From basic prayer to contemplative prayer


Fancy letter My dear child, prayer is a glimpse into the Heart of the One who created you, redeemed you and desires your Salvation. I would like man to preserve an eternal memory about the fact, that he is a creature that does not posses anything and owes everything to his Creator. And thanks to this, man will be able to abide in an attitude of gratefulness before God for everything that God has accomplished. Prayer should flow from the depths of the heart as a thanksgiving and as a desire to get to know God, who is so good. Man exists in the midst of a mystery into which he can not delve deeper and which he can not clarify without the help of the Holy Spirit. Thus, the basis of prayer are humility and an attitude of thanksgiving, through which the Holy Spirit is invited, so that in man and through him, He may glorify God in a way worthy of God. Over the next days, make an effort to shape in yourself these two attitudes that I have mentioned, humility and gratefulness, and then the Holy Spirit Himself will open your heart and speak from its interior, adoring God.

I want to turn your attention away from you, and focus it on God, because prayer is not a search for oneself and an interpretation of oneself, but a search for God and an attempt to penetrate into His mystery. While speaking, you focus your attention on words. By using many words, you drown out the whisper of the Holy Spirit. God, who created you, knows your heart, your thoughts and your limitations. There is no need to say them. You have to be aware of them, but when you already recognize them, you reach a level from which you can contemplate God. Searching for oneself in prayer is the most common mistake made by believers and the most difficult stage of transition from basic prayer to contemplative prayer. In the first one, man takes the lead with the help of his will and reason. In the second one, the Holy Spirit leads the will and the reason of man. Basic prayer is good and important, but I desire that you go higher together with Me and recognize that you can give God more.

The first prayer is the seeking of help for oneself and the expression of desires through oneself and from the point of view of one’s own reflections. In the prayer to which I wish to open you, the desires are expressed by the Holy Spirit on behalf of the entire Church. This is a great mystery, but also a great freedom for those who are able to trust. It is not difficult. It’s all about focusing during prayer on the Divine mysteries, the mystery of the creation and the Redemption of man. Every person has an ease of speaking about his needs and his inclinations to solve the mysteries of his own inner self. I want to make you aware that such a prayer, although it opens the heart to God, sooner or later encounters an obstacle and must face emptiness, because man will find fulfillment only in God and will achieve happiness only by looking into His mysteries.

The proof that many of you come to this moment, is a feeling of a lack of willingness to pray, because man does not realize himself by searching for himself, but by searching for God. The lack of satisfaction and consolation during prayer testifies to the fact that the Holy Spirit desires from now on to express Himself the desires of man and to pray within him. Instead of worrying and feeling discouraged, man should thank God that He wants to raise his prayer and bring him deeper into His mysteries. Prayer has to worship God and bring Him consolation. When man stops searching for himself in prayer, he also stops seeking consolation in it, and then he achieves freedom, which is the living space and operating area of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from : Nauka modlitwy sercem – modlitwa kontemplacyjna, Grzechynia 2017, p. 59-62

Image credit: “La porte du ciel” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.