Purity enraptures Me. If at the same time there is an effort of the soul undertaken out of love for Me to show Me her fidelity, it is for Me the greatest gift that man can bring Me. This gift cheers up My Heart. It is the most beautiful gift for the Bridegroom – the King.

I loved purity and desired her so greedily that I deprived the hearts that I have chosen for God’s service of family happiness, which is the possession of progeny. Thanks to My love, they will attain greater joy. I do not agree to married priests and I will never agree to them. Make it up to Me for this great betrayal with your faithfulness.

Excerpt from the message of Lord Jesus



We are slowly approaching a decisive clash with the brutal and satanic reality of the civilization of death. Over the past 10 years, God made many of us crawl through His training ground of faith and love. He demanded from us the love of our enemies in a heroic way. He ordered to accept all injuries, aspersions, and slanders in humility. He asked for our free will. During that time, he melted us in many burnt offerings (four), many dedications, the consecration of our body in the Holy Spirit as well as His beloved Knighthood of Christ the King (red cloaks). And so, our God and Father taught us service by His side, which consists of accepting only His Will. If one does not accept it, there can be no question of service. God has made it clear to us that the rejection of His Will is a rejection of the call to holiness. True service to God, however, requires choosing God’s Will in everything and above everything.

Fulfilling everything in God and living in God, we came to the Spring of Harod, led by God like the biblical Gideon. However, before thousands of us met at the Spring of Harod, God subjected us all to trial and purification, as He announced in 2017. I put to trial anyone who wants to serve Me, because a soldier who is not trained is not fit for battle. My apostles must undergo all trials so that they are able to fight in the hour when the sound of the archangels’ trumpets will summon them to fight. These skirmishes, which you are enduring now, are a preparation for the final fight, the fight for life and death.The fight for the Kingdom of God with the kingdom of darkness that has taken over the world. Not all will be summoned to this fight, but only the chosen ones, who will be sifted out by the trained eye of the chief. Don’t you remember what I said to Gideon, when he went into battle with a great but ineffective army? I do not need a crowd with shaky backbones, but faithful and devoted warriors, tested in battle, full of courage and faith, who will face every opponent in My Name. I took a liking in Joshua. I took a liking in David, because their faith was greater than their physical strength. Through this faith, I could work great miracles in them and through them, and achieve amazing victories. Shaky and weak souls are not fit for battle.

Here, on the Solemnity of Christ King of Poland, on Sunday October 27th 2019, God calls us to the Springs of Harod. Through the grace of the vows of chastity, He chooses the strongest to face with Him the great but ineffective army of the world. He chooses faith and loving hearts. He does not look at physical strength. Everything that is shaky and weak will not show up on that day, because it is not fit to fight for death and life.


The Rev. Piotr Maria Natanek, Ph.D. Hab.

Translated from: Orędzia o czystosci, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 5-9