Doing penance can only hinder Satan


Mother of God:  You know how much I want to gift all people. But they, in a large measure, do not even want to stretch out their hands towards Me so I may fill them with graces, let alone bear a sacrifice for Me, their Mother, in order to fill with graces also the hearts which do not desire these graces, and to make amends to My Heart for all the sorrows that My children cause to Me in the whole word.

I thank you that this day has become so important for you, that you offer Me all your sufferings and hardships. My only desire is to turn all human hearts towards God, My children, which were entrusted to Me by My dying Son, bring them to Him and hand them over to His love. With all My heart, I desire to make amends to His love, to the wounded Heart of God, for all the pain He suffers from an ungrateful world. This atonement is accomplished through My faithful servants, who fulfill the will of their Mother. I would like you not to despair, because the time of the trial will soon be over. You have to take advantage of every moment to obtain graces from God and to plead for mercy for the world, to the extent that it is still possible.

My children, thank you that you show Me such great love and that you undertake this effort, because I ask you for it. Here, every moment has a weight in gold; each sacrifice and atonement done for God has an enormous value. The honor and glory of My Son, Jesus Christ, must be restored in the dimension that is worthy of the Most High God.  I know that today many people, including my beloved sons, the priests of this land, are making efforts to hinder you, so you would not listen to My calls. Do not worry about their threats because I, Mary, ask you for it, and no one has the right to forbid you this. Doing penance can only hinder Satan, My children, and your sufferings and hardships are accepted in Heaven with great joy. God hears your prayers and looks with joy at your altars, on which you offer Him your lives, your families and your merits.

Remember that your Mother knows your needs. I ask you to offer Me your efforts, fasts and prayers, and I will take care of the affairs that you entrust to Me. However, I need your sacrifices to save the world and mankind, to save souls which in their blindness head towards eternal death. Remember that the matters for which you ask Me, even if paramount, can not overshadow your concern for the Salvation of souls. A sacrifice for the salvation of one soul is much more valuable than all the sacrifices for all matters. Remember in your prayers for those souls, which do not have help from anywhere and head towards perdition. Recommend these souls to Me, give Me even a part of your sacrifices for these souls, so I may save them. I know that you worry about your families, but remember that the whole world is your family and do not place your personal difficulties over the Salvation of souls. Above all, there I want to send graces, there I want to submit your sacrifices for My Son, for whom there is never a greater joy than the Salvation and the rescue of a soul. May My Son, Jesus Christ, bless you in the fight for His Kingdom on this earth. Amen.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Maryi na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2014, p. 177-179