26 – Heart of Jesus, obedient to death




Lord Jesus:  My Heart experienced temptation, but did not give into it. My Heart remained faithful to the end. Hear and remember: only that heart is faithful, which remains faithful to the end. Only that love is faithful, which does not pass. Everything besides Love must end on this Earth, but Love never dies. The desires of My Heart are in accordance with the Will of God. They never oppose it and this is why I perfectly give My love to the Father. Love desires the will of the beloved. Love wishes to be a sacrifice of love. Humble yourself to the end. Love that lasts in joy will not manage to give God His rightful glory, since it lasts because of joy. Love that lasts in oppression is purified and lasts despite the pain and the suffering. This love has real value. Therefore, not the one loves and not the one will be saved who calls My Name, crying out: “Lord”, but the one who will endure to the end, who will keep to the end the love that he had in times of joy.

Obedience to God is a way to show Him love and fidelity. Obedience must be perfect in order for the Will of God to be fulfilled perfectly. Obedience to God gives man a guarantee of Salvation, because the Will of God does not want the death of man, but wants to gift him with eternal life. Good does not exist outside of the Will of God, so everyone, who follows along the will of God, must necessarily be saved. Obedience in times of peace and joy is easy and does not cause great difficulties to the soul. But when God desires to prepare the soul to ascend to His glory, He puts it thought trials, demanding equal obedience in the time of fight and unrest. Then, standing up for the Will of God brings only pain, and joy remains only in the light of the spirit.

Partial obedience does not have any value. You must be obedient, if you want to receive the reward. A soul partially obedient to God can not expect a reward. She loves Me partially, and she partially worships My enemy who dishonors Me. I will not accept such love. I desire that love for Me be pure, without admixture of love for anyone and anything that contradicts the love for Me.

My love for man expresses itself in the obedience to the Will of My Father to the end. To fulfill the Will of the Father, I had to deny Myself and in My Heart worship only the Will of the Father. Searching only for His Will and never My own. I have shown to man how he should prove his fidelity. One should abide in obedience to the end, until death, even if it became increasingly difficult and over time seemed downright impossible. For God, however, there is nothing impossible. Therefore, man should only fulfill the Will of God and count on the fact that God will complete what is impossible.

Man should only do what is in his power, and pass the rest to God and rely on His supernatural intervention, supernatural strength and power. Man united with the Will of God will also receive the power of God for the preservation of obedience. The entire wisdom is in the preservation of faith and hope, which grow out of love. If you preserve faith, for the Love that you recognize and that you desire, nothing will be too hard for you and nothing will be impossible for you. Preserve the faith to the end, and you will also preserve to the end the obedience to the Will of God. I bless you and I bless your heart, so that unshakable love, which will endure everything and will persevere to the end, may always reign in it. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 95-97