14 – Heart of Jesus, king and center of all hearts




Lord Jesus:  I will be igniting your heart with love, of which I am the source. Today, I am taking you to My Heart, so that you may get to know that I am King through the infinite mercy of My Heart and love, which is above everything. Only love is so great that it overcomes everything. In My Sacrifice of the Cross, it defeated Satan, death and sin. It defeated the whole world and still defeats in those, who are faithful to it. There is nothing greater above love. Nothing can rise above love. There is nothing more powerful than love and never will be. All the forces of nature, about which you know, are nothing beside love. Even man can defeat them through love. And I, who am Love, defeat all My enemies and the whole world with a single beat of My loving Heart. This is why My Heart reigns over everything, because love is its power.

Today, I want to instruct you about the call in which you compare My Heart to the king, in whose kingdom all hearts will unite. This will happen through love, because it is love that eliminates all boundaries between what is human and what is divine. When the hearts of men will ignite with love, they will unite together with My Heart in the fire of eternal love. This happens with the saints in Heaven. This can also happen on Earth. And if I reign over everything through My love, you also, when your heart will unite with Mine through love, will reign in Me and through Me.

I am the source from which souls come out, and the source to which they return. My Heart is a temple of love in which I join human souls with Eternal Love. In My Heart and through My Heart, I offer mankind to the Father, who, in My Heart and through My Heart, receives into His Kingdom souls married to Me. Through love and faith I join them with Me, and through the Sacrifice of My Heart, as through the ever-open gate, I lead in these souls to paradise. However, they do not pass through Me, but they pass in Me and with Me, because the one who once enters the wound of My Heart will never again be deprived of it. The wound of My Heart exudes the drink of Salvation, with which I will imbue souls devoted to Me. I will fill them with My Blood, so that like infants inspire the first air into their lungs, opening their mouths to the world, the souls were able to receive through My Blood the first breath of air in the new world, to which My Heart leads you. My Blood will join the souls with Me forever. As air gives and conditions life on Earth, so My Blood gives it in Heaven. As the body of man can not live without air, so the soul of man can not live without My Blood. As the lungs of man unceasingly breathe air, so the soul of man unceasingly breathes My Blood. I will unite the whole world in this stream of life-giving Blood, which flew out of My Heart, so that all existences newly created in it would be reborn in eternal life for the glory of My Father. I will gather My scattered inheritance and I will unite it the Heart agreeable to My Father, and all the imperfections of human hearts will melt away in the perfection of My Heart.

In this mystery, you have to learn from Me this truth, that the greatest force is always love. It is with love that you have to fight and with love you will defeat all adversities; it is through love that you will win souls for Me and through love you will carry them to Heaven. Never look for other paths and other ways. Love is everything and is enough for everything. Try to get to My Heart through love and in the same way bring in there souls. The answer to all your questions is love. No one will ever give you a better answer. Look into My Heart and you will obtain the answer to everything. My Heart is the Homeland to which you are going to. It is the end and summit on which will melt away all your imperfections in the eternal union of our hearts. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 50-53