Mystery of the sacrament of Priesthood


Lord Jesus:  Look out for the souls of your priests, because they have the power to spread graces over the world. When they will stop calling out My Name for you, your fate will be predetermined. Without My grace, you will perish. You have no greater concern than the concern for the souls of priests. You sanctify priests for Me through your sacrifice, and I will sanctify your sons through their sacrifice. Not the other way around.  Never the other way around. The priest is My greatest treasure for you on earth. He is My great mystery. In the body of the priest, I Myself dwell, I Myself love and desire your souls. In the body of the priest, I am truly present and through him I act, in him I bless and curse. You do not know this mystery.

The mystery of priesthood is the most beautiful mystery in which I reveal to you My love. I love priests. I chose Myself each priestly soul. I created it Myself and I prepared it Myself. They are My closest and dearest ones. I chose these souls to live in them, to dwell in them. I love these souls in the most beautiful way and I unite with them already during their lifetime. They are saint; they are exalted by My presence. I allow them every day to touch Me, to consume My Flesh and to nourish themselves with My Holy Blood. I allow them to take Me in their hands and to show Me to the whole world.  I, God, invincible, unconquerable, powerful and terrible, who with His holiness and purity blinds the purest souls, I allow them to take Me in their hands. I allow them to divide My Flesh into parts. I allow them to do everything with Me for you. I chose these hands, they touch Me, I desire their touch because these are My holy sons whom I trust, to whom I offered Myself, whom I chose among all the sons of men for My sole bridegrooms. I gave them My Soul and Body so they may possess Me; they gave Me their souls and bodies so I may exist in them on earth.

When I am present on the altar, I give Myself with all My power into the hands of the priest. I allow him to dispose of Me as a Sacrifice, so that he may offer Me in sacrifice to the Father. I am helpless, I am small. I made Myself smaller than man, in order to exalt him and to give him Myself. When the priest takes Me into his hands, I wish that he does it with love, because it is I, I God, the Sacrifice for man. I am full of love. As during the moment when I said the words: “I thirst”, in the same way now I thirst, I thirst for all souls to the madness of the cross, I thirst for your love and your salvation. Let Me then feel your love My chosen sons, My beloved bridegrooms. I exalt you and gift you then with the greatest trust. I am stripped of My garments and of My power, I am in your hands like an innocent lamb that you offer in sacrifice.  I am dying on your hands. Love me when I die, think of Me, desire Me. How I am wounded by souls which do not care about Me then. I suffer. Look at Me, talk to Me. I need your love and comfort when I am dying for you.

I only find relief and consolation in a soul, which will receive Me with love, which will place Me in her pure and sanctified soul and there surround Me with her pure love.  Do not think then about you, but only about Me. Reward Me for My suffering and My death with your love and devotion. You will give then yourselves entirely, with all your suffering. We will unite our souls and bodies. My most Holy Blood spreads throughout the entire body and the entire soul, perfecting it, purifying it from all venial sins. Yes, each Holy Communion perfects the soul, gives it a part of Me, and makes it holy, because it possesses God.

Priest, in your soul I want to rest, I want to find rest. We offer this Sacrifice together to the Father.  I called upon you, so you may accompany Me on the entire path of My Passion, from the Garden of Olives to the Mount of Calvary. Remain united with Me for the entire duration of the Holy Mass. There is no moment during which I wish to remain alone. I want to be united with you the whole time. Do not stray away from Me with any single thought; be with Me. Together we are a sacrifice for My Father. I am the Highest Sacrifice, you are My offerer. You carry Me on your shoulders like an atoning Sacrifice for the whole world and all the human sins. Love Me. During all the remaining time, it is I that carry you as My sacrifice for mankind, with which I want to bring joy to the Father. I lift you up to My honor, to My glory. You are My property, you are Me amidst My people. Unite with Me during the time of My Sacrifice, and I will unite with you during your sacrifice, your earthly life. I, God, desire to find rest in you after the Sacrifice is completed. Thus, pause during adoration and love Me, thank Me for all My love. When we offer ourselves together, then we are united; allow me to delve into your soul and your body. Hide Me and love Me, reward Me for this Passion which I am still reliving anew for your salvation. I always offer Myself with love and with love I gift Myself to the soul. What I desire from you is love. Treat Me with love and receive Me with love. Give yourselves then to Me, forgetting about the whole world. Do not hurry, forget about the people. The time of your Holy Communion is for Me the most beautiful moment, with which I comfort Myself during My Passion. Thus, do not take away from Me this time of My joy and My bliss. Let the people pray for you then, so that you may unite even more closely with Me; and you think then only about Me.

Distribute My Body with love. Remember that it is still Me, the same One who desires reparation and worship from every soul. Now is My sacred moment that I share with other souls. Among them are victim souls and souls of penitents, which together with Me traversed the whole Calvary, offering their suffering to Me. Be holy for them. I desire these souls. Be full of love for them. Let My people worship Me, let them receive Me in humility, with reverence, on their knees. I humble Myself, becoming a defenceless piece of Bread, and you would have to diminish to a grain of sand to make amends to Me for My humility, and even this would not be a proportional sacrifice. So let them at least symbolically kneel so that they may express in this way Who they receive, so that they may show to Me that they too desire to humble themselves for Me, and they know that even thought I hid Myself in a small piece of bread, I am their Lord and King and I expect humbleness and worship.

Bless with My hands, because your hands do not belong to you, they are Mine. Let the people honor your hands, because they are not your property. Now I bless you, My beloved sons. Listen to My words mindfully; do not lose in the world the great mystery, in which I have loved you. Be aware of being chosen and of your responsibility. Let My Spirit penetrate your souls, so you may comprehend My words and give Me the Glory that I desire on earth. Amen.

Translated from : Tajemnica Mszy świętej według św. Ojca Pio na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 69-73 –