15 – Heart of Jesus, in whom are all treasures of wisdom and knowledge




Lord Jesus:  Today’s message will open your eyes to the truth, which is the power of My Heart. I told you already about the virtues, of which it is full and which it wants to share; but now I want to tell you about wisdom and knowledge, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which inhabit My Heart.

Each man is nothing in the face of the omnipotence of God. It is I that fill the soul with talents and give abilities to the body. Man alone can develop My gifts, but he is not their creator and giver. Wisdom lives in My Heart and the ability to use this wisdom as well.

The wisdom, of which I speak, is the wisdom of God. Not knowledge, but wisdom. Wisdom is My attribute. No one can possess it, if he does not receive it from Me. The heart, which is guided by wisdom, is invincible. The heart tells man about the Truth, this is why it is the seat of wisdom and one should listen to it. One must not listen to the heart, which is not the seat of wisdom, but stupidity. Such a heart leads to the destruction of the soul. Such a heart listens to emotions, not wisdom. The wisdom of God is a gift of the Holy Spirit and one needs to pray for it. The wisdom of God dwells in the heart of man and not in his mind. This is why it is not the mind that one should train to become the seat of wisdom, but the heart. The training of the mind can assist the process of the purification of the heart, but the mind alone will not be the dwelling of the Holy Spirit. This is why the heart must be emptied of unnecessary thoughts, feelings and flaws that limit the action of the Holy Spirit.

With wisdom goes in pair the gift of knowledge, because what use is wisdom to man if he is unable to use it for the glory of God. He possesses it like a lamp, which he does not light in darkness and does not illuminate the path of passers-by, but he rejoices only from its ownership. Useless is such wisdom, which does not serve for the salvation of the soul and the greater glory of God. The gift of wisdom does not guarantee yet victory to the soul. In the humility of the spirit, she should ask for the gift of knowledge to make good use of the gift, with which she was gifted. Remember the sins of Solomon, whom I have gifted with great generosity. I gave him a tool to conquer the world, but he did not use it for My glory. His heart began to fill with pride in order to direct his thoughts towards his own glory. The one who received more must guard his heart more and ask for the gift of humility and knowledge. Many of My gifts have been wasted irrevocably.

The wisdom of man is seeking God. Knowledge is the ability to serve God through all the talents and gifts that man received from the Creator. My Heart is the dwelling of both of these gifts, because I never departed from wisdom and I never exalted myself in My humanity, but I remained perfectly obedient to the Eternal Wisdom, which inhabited in Me. I am God, since always, but I am also a man who possesses emotions and a heart subjected to feelings. Always put the wisdom of God above all feelings; the service of God above all emotions, and the Spirit of God will win in you. Pray for your hearts to be the temples of God’s wisdom and knowledge. Pray for both of these gifts, because you need them both. I am with you to fill you with My grace. Ask and you shall receive. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 54-56