Prayer free of the cares of this world


Fancy letter My dear child, today I want to rise with you to the next level of prayer. I desire to strip it of what is superfluous, so it may be full of peace. When you kneel to pray, free your mind and your heart from the cares of this world, so they would not attract your attention during prayer. Give away everything that torments you as a sacrifice to God, and relay on Him in everything, showing in this way trust that is so pleasing to God. Do not be concerned with the earth while uniting with Heaven. Entrust every worry and trust that you are being answered.

Earthly concerns are a natural part of life. They should accompany life and there is nothing extraordinary about it. Only giving them the rank of foremost matters makes them the enemies of man, because then they take away from him the great joy of life. Temporal cares are needed so that man could show in his heart trust to his Creator. For his development, man needs essential conditions of life; it is the same with the soul. He must encounter obstacles in order to develop, and in the fire of trials and experiences, mature for the acceptance of the fullness of God’s love in Heaven. Therefore, the concerns and adversities of fate are not the enemy of man, but the ally of his soul in the pursuit of perfection. Every experience serves for growth. Like stairs that climb upwards are not guilty of the fact that man is getting tired, and since they lead to the longed-for summit, they are good, although they challenge the physical capabilities of man. It is the same with experiences that are often difficult and seem to be beyond strength. Yet, they are a blessing because they enable man, and more precisely his soul, to reach the very summit of spiritual development and achieve Salvation in the eternal joy of God. Just as the stairs do not rise steeply to spite man, but so that he may reach the very pinnacle of the desired goal in the shortest way; in the same way God in His goodness does not send and allow any experiences on man to annoy him, but so that he may use these experiences to reach Heaven, the pinnacle of his life, as soon as possible.

Thus, treat the adversities of fate and concerns of everyday life like a staircase. Climb up on them. Do not stop over them and do not pray to them, because they are only steps upon which you have to pass. Do not look too much at your path or the individual steps, but look upwards, ahead of you, so as not to lose sight of the desired goal. So that trials sent by fate would not to be a vain toil for you, you must offer all of them in sacrifice and entrust them to God’s Providence. The fruit of these experiences should be an increase in trust and love in the soul.

Remember about this during prayer, and do not dedicate the precious time that you offer to God to ponder your worries. Entrust them and pass over them, believing that the Almighty God can also take care of your affairs, and it will nor cause Him difficulties. The Will of God is love itself. Do not be afraid to trust and rise above what is earthly and temporal. In prayer, reach higher. In prayer, enter with the eyes of the spirit to the very summit of your desires and unite with God already here, giving Him your earthly life. Amen.

Translated from : Nauka modlitwy sercem – modlitwa kontemplacyjna, Grzechynia 2017, p. 71-74

Image credit: “La porte du ciel” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.