The reality of hell

He gives an affluent and pleasant life on earth and eternal torments. I give a life strewn with sufferings and eternal happiness. Choose.

God in the Holy Trinity:  My child, the Son of Man had to suffer and die on the cross, because such was the Will of the Father. Always follow the Will of the Father; even if it would seem the most cruel to you, it is the summit of Mercy. The Father always thinks about His children and for them makes every effort to gather them all around Him and save them from eternal death. Only the one who knows the darkness of hell could give up to death His Son. The horror of this place is so inconceivable that man is not able to endure this terrible reality and stay alive. Those to whom I have shown hell were protected by Me by a special grace, lest they die.

… My daughter, whatever happens in this world is never as horrible as the torment of hell for several reasons. On earth man feels hope, believes, can believe that this reality in which he dwells will undergo change. In hell there is no hope. There is an awareness of infinity and despair. Man can not escape with thought from suffering; there is not a second of relief from suffering. Never again.

The suffering, which he endures, is not similar to earthly suffering. Earthly suffering is only a substitute for the torments of hell. They would all come down to earth to suffer the most cruelly, only not to remain in hell. My daughter, the perceptions that I have given to certain souls on the topic of hell are mostly true and should warn you, should prepare you. People downplay this terrible reality and do not make anything out of it, and the road to hell is wide open and entire crowds go there. My child, how few of you desire Me in eternity. Even those who strive for Heaven desire happiness and treasures, and not Me.

My dearest daughter, people are so foolish… they believe that Heaven is a boring place, the purgatory something of a waiting room, and hell a different world, in which there is no God. They do not understand, however, that the place in which there is no God is the most terrible, unimaginable, horrifying place, which is the opposite of everything that man desires. I loved Lucifer, loved all My fallen angels before they lost their beauty and their grace. The punishment that they pay for their disobedience is eternal and infinite.  For man I have done much more than for them. My love for man surpassed every love. Thus, man shows Me even greater ingratitude; but the children of the Catholic Church who abandon Me for foreign gods hurt Me the most. I suffer, I suffer unceasingly their treachery. I have to look as they worship Satan concealed in a thousand objects. It is always him that they worship. They do not know that, they do not care about who their master is, but bow to the one who, as they believe, will give them more, will give them money, success, power, comfort, pleasure… Indeed he will give them all that, for the price of eternal life. He gives them an affluent and pleasant life on earth and eternal torment. I give a life strewn with sufferings and eternal happiness. Choose.

Translated from : Kompendium II z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomow 9-16), Warszawa 2012, p 167-170