The reality of hell (2)


God in the Holy Trinity:  … [Man] lost his faith because he did not care about it. He lost his faith because he wanted to lose it. The one who does not want Me, will lose Me. The one who does not want to bend down to look at how I have suffered for you, does not want to reflect upon My Passion, why I have suffered so, why I gave Myself to a cruel death, this one does not understand My love and will not believe in it. He who will see My love will fall in love with it.

My child, the ears of the world are closed. Hell is real. It exists deeply hidden before the world, but with it and beside it. It is large and vast. Every soul is tormented in a different way. The eternal fire consumes all souls, but there also exists a torment for each soul, which is a torment consuming the soul for the sin with which she offended God the most. Do not think that these torments are light or downright pleasant. Man is no longer capable of feeling any, even sinful, pleasures. His soul is in unceasing despair. He feels solely hatred, pain and despair. He wants the suffering of all the people, hates those who were saved and those who might be saved. He also hates the damned because he hates everything. He hates his Mother, because She no longer is his mother; and he hates Me, because I am the Only and Almighty God. I can do everything. The soul which does not love Me, hates Me. How great is the love of the soul when she gets to know Me, so great is the hatred of the soul which loses Me. Man is unable to endure his suffering being in hell, and lives in the sense of feeling the suffering and the inability of nonexistence.

 (…) the sufferings of hell are not only spiritual sufferings. Man in hell feels pain through the body, with which he sinned against God. Although matter exists there in a different dimension, it exists insofar as it could be a source of suffering. People believe that only the soul of the damned is found in hell. Yes, the body as such putrefies on earth, but there also exists a body not made of earthly material, capable of suffering. It is the awareness of possessing a body that feels pain; it is the awareness of being oneself, identifying oneself as a created man.

In hell, blood is not being shed because blood is only here. In the blood is life, and in hell there is no life anymore. Man can not die because he is already dead. There is no blood in him anymore. In hell there is also no water. It is the greatest craving of the damned souls. They will never quench their thirst in their cruel torments; they suffer with every patch of their soul, their body and with every sense.

Translated from : Kompendium II z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomow 9-16), Warszawa 2012, p 167-170