27 – Heart of Jesus, pierced with a lance




Lord Jesus:  I desire for My Heart to be known, so that people would come to it as to a waterhole for souls. I would like that there was no one who would be afraid to approach My Heart. I am Mercy. My Heart delivered itself for sinners, to show you how much I desire your Salvation. Love, which fills Me, can not be contained in My human Heart. This is why My Heart burst from love for you, to complete its loving sacrifice.

When I was dying on the cross, among the enormity of pain and fear, My Heart loved you with a power that you will never be able to grasp, but you can always believe in it and accept it with all its strength. My Heart desired sacrifice, because the love, which filled it, could not be otherwise released. No gift would return My love and bring relief to My Heart, only a gift of life, of immortality, of Divinity and glory. Everything that made up the essence of My mission, I wanted to offer in sacrifice. The terrible pain that I felt could not show you yet My love, but it could show you My Heart.

I opened for you My Heart with love. My Heart burst from the enormity of love, to free eternal life and pour it in torrents of grace on Earth. My Heart is the Heart of man and the Heart of God. My love tore the Heart of God and opened the Heart of man to God. I desired for My Heart to become nourishment for you. I desired to give it to you forever, to show you its truth, to reveal its love for you. In the cutting edge of the blade that pierced Me, I captured the hate of man who ultimately rejected God and His love, and in this ultimate rejection My love gushed for the last time with its grace and its forgiveness.

God forgives, even when it is too late. The power of My forgiveness reaches above human possibilities and dimensions. You must never lose hope, because after receiving the final blow from the hand of mankind, I do not cease to love it and to repay it with good for evil. Although My justice must be fulfilled, the mercy that I brought into the world, suffering innocently and praising God, became for you a defensive shield, which  your ancestors did not have. Even if the deeds of man are the spear that pierces My Heart, ultimately the one who uses the spear against Me will be saved, if only he awakens in his heart pity and sorrow upon Me and upon what he did to Me.

Everything that is evil, I can transform into good. The spear, with which I was pierced, became a tool of love thanks to which My Heart poured out upon mankind with salutary grace. Worse than your spears is your disbelief, because the spear, though painfully, pierced My Heart and brought out its love for you. Disbelief however does not strike out with its hand against God, but kills Him in an invisible, hidden way, kills Him with the mind, already rejecting before time His love and mercy, which He could pour upon the sinful soul to save her. Disbelief flees away from God in His mercy, saying to Him “No!” to all, “No!” always and forever “No!”.

I deplore those who do not even approach My cross and do not verify whether I truly died for you. I prefer a hundredfold those who are struggling with their disbelief and examine My death and put fingers in My wounds and measure and weight My Blood, even though this insults Me. I prefer a hundredfold those, because knowing their disbelief, they fight it with human means. Real, inhuman pain fills Me at the thought of those, who do not even do that, and do not even desire to look when I give Myself to them in thousands of scientific experiments. Their stubbornness injures My Heart more than the spear thrust in My Heart. Their obstinacy does not want to convince itself of My death, in order not to discover My love. Their obstinacy is indifference, a curtain of indifference, which is worse than the wall and the heart of stone. I can not strike it, because as a curtain it flees the blow; I can not crush it, because with its softness it covers itself before every action. Indifferent people, who do not seek the truth and refuse its raison d’être, are My greatest pain. I can not help them, because they flee My grace, rejecting it before I manage to pour it out. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 98-101