The degrees of happiness


God the Father:  So write down what I am letting you know. The places that I have allotted to people once belonged to angels, who by rebelling against My Will, have lost them irrevocably. My Son, by accepting upon Him My Will, even though it was the summit of love, for Him signified cruel suffering, opened the gate of Heaven for the sanctified mankind, which thanks to His sacrifice could not only be restored to grace, but also gain places of honor next to its Creator and the angles in Heaven. Man was exalted to be called the Son of God. Since then, as My children, you can climb the ladder of love to the very summit of Heaven, where Love sits on its throne. The steps of that ladder are: humility, obedience, mortification, piety, generosity, justice, fidelity, patience, purity, and all virtues that My Son has acquired for you, by suffering His abasement and defilement. Now, these steps are waiting for the faithful followers of Christ.

To climb this ladder, man must fall in love with My Will and by ascending on each [step] prove to Me his attachment to it and his faithfulness, despite all unpleasantness, despite worries and suffering, and despite the fact that My Will may turn out to be quite the opposite of all his desires, all his actions and his entire nature. My Son, by embracing this path, the path of the cross, acknowledged the superiority of My Will upon the human will, abased His human nature and mortified it until killing it completely. Likewise, you also must imitate Him and lose your life completely, by annihilating your will and glorying Mine through humility and obedience.

Creatures, beloved and chosen for the highest glory, My Will has been scorned; My Will, which is only goodness and excellence, which is the beginning of all things, was rejected by Satan and his followers. A countless number of My heavenly creatures has been deprived of My grace and My benefaction and swept into the infernal abyss. I transformed their beauty into ugliness, so they may forever remain in the darkness, which they chose. The rejection of My Will was the greatest dimension of pride of the creation. The greatest dimension of humility is therefore the acceptance of this Will, no matter what it is, especially when it is incomprehensible and difficult to accept.

My Son went through this path, exalting My Will and showing the incomprehensible love for man contained in it. Thereby, man defeated Satan and took his place in Heaven. My Divine Son, as a man, opened the gates of Heaven to you, so that you may be exalted thanks to His abasement. By imitating Him and reinforcing yourselves with the fruits of his glorious Passion, you can sit together with Him on thrones of glory, on places left by fallen spirits. A countless number of these traitors occupied a countless amount of places, which I destined to man after their fall. However, since the fallen angels were not equal to each other, but differed among themselves in the degree of beauty and perfection, the people ascending on their places will also differ in terms of merits and the degree of refinement of their nature. Depending on how much they will manage to get close to Me during lifetime, accordingly they will sit close to Me in Heaven. The more one of the evil spirits disappointed Me and the more graces it lost, the more graces must gain the one, to whom the given place will be assigned. The more I was wounded, the more love I desire from the soul, who will compensate Me for the loss of that spirit.

Beloved children, for this reason the places in Heaven are numbered. Each one of them corresponds to a human soul, which will reach this place by fulfilling My Will in a perfect way. However, when the soul to whom I allotted this place lingers with the fulfillment of My Will, I allot a different soul for this place, which by faithfully fulfilling my commandments deserved the grace of being elevated and destined to a higher place in Heaven in the place of the soul that did not make use of the given place. And so every place has its own destiny and each man is assigned to a place appropriate for his desire of My closeness. Heaven will not close its gates until the last of the sons of men takes his place, so that every place vacated by a fallen spirit will shine with a pure soul rewarding Me My clemency. The degree of your love will determine the degree of your glory.

I am filling the places about which I am telling you with chosen souls since nearly two thousand years, since the gates of Heaven have been opened for man. I am waiting for you. I want you to know that not many places are left anymore. Thus, surpass one another in holiness, so you may be able to sit at the side of your Father in eternal bliss and live the life of angels, the Divine life, for which I have called you. Amen.

Translated from : Kompendium IV z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomow 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 16-18