight in every prayer.

Discover the depth of prayer by contemplating the Holy Spirit. That is, by giving in to His inspirations. Man, and precisely his soul, can be a well without bottom, which will be filled by the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to descend on your inadequacy and ineptitude to pray. Begin the prayer by calling for the help of the Holy Spirit and giving Him this prayer. Especially when you do not feel any desire to pray, when you are in a hurry, when your thoughts are scattered, then you need help the most and right then offer your prayer to the Holy Spirit. Ineptitude and inadequacy are not a barrier for you and you will not be judged based on them. God looks at efforts and endeavors; if you have sought His help in everything. It is not your reluctance that will stand before judgement, but your struggle. Did you resist temptation by calling for help from Heaven? Do not be concerned about your feelings and desires, but only try in every smallest difficulty to turn to God with a request for help, in order to receive help before you will get discouraged and surrender to temptation. Ward off the evil spirit by giving yourself to the Holy Spirit. Entrust yourself to His protection and surrender to His authority over you. You will always find help and strength in prayer to the Holy Spirit. I bless you and I bless all My children, who are going to the house of the Father by holding My hand. Amen.

Translated from : Nauka modlitwy sercem – modlitwa kontemplacyjna, Grzechynia 2017, p. 81-83

Image credit: “As a beautiful white dove which leaves the medium of water and comes to shake its wings on the ground, the Holy Spirit leaves the infinite ocean of the divine perfections and comes to beat its wings on the pure hearts to distill in them the beam of love. – The Curé d’Ars” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.