13 – Heart of Jesus, most worthy of all praise

COR IESU, omni laude digníssimum, MISERERE NOBIS.



Lord Jesus:  I come to teach you about the treasures of My Heart, to enamor you in My Heart forever. Do you know that My Heart, in the center of Heaven, is the source from which all the angels derive joy, is the happiness of the saved and the longed-for well for souls suffering thirst? Do you know why My Heart is the most worthy of glory? Because it gave all its glory to the Father, so that He may be surrounded by glory.

God demands and God rewards. He always offers more than He receives. So when I divested Myself of My own glory and gave it to the Father, accepting humanity in order to make a sacrifice of it on the cross, the Father surrounded Me with glory, multiplying it ad infinitum. My Heart is the throne of God, on which He was exalted in view of all nations. I have shown infinite obedience to the Father, whom I loved. My Father receives glory in Me, and I receive glory in Him. I praise Him and He praises Me. My Heart, tormented and humiliated, gives glory to the Father, while the Father praises Me in My work. In My Heart My Father receives praise and in My Heart I Myself was glorified, accepting the glory of My Father.

Daughter, consider how you desire to imitate My Heart, in order to join your heart with My glorified Heart. Your heart will we be worthy of glory only then, when in the manner of Mine it will give itself completely to obedience and service, so that it no longer seeks its own glory, but only the glory of God. If you give all the glory to God, He will dwell in you surrounded by His own glory and you will become the ark carrying the Highest Sacrum, the Glory of the Highest. Not you will be surrounded by glory, but I in you. In this way, you will become My glory, you will praise Me and My Father in Me. Unite with Me as closely as possible through complete stripping of your own desires and your own vanity. Look for Me. Always look for Me. Look for Me Crucified. Look for Me Crucified in man, in classes, in works, in pleasures, at rest, in the mirror, in friendship, in the ministry, in prayer, in the heart. Always look for Me Crucified.

Learn humility from Me. Glory comes in pair with contempt. You must accept it, if you want to be My glory. The glory of God on Earth takes the form of humiliation, rejection and obedience in trial and suffering. You are able to carry this cross. I want souls not to seek their own glory, because then they will never find Mine. They do not return it to Me. Therefore, you must not despair because of your failures, suffering and humiliations. Accept the yoke of being rejected and despised. Truth triumphs at the end, not at the beginning. Remember My Mother, the Queen, living in a poor stable for animals, remember the contempt in which I came into the world, remember all the false accusation that I accepted, Myself being the Truth. Do not waver from taking slander. The Truth must shine by showing its imperturbability and unchangeability in the turns of fate.  In this way, it proves that it is right, because it alone is unchangeable.

It will be much easier for you to endure humiliations if you keep in mind that you are not living on Earth for your own glory and for the praise of your own name, but for My glory and the praise of My Name. Do not worry about your own glory and your own name. If God will be glorified in you, He will give the glory back to you, as He gave it back to Me, who was dying as the least in Israel, deprived of worship and rejected by all. Do not be afraid of disgrace and slander, of attributed blame. Be afraid only of the one, which can be seen in you by God. Human judgement is not final, but such is the Divine judgement. Be afraid of the latter, because if you will bring to it only your own glory, what My Father will repay you with? But if you stand before Him deprived of worship on Earth, but bringing Him praise and glory of His Name, you will receive a reward.

Children, glory is only one, just as the Truth. You can not possess your own glory and return it to God. Possessing glory, you have to give it all to God, and this means getting rid of all human glory on Earth, and thus humiliation and contempt. The greater glory you desire to bring to God, the lower you have to “fall down” as men. No longer possessing any praise and glory of your own, you can be sure that you gave it all to God and in peace of heart await Heaven, because there is your glory, which you gave away. There is the part that you have lost; there is the Truth for which it was worth loosing everything. Amen.


Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 46-49