The first step of prayer – the awareness of the presence of God


desire to speak to My nation and to the hearts that await My voice. Write down My words and let them be a comfort for you in difficult moments. I would like to show you the gain from your work, about which you forget. Your sufferings and toils are pleasing to God, but not only that. What pleases God the most is your dedicated love, when you give Him your hearts with true love and trust. If you knew what great value such prayer has, you would not be wasting time for prayer with the lips. The words themselves, when they are not supported by the prayer of the heart, can not bring joy to God, because He Himself is infinitely truthful and when He speaks to you, He only says what expresses His Will. He does not speak unwittingly. It does not fulfill the obligation towards the children. He speaks out of love and concern for your souls. Try to reciprocate and imitate your Father.

The prayer of the heart, for which I ask you, is a prayer that engages the whole heart of man and above all the heart. Let it be shorter, but let it be mindful. Think about it yourselves what joy do you feel from meeting someone who speaks to you but does not look at you, who while speaking to you does not respect you and even forgets about your presence to such an extent that it happens to him to pause and fall asleep during the conversation. In the meeting with God, the most important is the belief that He is truly present and He comes when called for the encounter. Asked for a conversation, He converses. When you pray, be aware that this is a particular time when you find yourselves in front of God, although in a spiritual way and not perceptible to human senses. However, this meeting is real. Your behavior at that time can convey your love and humble state towards your Creator and Father, or be a mere disregard for His presence.

When you pray, remember before all that your request for the meeting has been accepted and you are truly meeting with God Himself, who comes to the meeting full of love and graces. Let this meeting be fruitful through a true spiritual contact between the Father and His child. Do not take with yourselves many unnecessary things – that means thoughts, which distract you. It is difficult to talk to someone who keeps loosing track and his words are chaotic and senseless. Believe Me that God in his infinite intelligence can not be treated as someone, who requires a thousand words to be spoken before Him and prayers to be read without understanding before His eyes. After all, in Heaven, there is constant adoration of His Person. When you come to pray, bring with you the awareness that you are going to meet someone you love.

The most important thing in prayer is faith. It is not a question of saying each prayer thinking about every word it contains, but to remember while praying the One to whom the prayer is addressed, and that this Person is really present, is watching and listening. Remembering about this presence is more important than saying the words of the prayer. The mere awareness of the presence of God is already a prayer. Let it always be for you the first step while praying. Without it, you will not go further. Without it, do not start praying, because prayer without faith is idolatry and tribute paid to oneself. Thus, I am asking you to believe that God does not mean for you to pray for as long as possible, but to have a live and true spiritual contact with Him, through which faith, hope and love develop. Do not forget about Jesus present in every Tabernacle. Visit Him often enough so that His sacrifice would not be in vain. Visit Him so that He would not be taken away from you. If no one will be visiting Him, His sacrifice becomes pointless. Do you want Me to teach you to pray?

Translated from : Nauka modlitwy sercem – modlitwa kontemplacyjna, Grzechynia 2017, p. 47-51

Image credit: “La porte du ciel” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.