Saint Agnes:  You know that I have been avoiding marriage and I pledged my love only to God alone. This was my great strength, because for such a sacrifice the soul receives great graces. However, there are souls called to marriage, so that God may call in them other people to life. Thus, marriage is a particular gift in which God shares with man his act of creation. In the beginning, God removed a rib from Adam and molded it into a woman. Now He brings out from her subsequent people, so that we all make up one human family. This act of creation is even more visible through the physical and spiritual resemblance that we share with our parents.

The family is the smallest form of the great human family, encompassing the whole world and all people. The roles of family members are a mirror image of the perfect relationships, which God initiated by creating man. The man as the head of the family is called to initiate the act of creation, and the woman, as his wife, to carry out his will and to accept the offspring whom God has given him in the image and the likeness of man, so that it may be bone from his bones. The woman, by accepting the will of her husband, shares with him the calling of a new human into the world with her own soul and body, so that the man created by God would reward her humble obedience by accepting her flesh and disposition. In this way, the man and the woman are bound by the act of creation with a new body and soul that God bestows upon them. The formation of the new man and the teaching of the love of God to him are entrusted to the new parents, so that as God was willing to teach the first humans to differentiate between good and evil as disobedience to the Will of God, so they would teach their offspring in His name.

This calling is a great honor and trust from the side of God. In order for a man to be able to perform it according to the will of God, God instituted the sacrament of marriage, which enables the spouses to imitate God in His attributes and protects them from the hurt and the misuse of their most intimate and delicate feelings. Every man is called by God to live and to perform His good Will. The task of the parents is to give direction to the new human being on how to find and to perform this Will, which through his existence will bring good and blessing to the world, because through the calling of every man to life, God wishes to bestow goodness on all other people and to perfect His wounded work so it may return to its original state of perfection and holiness. The sacrament of marriage was instituted for the graces needed by the spouses to fulfill the Will of God. For the human being shaped by them will bring to the world either a blessing or a curse, will speed up the healing of the world or will move it away, will be for other people an angel of Salvation or damnation, will realize the plan of God or distance it from the world, and together with it the joy and the peace which God wants to bestow upon man.

The family is shaping man in the name of God. The future fate of man depends on his relationship with God. Although Satan always lies in wait for souls and tempts them without end, the task of the spouses is to teach their offspring to recognize good and evil. If they have fulfilled their task according to the Will of God, they are not responsible for the wrong choices of their child. However, if they have not fulfilled the Will of God to the end and the bad choices of their offspring arise from their bad choices or neglects, they are fully responsible for the negligence of their calling. The glory of children brings glory to the parents regardless of their behavior, but the glory of the parents conditions the glory of the children. The responsibility for the child lies with the parents until the child’s death, although it is the greatest in the first phase of their life, because the most heavy in consequences.

The men and women who wish to accept this honorable and responsible task, God gifts with His blessing, in which He Himself grants them thought the priest the right and the ability to bring forth offspring into the world, and the graces they need to imitate Him in their family. From then on, their bodies are one body, so that from it, as once from the body of Adam, a new man could arise who will be similar to them in all things and will be their joy, bearing their resemblance within himself. From then on, the man and the woman constitute one whole, although they are two persons, as one is God although in Three Persons. Bound by such a strong and inseparable knot of God’s blessing, they have as task to imitate God, conforming in all things and uniting their will, so that there would be no contradictions and divisions among them. As the Three Divine Persons possess one Will, so the spouses should possess one will. As Christ possessed two natures of different kinds, so the spouses make one body, despite different natures. As Christ and the Church make one Body, so the man by marrying a woman unites with her into one body and continues to be united to her no matter what it would cost him, for as Christ gave up his life for His Bride, so the man ought to love his wife, sacrificing his life for her. As the martyrs gave their blood to Christ, so the wife ought to give herself to the husband.

Human love is not perfect, but when united with the Divine love through the sacrament of marriage, it is capable of imitating perfectly the Divine love. The sacrament of marriage is the ability of the Holy Spirit, who is the Love of the Father and of the Son, to give birth and bring into the world the love of the Father and of the Son. Through this sacrament, the Holy Spirit descends on the spouses and gives them the love of the Father and of the Son, so that they may give birth to it for the world, multiplying the graces of the Holy Spirit in the world through their blessed offspring. The Holy Spirit gives birth in them and through them, to make everything the love of the Father and of the Son in the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: Życie sakramentalne pierwotnego Kościoła według św. Agnieszki, na podstawie na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2017, p. 68-73