The Marian Rule

“The souls of men from the twenty-first century are very different from the souls of past generations. Modern man is not capable of great sacrifices. From childhood, he is raised with a notion of impunity and the overwhelming right to his own needs, to his own opinion and to his own life, which would not be subordinated to anyone or anything. Modern man is subjected exclusively to himself. He is his own king and master, which is tantamount to choosing Satan as his lord and building the kingdom of darkness on earth; about which, however, people do not know and are not aware of this matter in their huge spiritual ignorance.

Modern man strives for immediate comfort and happiness. He does not possess the virtue of patience. When he wants something, he obtains it immediately. When he suffers, his suffering is removed upon request. When he despairs, he strives for self-destruction as he does not possess any other alternative to alleviate his pain. Man is subjected to a pervasive denaturalization; his soul is constrained by the influence and the cravings of the body; his spirit is spoiled by the lack of discipline and any requirements both from the environment in which he resides as well as from himself.” (Compendium III from the Message for the End Times that have already come forth, vol. 9-16, Warsaw 2012, p. 153-154)

In such a reality of our kingdom of unlimited freedom of our own “I” and existence, enters God telling us: give Me your will and you will quickly reach your perfection. In addition, He wants us to do eagerly what we do not want to do. Coming to such a capricious citizen of the Earth, God asks him to accept His Will and believe that it is a chance, a blessing, and in addition something extraordinary. Small accomplishments of the Will of God done by man with love, says God, will make Him give new life to souls devoid of grace, in which those souls will be able to expiate their sins and meet with God in Heaven.

The Mother of God by coming to us with the so-called “Rules of everyday life” (The Marian Rule for the Knights of Christ the King, Burnt Offerings and all children of Mary is a compilation of 11 rules of interior life, dictated between August and September 2014 by the Mother of God as part of the Message for the End Times that have already come forth) wants to teach us to live consciously in the presence of God, believing that every human effort (working, sleeping, eating) can be perfectly incorporated into the work of Salvation of souls. This is done whenever man offers to God each matter, even the slightest. God wants man to notice each of these daily moments and offer to Him the will to do what has been entrusted to him by God. The motto of such a united life of God with man on the basis of will is: “Thank you, Jesus. Save this soul and I will gladly accomplish what You are asking me to do for it.”

God has no need for great deeds from man in order to save many souls; He only needs obedience in the fulfillment of His Will. The ideal of God for the modern world is: “a world in which reigns the love for one’s neighbor”. This is why God requires from man to accept His Will in what is uncomfortable, painful, and difficult. It is a form of penance that God needs so very much. God needs this penance, these crazy souls, which would want willingly to make amends to His justice. Today, so few people know and understand that God has placed on their shoulders the Salvation of many souls.

Embarking on that path of union with God, man must build in himself the atmosphere and conditions of “the House of Nazareth”, completely change his attitude towards all activities of the daily life, and also towards those that are occurring against his will, and through this become an instrument through which God will proceed with His work. Henceforth, man will have to place the interest of God over self-interest. Only then, jointly with God, great things are carried out.

Dear Reader, by undertaking the effort of the formation of our interior according to the eleven rules dictated by the Mother of God, make the best possible use of your days because each day is needed by God and needed by the souls which God wants to save through you. “Your life does not belong to you… Make a sacrifice pleasing to Me from everything that opposes you… I expect a lot… a lot of sacrifices… I give you the grace, so you might recognize each time My call to repentance for these souls”. (Message for the End Times that have already come forth, (typescript), vol. 24, Message from 24.10.2014).

By introducing the reader to these Marian rules, I invite him into the realm of the school of interior life, where there will be no change in our professional activities and lifestyle in this world. Man, by living through these rules that are the Will of God, expressed by Mary, the Mother of God, does not have to lead the life of a hermit. God wants us to keep active in our family, social and professional lives, filling them with contemplative life (doing everything in God and for God). From there, it is not far from the school of the mystical life.

“To live for Me means not to let pass moments in which there is a lack of praise for Me. I would like not a single moment of your life to be empty and thoughtless, but that each of those precious specks of light, that is life, came back to Me from Earth, having given praise to Me. This is My deepest desire and the purpose of your life. I do not want searching for new paths. My path is determined. The manner of worshiping Me remains the same, but the meaning and the perpetuity of this worship have been forgotten and obliterated.” (Message for the End Times…  (typescript), vol. 23, Message from 30.04.2014.)

The Rev. Piotr Natanek, Ph.D. Hab.

Translated from: Reguła Mariańska Rycerzy Chrystusa Króla, Żertw Ofiarnych I wszystkich dzieci Maryi. Grzechynia 2014, p. 3-9 –