The basis of prayer – humility and attitude of thanksgiving


Fancy letter Before you make the sign of the cross and say even one word of prayer, look up into the infinite cosmos and become aware of how small you are in view of the enormity of creation and how full of insignificance and ignorance in view of the wisdom of the Eternal Father. Try to look at yourself as a flimsy grain of sand from the point of view of the Almighty and Infinite Majesty of God. Consider your wisdom in view of Wisdom and your skills in view of the Supreme Power. Did you create even one tree? Can you make even one tiny source to spring? Or maybe you could add one star to heaven? Even the grass, upon which you walk as if on something to which you are entitled and you understand in an obvious way as something subordinate to you, is stronger than you and does not sway as often as you. The whole creation should make you realize your ignorance, inability and insignificance in regard to the design of the Creator, and fill you with a great silent humility. Always approach prayer on your knees. Not only through the stance of your body, but also through the humble state of your spirit. Let your spirit remain on the knees for the whole duration of prayer, because it is he who rises up to the Creator and dares to approach Him. If your soul could see God, you would not be able to stammer one word that you would acknowledge as worthy of His Majesty. Becoming aware of the enormity of your own misery is the basis of good prayer, which praises God and can please Him.

Every man owes his existence to the love of God. Every man lives only thanks to His immeasurable patience and goodness. Do not let human pride fool you into believing that anything is in the hands of man. The fate of the world rests in the merciful hands of God. However, through faithful service, man can win over the grace of the Creator, and in prayer he is never alone. He has in front of him the One who goes before him, and with His own blood conciliates God’s clemency to His children, Jesus Christ, revealed in the body of the Son of God, who through His death and Resurrection opened God’s ears to the plea of His people. Jesus is the Mediator of mankind through His innocent Blood. It is His Blood that intercedes for you. It is His Blood that calls for mercy for the world. It is His Blood that causes the Father to listen attentively to your words. It is the Blood of Jesus that makes them worthy to be listened to by God Himself. What merit can man have in regards to the Sacrifice of Christ? Be aware that your value in the eyes of God is elevated by the Sacrifice of the Son of God, who from the Will of the Father sacrificed Himself as the sacrificial Lamb, becoming the Brother of mankind.

So when you come to prayer, be aware that it is not for your power and wisdom that God opens His ears and directs His all-powerful sight towards Earth. Man has nothing except for his sin and misery. Everything, that he takes pride in, is the grace of God, both in the material and the spiritual realms. Man came into existence from slime and did not bring anything to the work of his creation. He owes everything to God. Even his own sins became too heavy for him, and God Himself had to descend from Heaven to take them upon Himself to enable man to continue further on his path. Therefore, the realization of this eternal truth is the first most important step for man towards true prayer, a prayer of the heart and not the lips, a prayer of humility and not of pride, which harms man more that it helps. I will teach you to pray. I am your Mother and every day I will be kneeling together with you in order to teach you a prayer that may please God. Amen.

Translated from : Nauka modlitwy sercem – modlitwa kontemplacyjna, Grzechynia 2017, p. 53-57

Image credit: “La porte du ciel” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.